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Probably last question, its about PTESB sorry


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Anyways went to the download section got PTESB.

Very good I didn't know until yesterday that this game could even be remotely modded.

I remember back in the day I went looking for mods but there weren't any at the time so I just figured there never would be.


Anyways i notice the AI is a bit more aggressive. Still got its major flaws as usual.

Don't know the style of game you guys play but me I like ot think of my style as turtle style essentially.

I systematically move from planet to planet and sector to sector taking 1 planet at a time, building 2 GenCore 2's, dipolmacy to bring support to 100% then move onto the next planet.

In this fashion the AI can rarely invade planets i've taken from them, cept in the earlier stages where they seem to have better luck with sabotage.


And i roam with a fleet of say oh 3 SSD's 4 ISD2's and various support craft. Never come across an AI grouping large enough to take me out, which is sorta a pitty. Makes the game bit too easy to win. All you gotta do is in the later stages dump all your ships in the same fleet and bam the universe is yours.

Course the alternative being split them up into smaller fleets but why would you do that when you are almost guaranteed of a firey death when an AI fleet comes across you. So its sorta either 1 or the other if you get me.


Anywho the question I wanted to ask was whats up with PTESB.

I sorta read a few posts and various things here and there.

In the Info system in rebellion it starts talking about The Protectorate etc etc. And people are posting about The Protectorate.

I was specifically confused by the Imperial Nova Destroyer.

Mentions the protectorate can build ISD2's and VSD2's.


Now i dunno what the protectorate is because PTESB for me at least doesn't have a story at all. Well at least it doesn't insofar as I don't read the encyclopedia all that much.

So if there is supposed to be dialogue when playing this TC mod i've clearly installed it wrong and somebody point that out that'd be sweet.


But anywho my guess is the protectorate is some sort of rebellion sect etc.

But i was more interested in the ISD2 and VSD2 building capabilities.

Because it says so but...i've not seen the AI build these imperial ships once. Anywho just a bit of light on PTESB would be cool cheers.


I've jumped on this modding TC scene a good few years too late i'm starting to notice.

Used to be an RDB II forum but i notice thats gone oto.

Oh and i have apparently PTESB version 2.4 it said if that helps.

And every time i exhaust research of ships it tells me

Download RDB II research exhausted.

Is it supposed to say that?

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Well you almost make me install the mod again. The RDB II Forum was deleted by Evaders so anyway to better understand it see this link from a different site but pretty much gravitating around this one:




The main ideea about the mod is that Luke does follow his father for a while...


And the AI does not build those ships since you don't have the latest PTESB version (2.5). There is a "small" fix done after long days (stats alterations) to enable the AI to build those ships and even the DS.


I have the 2.5 and I just need a way to upload it. I have forgotten my SWR FTP account info so maybe an admin could help me upload it.


I can email it - it’s just a 160 KB patch.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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