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lil help.


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A better location for this subject would be the "Questions from Newbies" forum. If you use the "Search" function under the "Forums" sublist you can do some research by yourself.


Otherwise, check out the follow forum topic http://www.swrebellion.com/forums/postt2600.html


And to be more specific to your question:


Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 10:19 pm Post subject:


This is a bit lengthy and detailed explanation. Mines and refineries serve two purposes.


1) For every pair of a mine and a refinery (1 to 1 ratio), you get 50 maintenance points. Everything you build uses maintenance points. When you build something, the maintenance points in your "pool of points" (shown on the screen) go down depending on what you're building (each item will specifically tell how many maintenance points it will need). These maintenance points keep your items running throughout the game (think of it as spare parts, fuel, food, etc. constantly keeping your items in "tip-top" shape). When something of yours is destroyed, you get the maintenance points back (if it's gone, it does not need spare parts, fuel, food, etc.). Ideally have the same number of mines as refineries, as this maximizes your maintenance points. If your maintenance points go negative, then there aren't enough spare parts for everything built. You must either scrap items or the computer will randomly do this for you (don't scrap mines or refineries, they don't give you maintenance points back, only refined materials). Maintenance points usually go negative when one or more of your planets (with mines and/or refineries) gets blockaded or captured.


2) Mines also produce "raw materials". Think of these as ingots of steel, blocks of plastic, giant rolls of copper for wiring, etc. Refineries use the "raw materials" to produce "refined materials". Think of these as steel beams and plates, engines, cannons, shield generators, computers, robots, etc. Everything you build requires "refined materials". When you build something, each item requires so many maintenance points and so many refined materials. When something of yours is destroyed (or scrapped) you get the "refined materials" back. Having more mines than refineries will cause of buildup of "surplus raw materials" (no big deal). Having more refineries than mines doesn't really help with anything, unless you have a surplus of raw materials, which they will turn into refined materials (otherwise they sit around doing nothing). If you build items that need more refined materials than is show, your item will have to wait until they become available for completion. For example if you're building ten items and they need 500 refined material units total and you only have 300. The 300 will get used up, and every few days some raw materials will be produced by the mines, and every few days those raw materials will be turned into refined materials. And those raw materials will be divided up to everything getting built (everything gets a turn at getting some) until all items are built. Everything gets in line, new items go to the end of the line. When it gets to the end of the line, it goes back to the front and starts over handing out the refined materials.


When you build facilities on planets and they get "captured", you lose the refined materials if these items are destroyed or scrapped. They now belong to the other player. You should get the maintenance points back, as I doubt you'll want to "maintain" the other guys stuff for him (even though it was once yours).


This might have been a little bit drawin out, but it should give you a better idea on what these items do and their importance. I hope this helped.


Good Luck.




PS Also look into the "Rebellion" sublist "FAQ" section.

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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