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Have Battlefield 1942? Try Galactic Conquest!


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A mod for Battlefield 1942, Galactic Conquest is according to quite a number of Star Wars fans the best Star Wars action game ever. It was developed 100% by independent fans on the Internet. Server's aren't often populated during weekdays these days, but people are usually on and playing during Saturday and Sunday.

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Unbelievable! This mod ain´t dead yet!


There are more and more people joining that mod and also old veterans return. After the First Strike-Mod for Battlefiel 2142 couldn´t hold the high niveau of the legendary Galactic Conquest-Mod, those who abandonned it for FS now return to have some good gaming again.


The mod itself has even been developed further. There´s now a version 6.0 which will be available soon. That new version includes also the three new maps Pod-Race, Endor and Redemption which have been already released last year.


New Events are also in planning. For example on march the 14th and 21th there`s a GC-Event on the *GS*Clan | GC Mod Server. The event will start at 2.00 pm (7.00 pm GMT, 8.00 CET). It´s nothing special, just general gaming with as much players as possible. It could be possible that the server will run version 6.00 than. If that will be the case, I´ll provide you with the download-link for the new version.


For those who don´t own the mod, you can download it here:




If you want to have further infos, just click on my signature.


I´ll keep you updated.

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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Some screenies of some of the levels which I took while gaming last night and flying in a skyhopper.


Beggar´s Canyon (Tatooine):








A-Wing in the hangar of the rebells base on Chandrilla:



Who cares at all?! :roll:
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  • SWR Staff - Executive

Thanxs for the news


I'm hoping we can run our own server one day. Need anything special to run the server... or do they even release the server code?


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That would be indeed pretty cool! :)


Yes, all that is already available. All you need is a copy of Battlefield 1942 + Patches, the Mod inclusive it´s Patch, the Server- and the Remote-Manager to controll the server.


All what you need to run the mod:


Galactic Conquest + Patch


The Server- and Remote Manager:



Here´s another goody:


Mos Eisley










Hey, I know that bar:



Hopefully you will be served here:



Don´t wonder why nobody´s home. It´s just too early. Except of the band, who is as loud as always. ;)

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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The GS-Clan is hosting a Galactic Conquest Event today on their own server called GS-Clan|Mod Server.


It starts from 2.00 pm US East Coast Time and ends tomorrow at about 6.00 pm.


I´m not sure if the server will run on version 5.3 or on the new version 6.0. :?

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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Some impressions of last nights event:


Battle on Hoth


"Ohh, I need some backup over here!"


No, don´t be afraid. That ATAT didn´t made it too far. It has been destroyed by the Millenium Falcon. :)


"Aargh! I´ve been switched to the other side."



"Gotta scout the area first."



Had lots of fun yesterday. Next friday is another event. Same time, same place. :)

Who cares at all?! :roll:
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test. OK I can post again here.




Star Wars Rebellion Forum


The regular forums, such as Rebellion Editing, I keep getting this error message. "Form not correct. Please submit again." Something like that.


The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.


It seems to be as phpBB error. Can you tell me what is wrong?


I have very good news...I finially understand mostly the complete structure of the Rebellion game files. I am presently writing a Visual C++ program open source, using their data files, to replace the function of the REB.exe (with original code made by me) I am trying to simulate the original function.


This is a demo premier project for me to show my programming skill (looks good on a resume). Since it is open source and non-profit, I assume LA will not get upset. This can be expanded upon others who wish to truly modify the game AI and stuff for a better game. Eventually, with community artistic help, we can have a fan made "Rebellion 2" in the future developement cycle. :P


There is alot of resources today that did not exist back then for us fans and budding programmers to make anything seriously.


Enough talk, can someone check out why the other forum is not accepting posts? And what do you think about this project? I have a EE with a minor in computer science. I just needed to update my skills to modern languages and techniques. Thanks for any help!

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The mentioned issue above has been solved to my knowledge.


Here some more ingame pics which I´ve took through matches of the last couples of weekends:


Inside of an ATAT




Defending the Trenches on Hoth




Heading for Echo-Base






Echo-Base has been finally taken. Time for taking some Bacta
















Death Star



























Who cares at all?! :roll:
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