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Star wars mod 56K WARNING!


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here a progress updateon my battlefield 2 star wars mod:

















what you guys think?

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/me stares with mouth gaping open in wonder at what Bobandrubert has done. 8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O I may have to stop being a cheap bastard and go out to get this game if only for the mod you're making.


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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Vehicles Rec. Max. Polygon count 1P-thingypit poly count

Class 0, i.e. Buggies and civilian vehicles 4000 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh Integrated with original mesh

and texture


Class 1, i.e. Hummer or Attack Heli. Airplane 5500 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000 (Vehicles with entire

interior could use up to 2000, i.e. Hummer)


Class 2, i.e. Tank 6000 incl.integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000


Class 3, i.e. AA-Vehicles Or Transport Heli 7000 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000


Class 4, i.e. LCAC (Hovercraft) 8000 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000



Number of vehicle LOD steps and reduction in poly count.

LOD0 100%

LOD1 40%

LOD2 15%

LOD3 2-4%


Player Models Rec. Max. Polygon count

8000 - 10000


1P Weapons Rec. Max. Polygon count 3P weapon

Heavy MG 4000 40% of 1P

Assault rifle 3000 40% of 1P

Pistol 1500 40% of 1P

Grenade 1000 40% of 1P

Knife 1000 40% of 1P



Buildings Rec. Max. Polygon count

House small (i.e sheds) 800

House Medium (i.e village houses) 4000

House Huge (i.e City houses) 6000



Number of building LOD steps and reduction in poly count.

LOD0 100%

LOD1 50%

LOD2 10%


Misc. Objects

Smaller object doesn’t have any strict rules since it is impossible to categorize them in to groups with a strict poly count.

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Hello again and welcome to this week's update for our Star Wars based mod for Battlefield 2, First Strike! This week we have another mega update! We have received a lot of new members since our last update and I would like to extend a huge thank you out to all of them! Because of them we are getting things done even faster. Our new and more organized website is being done by kpasa and it's almost done. It's about 90% completed. Expect it to be up in time for the next update. If you want to help us out with our mod drop by our current site and support us! We really need modelers, texturers, and coders, so please come on out and help us. We are in desperate need of those. However you can also help us design our new website, be a sound person, an animator, or a Star Wars information person. This is the link to our website.




Now for the models.


This is the BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle. It is the main blaster rifle for the Rebels that the main Rebel Trooper will use. It was skinned by ramseus and modeled by ahhsai.




Next is the Golan Arms HH-15 Portable Missile Launcher. It will be used by the Rebel Vanguards as an Anti-Armor weapon obviously. This is your counter to the AT-STs and AT-PTs. Also skinned by ramseus and modeled by ahhsai.




Next is the Wookiee Bowcaster. It will be used by the Wookiee Engineer on the Rebel side. It was again skinned by ramseus and modeled by ahhsai.




Our next weapon is the BlasTech E-17D Blaster Sniper Rifle. It is going to be used by the Rebel Sharpshooter. It was skinned by ramseus and modeled by ahhsai.




This is the fragmentation grenade. It will be used by both sides. It was skinned by ramseus and modeled by nusirilo.




Next we have the biotic grenade. It was also skinned by ramseus and modeled by nusirilo.




This is the glop grenade. The glop grenade uses its relatively small explosive charge to disperse its deadly chemical payload in the area of the grenade upon detonation. The target is cemented to the ground for a certain period of time. Again, it was skinned by ramseus and modeled by nusirilo.




Now for the rendered models. This is a WIP X-Wing, used by the Rebels of course. It was modeled by Aquila.




This is a Merr-Sonn Flamethrower, which we cannot as of yet reveal who will be using. It was modeled by ahhsai.




This is a Concussion Grenade modeled by nusirilo. It is going to be used by the Anti-Armor Class on both sides as an Anti-Armor Grenade.




Now we have an almost done WIP AT-ST, used by the Imperials. It was modeled by our leader Aquila.




This is a Thermal Detonator, modeled by nusirilo.




This is a Proton Grenade, which will be used by the Rebels. It was also modeled by nusirilo.




Finally, we have the Merr-Sonn Mark II Blaster Cannon, which will be used by the Heavy Weapons Class on the Rebellion. It was modeled by ahhsai.




That's it for this week. Take care.

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I will post one tonight.


EDIT: Sadly my computer has decided that it doesn't like me and keeps on crashing when i try the render the model. So i want be able to render a pic tonight.

Anyway the modelling stage is completed to about 90%. I ain't a very good texture maker so I think i shall pass the model on to one of your texturers for that bit of the job.




Click here is you like Trance

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