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Ranger class Gunship


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Whilst I've got the Defender class Star Destroyer on the back burner whilst we try to figure out what's wrong with the textures - I've moved onto another model. (Though texturing wont start until the problem is fixed)




This time I've gone on a completely different path to creating this model. Instead of the old method of using primitive geomtry items and then subdividing them, extruding and editing etc. In the end that resulted moderate poly models, with numerous objects (prior to joining them together).

This time, I've gone a completely different direction - using the line tool in 3ds to create an edge, I've created the entire mesh from scratch. The result is pretty good, though still needs some work. It also has an extremely low poly count of 576 - where I assumed 2 to 3 times more.




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So you have finally started using splines. Looks nice.

BTW I am still waiting for the Defender class model so i can take a look at its textures.


:lol: Hardly the first time I've used them Mad - but it is for the entire model. I've already create one model that was 90% done in this method, and most of my models use splines of some form (from bevelling to surfacing, such as with this model) - though the engine modules where done with primitive, not so in this case :wink:

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The defender is fixed, btw. I've just sent it back to Krytos :wink:


Splines are great, yeah. I've used it a lot for more organic looking models, but they also work fine with angular ships. But in the end I often just decide it on a whim what to use for any given hull, or sub-object. *shrug*

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Hello Mad and Mask.

Yesterday talked with Mad, and i am interested in more Mon Calamari models.

So, Mad, do u think u will be able to create new MC's from the picture i've sent to u ?

And Mask still are u doing models ?

I would be gratefull is u and mad will create some new MC's

thx. ;)

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Hi, I'm sorry but I'm mostly working on helping to finish Rebellion Reloaded right now, so I can't make any promises on when I'll be able to release other new models at the moment.


I've got one cruiser lying around somewhere, that needs some fixing, though. Mad, you know the Mc80 "Pearly Wingless" ? That's one you don't need to worry about ;)

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No problem Mad i have time to wait the models.

First i want to see after u upload my TC is somebody interesting it.

After that i will began to make the next TC the Hoth TC.

I allready owe thousands of pictures, now i have to decide wich persons to put in the Hoth TC. Until i will do the changes - i will put Yoda in exchange of Mothma,i have to change his voices too, and other things, until then u will make the models i need :) if u can of course. :)


No problem Mask,if now u didnt have time, help the Reloaded Team to finish the TC. Yesterday talked with La_forge, and he announced me, the team begun to record voices , this pulled the TC forth a bit ;)

I've put u if is not problem into my ICQ contacts.

Are u an expert in Mon Cals ? i have a picture with several mon cals, allready sent to Mad, that pearly wingless is on the pic too.

I will need an expert to teach me, wich MC's to put into the TC's.

I mean in chronologial order.

In my 1'st Yavin TC is 3 types of MC's : the MC40 (model by u), the MC80a (original model from the game) and the MC80b (ur winged model)

The MC80b is avaialable only at the 550-600 day of the game,fully will be allowed without research need in the 2'nd Hoth TC as the counterpart of the ISD 2 and flagship from the beginning.

In the 2'nd TC's 550-600 day will be allowed the SSD and the Home One class,and in the beggining of the 3'rd Endor TC will be allowed as flagships.

With this ships i have no problems,only will lack the ships in my „best TC".

In my best TC i will put the VSD,VSD2,ISD,ISD2,SSD, and the Sovereign and Eclipse too (models by u).

And maybe the Allegiance ISD.

Once i’ve set for an ISD the forward lasers to 30.000 :)

When the ship shoots on an MC80a the ship vanished without a trace :)

So i can arrange to have the Sovereign and the Eclipse the superlasers on his bows - allready told this thing to La forge.

For the rebels i will put the Nebulon-B, the Nebulon with 2 wings, and here i need that several MC classes,

but we have to decide wich of them :)


Oh yes, MAD, La_forge tolding me, to ask u to be my partner in my TC ;)

What do u say ? Do u have time for this ?

U only have to do the models, and give some advices how to do the best TC.

The other things i will do myself. I can change the models, aquiring descriptions of the characters, etc.

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Okey partner :)

U will have a lot of time, coz firts i want to do the Hoth and Endor TC.

Now i have a little bit experience making a new TC, i hope in 4-5 months i can do this 2 TC's

Only after that i will begin to make the Best TC.

I will reserve the best pictures of characters, best pictures for events,too.

I will change the voices again... almost anything i can. And u will provide the models, and maybe if u can make any other thing, u can help me, if u are able :)

We will discuss this thing later, when i begin the TC.

What do u say, from that picture u can make the Trident Star Cruiser ?

The probem is, no wiew from the top of the ships,only from the right side...

Would be fine anyway as a counterpart of the Sovereign or Eclipse.

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Ok, back on topic :roll:


A few fix-ups, welds, and new faces added I've got an updated version that's pretty much going to be medium detailed model I'll use for the game - the low detail will be without engines etc. and the high will have gun implacements and the front radar.


Another change is, I noticed when I looked at the model on the laptop I'm using at the moment (as opposed to my PC) that the pixel ratio of the gunships image I was using as reference in 3ds was different between the two machines - probably due to different resolutions. Anyway, long story short - I've also made the ship a little short :wink:

Though, I think it still needs to be shortened








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Online Question Forum Interpreter

Version History: 1.38

Author: Krytos & Dark Zone

Copyright: 2004

/*Year 2, Semester 2 Java Project

Due Date: 20/8/04*/




Message received - processing on terminal 4 . . .

Terminal 4 (AMD 64 3000+, 1024 mb RAM, 106 Gb HDD) -

CPU load: 34%

HDD: 78%, Full

RAM: 18%


***please wait***


Message processed -> Results pending:



-Current project status: //

-:&&&&&On Hold;


-Reasons: //

-:&&&&&Rebellion giving Krytos the s#@%s;


-Actions: //

-:&&&&&#1 Doing some high poly modelling;

-:&&&&&#2 Finish working on the Defender first;


-//End of message//


***terminating transmission***


>All data and text has been logged to the following file:

c : //temp/swrquestions/rang~1.txt







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Very Funny :lol::lol:. Make sure that Admiral ToguroAni doesn't see that post or he'll lecture you on how forums are for serious people only and come off as kind of an arrogant person who doesn't know how to take a joke. :twisted: Oh wait, was that mean of me? Any way thanks for letting me know on the models progress, I'm really looking forward to this one when it's finished. Keep up the good work. :D
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Update: I'm going pretty slowly with this model (and all others for that matter) at the moment.

But here's an update anyway.



Added weapons, I need to join them upto the mesh next - as well as add a radar.

Currently I've also stretched the model and modified the under belly and a few other things. Kind of wishing that Rebellion had a better z-buffer (assuming my theory is right), as those guns probably wont be seen well in game :roll:

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Am I correct in assuming that the textures will smooth out those edges?


Not exactly. Textures, generally, just add colour to the mesh with paterns etc. to make them look like something more than a flat, grey surface. That being said, textures can sometimes be used to hide imperfections - and in the case of Rebellion this can be quiet effective.

But the reason behind the harsh edges it two fold. The first is it's a low poly model intended to only have the bare minimum polys needed. Second is the normals havn't been smoothed (which is possible, though I'm not sure if that it translates into Rebellion due to the file format and the Rebellion engine)


However, once I finish up the low poly version (which I'm actually using as a template) I'll be increasing the poly count to make it smoother. . . hopefully.


As for the design itself, D16. No idea - just found ther 'perty picture and decided to make it :wink::roll:

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Mmk, little update on this small faller. Finished 90% of the modelling, and just gave it a quick whirl in Rebellion with a test texture.




Granted this model is currently as big as a Majestic - though, it's good to see things are working out so far. Next is some little touch ups, and a Radar Dish, then the real textures and a test run. I figure that the ship wont be large enough to see the majority of details - or the lack of polys on the ship. I may have to enlarge the weapons. It's meant to be around 190 metres long, so it wont be too big ingame.

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Is that the Ranger gunship Candy Cane (due to it's being the Christmas season and all)? :D

Sure :roll: . . . .That'll work :P


I've been thinking about releasing a few texture packs for some of the models I've done/doing. Like a striped Ranger (Not exactly the same as this, but kind of simular) a red Battle Dragon (apparently they're red :? ) And for others I've done with coloured striping, different strip patterns and different colours.

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