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SW: Empire at War mod looking for people

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Hello, I am Juggernaut1985, leader of the Star Wars: Legacy of War mod for the soon to be released Star Wars: Empire at War RTS game. The game is made by the same people who created Command and Conquer.


Star Wars: Legacy of War is an expansion mod that will add the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Chiss, Yuuzhan Vong, and Galactic Alliance. In Single Player mode, the player will be able to traverse the entire Star Wars saga after Episode 6 and fight some of the greatest battles of all time. The campaign will be enhanced and added onto also. As the game goes on, new faces will appear and new technology will be unlocked.


http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/VongWarshipthumb.jpg http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/Eclipsethumb.jpg http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/Dreadnaughtthumb.jpg

http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/V-Wingthumb.jpg http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/Juggernautthumb.jpg http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/TIEDefenderthumb.jpg

http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/Clawcraftthumb.jpg http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/CoralSkipperthumb.jpg http://legacy.gamemod.net/Images/renders/Lancerthumb.jpg


As you can see we already have several models done but are looking for skinners to skin them and also modelers to model units and ships. There are also about 10 more renders I have not shown including units like the AT-PT and Scimitar Assault Bomber.


The homepage is http://legacy.gamemod.net/


If you can help us out please contact me at ccjuggernaut1985@hotmail.com


Sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum. Thank you for your time.

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I recommend u try to get in contact with EvilJedi. Hes got like well over 100 models made for his HW2 warlords mod and they all look great. http://warlords.swrebellion.com/


I might also be able to help you out as well. Im nowhere near as good at making models as EJ but i can make some nice models sometimes but im better at managing model devisions for projects.


Added: This is a render i made acouple of weeks back using EJ's models.



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No, you can PM him here on these forums. He's a member of the community here. I think he's also posted his email address, just do a search for his account.

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While Eville is very busy with Warlords mod, he does loan his models for other projects. Good luck on your mod, and you'll have our support if you ever need it


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