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Starfighter Tweaking


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I've modified the fighters to balance them out more.


TIE fighter - 33% cheaper to build and maintain. This makes them still useful to produce in large numbers even when the Interceptor has been researched.


TIE Interceptor - No change


TIE Bomber - Ion cannon 20% stronger


TIE Defender - Ion cannons added. It always bugged me that the Defender didn't have Ion cannons in SWR because their design includes two Ion cannons.


Y-Wing - Ion cannon 20% stronger, shields 28% stronger. This makes Y-wings, although old and slow, still somewhat effective later in the game.


X-Wing - Unchanged


A-Wing - slightly faster and more agile


B-Wing - Improved shields and a slight increase in agility. Less than an X-wing, but more than a Y-wing


I've uploaded the cards here. Try them out and tell me what you think. :D


I had to cut the zip file in half so I could hotlink it. One has the Rebel starfighter cards, the other the Imperial ones.





Oh, these are to be loaded in RebED. Unzip them to a new folder, then load them one by one in RebED. :wink:


Feedback would be apretiated. I've play tested all the modifications except the cheaper TIE fighters. It all seems to work well so far. I sent a Nebulon B frigate to an Imperial planet with 4 TIE interceptors and 4 TIE Defenders. My two A-wings dealt with the Interceptors, but the four Defenders completely knocked out the shields of my frigate before I had killed them all. Enjoy!

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I haven't had the occasion to try the (hardly get the occasion to play reb these days :( ) But the settings seem very interessting and I wouldn't mind knowing what other members thought of them. :wink:




Click here is you like Trance

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I'm back at playing SWR again. I'm supprised no one has tried these firghters out. I found they work better than the original ones. I recomend playing them! And I would still like comments!!!! 8O
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