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Torpedo Spheres


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Whenever I play as the Alliance against the Empire, they always build rather feeble fleets of mostly frigates, and then really load up on Golan platforms and at least one Torpedo Sphere.


The thing is, whenever I play as the Empire I never even see an option to construct a torpedo sphere in any of the construction ships that you can build. Is this an AI only thing or is there actually a way to build this.


If I can't actually build one it's just as well. A single volley from one has enough objects in it to crash the game. My computer just isnt capable of handling them. (So is there anyway to tell the AI not to build them?)

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You can have it i got it too but u have to view the ships with the view all or wot ever it is rather than the class's e.g "corvettes" or "fighters" etc does that make sense?

but the torp sphere only seams to fire all its 500 (holy jesus) missiles once, which i might add are very well rendered so make the game go very very very slow until the launch animation is over and again when they hit whatever they hit and after that only fires a single laser or turbolaser or sumthin :) it kinda ruins the game buildin them tho and the world devistators unless there is a really good ship on the opposite side to take it dwn jus my opinion

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That actually made almost no sense, at all.


I see what you mean about the World Devastators/Torpedo Spheres though... W.Ds do sort of ruin the game. I usually can beat them, but it takes an entire rebel fleet to do it, so it's sort of tiresome.

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