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The Great impossibilities of Rebellion


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Thhis is based on a rather recent battle involving in Imp. Star. Deuce, a Super Star Destroyer, four interdictor cruisers (Two were slightly damaged) and a carack class light cruiser.


"Son of a... Sir, mulitiple contacts emerging from Hypersapce!" The Admiral looked up from his console and jumped in surprise. There, looming digger and bigger towards the Democracy, one of the newer Dauntless class crusiers, was the triangular shape of a Super Star Destroyer. Following closely in its wake and dwarfed by comparrison came an Imperial Mark II Star Destroyer, closely pursued by two shiny new Interdictors. Glancing at the sensor board he saw another pair of interdictors eclipsed by the Super Star Destroyer. While their shielding wasn't as up to scratch as the other two, both had a full arsenol of weaponry, and could be deadly to fighters. However, that wasn't the most pressing issue at the moment. The SSD was.


"Maneuver to face that Super Star Destroyer! I want all guns hitting it! And get Teifron on communications- we need their fighters scrambled!"




Watching from the Bridge of Super Star Destroyer Lusankya, Admiral Drayst Constance shook his head. Coming toward him were a massive number of A wings- they practically constituted a fleet on their own. Fully stocked, his ships could carry eighteen squadrons of Interceptors. However, the ubiquitous A wings on several Rebel planets in the outer rim had completely dessimated his squadrons.


As the A wings broke upon his fleet, all four interdictors and the Carrackopened fire on them, along with a few hot-shot gunners aboard the near-by Virulence. (I wasn't very creative in naming these while playing the game, I know). Now fully visible past the sheet of A wings stood a rather large fleet- it was massive, but not hopelessly so. One Heavy Dreadnaut, two Nebulon B frigates, one Dauntless Class cruiser, a Mon Cal cruiser, and- he ghasped- a CC7700 frigate. With its gravity wells powered up.


Constance wasn't fool enough to believe that the fight would be easy, but he knew that his people could if they just fought better than the competition. He signaled for Virulence to accompany him in attacking the CC7700 frigate Freedom while the rest of his fleet concentrated on the huge amounts of fighters.





Lucky shots Constance thought to himself as the fleet turned and ran. The Freedom was now nothing more than twisted scrap, but while doing so lucky shots from A wings and the Dauntless had managed to pierce botht eh Lucankya and the Virulence's shields. The two were opperating at hardly any recharge rate, but were still up. While that lasted he intended to save his fleet. The A wings were still a problem- only a squadron's worth had been destroyed- and were continuing to pester both of the capital ships. Lusaknya made for open space and headed toward it when more shots ripped through the shields and took the generators off line. His ship was halfway to the jump point, and the smaller support craft had already jumped. Only the Virulence remained. As every craft left in the fleet concentrated on the Super Star Destroyer, he let loose a wild salvo, decimating the Democracy's shields, but leaving the craft with fully operational weapons systems that promptly shredded Lusankya's in return fire.


As the height of Imperial Capital ships fled, shots continued to pierce it, finally killing the engines and hyperdrive. Both the Lusankya and Virulence stuck dead in space until they were finally obliterated by the enemy fleet. Contance's last thought was that at least the interdictors and the Carrack could bring the information of the Rebel's base.





Before the survivors even returned, a more powerful fleet was dispatched from the Sullust system in an effort to crush the Rebel base. It arrived to find one A-wing squadron and three refinerys left on the planet. The Rebels had escaped for now, but only just. Soon, I vow... Soon.


Authors Note: As many of you aalready know, none of these events could actually have happened. An SSD and Imp Star Deuce combo would have shredded that fleet and danced on the crew's graves. At most an interdictoor might have been lost, but the over-all battle would have been a glorious victory. Stupid ****ing Lucas Arts...


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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