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DLL Character Voices Mapped


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These are the locations for all the voice files for all the major characters. For anyone hoping to do a TC, you might find these handy




1301: Give him a mission

1302: Give him a mission2

1303: Give him a mission 3

1304: Success

1305: Success2

1306: Success3

1307: Failure

1308: Failure2

1309: I've got a bad feeling about this....

1310: But I was going to the Toschi station to pick up some power converters!

1314: Abort the mission

1315: Escape

1316: Escape

1317: Recovered

1318: I've got to help Han! (Han solo rescue event)

1319:Detects Enemy

1320: Force Growth

1321: Sense a betrayer



1311: Arrived

1312: Arrived2

1313: Abort the mission

1322: Arrived3

1323: Arrived4

1324: Mission aborted

1325: Escape

1326: Recovered

1327: Han Solo Rescue Event

1328: Detects Enemy

1329: Force Growth

1330: Detect Traitor

1331: New Jedi Candidate

1332: Finish Jedi Training




1333: Give her a mission

1334: Give her a mission2

1335: Mission success

1336: Mission Success2

1337: Mission failure

1338: mission failure2

1339: I have a bad feeling about this

1340: I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but from now on you'll do as I tell you...'kay?

1341: This is some rescue!


1343: Its a wonder you're still alive.

1344: Arrived

1345: Abort

1346: Escape

1347: Recovered

1348: Han Solo rescue event

1349: Leia can use the force

1350: Force level up

1351: sense an enemy

1352: detect a betrayer





1353:give him a mission

1354: mission success

1355: mission success2

1356: mission success3

1357: mission success4

1358: failure

1359: failure2

1360: I got a bad feeling about this

1361: arrival

1362: arrival2

1363: abort

1364: abort2

1365: escape

1366: recovered

1367: is attacked by bounty hunters and wins




1368: Give her a mission

1369: Success

1370: Failure

1371: I've got a bad feeling about this

1372: Arrived

1373: Abort the mission

1374: escape

1375: healed


DARTH VADER (found in Emsprite.dll. Same with Palpy)

I dont have the original voice files for this, so instead I will tell you what each one is used for. You can listen to them with reshacker.


1376: Give him a mission

1377: Mission success

1378: Mission failure

1379: Arrival

1380: Mission aborted

1381: Escape

1382: Recover

1383: Detect an enemy

1384: sense a traitor




1385: Give him a mission

1386: Mission success

1387: Mission failure

1388: Arrival

1389: Mission aborted

1390: Escape

1391: Recover

1392: Detect an enemy

1393: sense a traitor

1394: Arrives at coruscant


Put these in both Alsprite.dll and Emsprite.dll


1395: Luke goes to Yoda

1397: Luke confronts Vader

1398: Solo confronts Jabba

1399: Luke (farmer) vs. Vader

1400: Luke (farmer) vs. Emperor

1401: Luke (Jedi) vs. Vader

1402: Luke (Jedi) vs. Emperor

1403: Luke (farmer) vs. Vader and Emperor

1404: Luke (Jedi) vs. Vader and Emperor

1405: Leia vs. Vader

1406: Leia vs. Palpatine

1407: Han, Leia, Farmer Luke, and Chewie turned over to Darth

1408: Han, Leia, Jedi Luke, and Chewie turned over to Darth

Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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Hi, I want to replace a .wav by another with ressource hacker. When I try to do so, a window pops-up and ask me to give a "ressource type", a "ressource name" and a "ressource language". I don't wnat to mess-it up, so I wanted to ask you what should I put in there to make it work?
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The Type = WAVE file extension

the Name = 1304 that is the individual number using ResHack.

the language = 1033 the number always 1033 is used a lot to denote English.


I missed this post. Comes in handy.

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