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Texture mapping question


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Hi guys. I'm making a model of Big Zam from the television show "Mobile Suit Gundam" and I've been using Mask's texture addendum for my tutorial. I've finished the model, textured it the way I want, and once I find a pirate copy of Deep Exploration, I'll convert it a .x file. My question is: How do I do all the close, medium, and far stuff? Do I just save it three times with three different names and then make 3 copies of the texture maps? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(by the way, Mask's tutorials told how to texture and do it in lith, but I'm using Gmax to texture, and his addendum ends before explaining how to finish up)

Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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Toguro, u also can made models ? that's nice.

can u make any kind of mon cals,who was yet not created by MASK ?

in my TC's only in Endor TC will appear interdictor cruisers.

the imperials have the interdictor,but i didnt like the rebels 7700 cruiser.

i want an any MC with that generators. here somebody allready made a card for an MC interdictor. still lack the model for it. maybe u can make ?

in the movie doesnt appeared any rebel interdictor , i have to decide if i put imperial interdictor or not if lack the interdictor of rebels.

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Make 3 copies of the 3d file:





And 3 copies of the bitmap:






Now in GMax's material editor, you know the bmp's location you had to put in the material? Simply change it so that each 3d file has its own bmp :wink:

As easy as that.




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I saved and uploaded into Deep Exploration. The model looks different than in Gmax. The major problem is that some of the things I cloned are missing. I've tried deleting and recloning them but to no avail. Any idea how to make Deep Exploration's model look the same as in Gmax?
Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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Can't recall in which tutorial I mentioned that, but cloned parts should best be attached to the main body.

You could also try the make unique modifier, but in general I just attach everything, once I'm done with modelling. Of course, then again I have to break it apart for the texturing ... :roll:




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Okay, I'm confused. I created the model, went into the material editor and assigned the bitmap to the "diffuse" thing, stretched it out like I want, and exported it as a MD3 file, converted to .3ds in deep exploration, then converted to .x using Conv3ds. When I open it in Rebed, I see it all right, except that it has no textures! I went back into Gmax to make sure, and it shows them there, mapped on the diffuse button of the material editor. What is going on?


If this helps, when I was converting the 3ds models to .x and looking at the data, it said something about "carr_bmp" and "carr_m.bmp", neither of which is the name of the file I use for texturing.

Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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