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Did I choose the wring difficulty setting?


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Just began a new game, and this is what I see. I have coruscant and one other world in Sesswena. Almost everything else is rebel.



I Have: Sesswena: Coruscant. Bortras, Corellian: Commenor, Sluis: Kothlis, Umgul, Sluis Van, Denab, Fakir: None, Farfin: Wistril (Garrisoned), Firro, Bilbringi, Charmath (Garrisoned), Dolomar: Phorliss (Garrisoned). Seems good, elspecially in sluis. Then look at the rebels.


Rebels: Sesswena: All except Yaga Minor, Corellian: Talus, Selonia, Xyquine (almost loyal to me), Corellia, Fakir: Mrisst, Palanhi, Halowan, Raltiir, Delaya, Sluis: Sullust, Farfin: Phraetiss, Tanab. Dolomar: Kamparas, Ketaris.


Oh dear......I'm doomed......ideas?

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Numerouno wrote:


Oh dear......I'm doomed......ideas?


What's with the negativity? :wink: Think of it as "a very good challenge". It's always more satisfying when you win if you started the game as the underdog 8) .


My suggestions:


Coruscant: gets lots of espionage droids and commandos; spy and sabotage ALL rebel facilities first (forget about ships & troops for now), then go for spec forces. Make sure you spy on your own systems to discover rebel missions. For defense have a "general" and three Gen Cores (this will hopefully foil most rebel missions and safe guard what troop forces you have). Get a diplomat to Yaga Minor ASAP.


Corellian sector: sabotage rebel troops on Xyquine (start an uprising). Get the diplomats going ASAP.


Fakir sector: Forget it for now. You can come back to this later when you have sufficient forces built up.


Sluis sector: kick the rebels out of this sector. Sabotage and assault ASAP. Then get the diplomats going on all the other systems.


Farfin sector: Get diplomats going on neutral systems first, then build up your own loyalty where needed. Sabotage rebel systems and do uprising missions (if feasible).


Dolomar sector: Either forget about this system or turn it into a "thorn" for the rebels. If you're going to keep it, get a "general". Rebel diplomats are going to be competing for the neutral systems; so do spy and assassination missions.


Concentrate your diplomats on Yaga Minor first, then Farfin, Sluis, Corellian and Dolomar sectors (in that order). Try to get control an entire sector first, then move on to the other sectors (don't pass up on special opportunities if they happen to be convenient). You didn't mention what ships you have available for fleet actions, or facilities for manufacturing. So keep a good defensive fleet at Coruscant (use it to raid the rebel systems, don't over bombard too much - the shifting loyalty). Stock up on lots of Tie bombers for defense. Go after any neutral systems with facilities first, then put them to work. Either go for a battle of production of materials with lots of battles/assaults, or win by attrition (wipe out all of their facilities, including mines or refineries <= you only have to wipe out lots of one type to reduce maintenance points). Good Luck!

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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Ok. It was mrisst, not Xyquine, that was loyal.


Sesswena Sector:

Close examination revealed Svvivren loyal, so i sent it into uprising, which quickly turned it neutral. I have piett working on that. Jejerrod is on Yaga Minor, so this should hopefully have a knock-on effect that I can rapidly exploit. The masses of ships sent to Corsin arrived scattered, so my ISD and Carrack quickly elimated them with no casualties. Unfortunately my only shipyard is on Firro, so I'm trying to find a planet with some here. Intelligence has told me they have over 15 corvettes, unknown on other ship types. Yaga Minor has a shipyard....


Corellian Sector:

I plan on fortifying Commenor, and using it as base to irrate the rebels here. Dips can probably get a few planets if I'm quick. Fleet here is a Carrack, so I'll try and reinforce that quickly. I'll work on intelligence quickly, so I can disrupt them.


Fakir Sector:

A IU missiion is onreute to Mrisst with Zuggs, hopefully can act as a solid base to launch attacks from. No info on rebels here, unfortunately. Some commandos are also off to blow up a GenCore on Raltiir, though I don't remember sending those.....Some neutrals are almost mine, so I may be able to get those.


Sluis Sector:

Most of the planets here are garrisoned, so I'll probably set Vader on those instead of training Ozzel. I have an ok fleet here, and good personnel, so I expec I can drive the rebels out quickly.


Other Sectors:

I'll probably try to up loyalty of my planets, and fortfy them before doing anything else.

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Now's probably a bad time to tell you that recruiting as an underdog can be bad due to the high likely hood of trechary, huh? I tried a hard game as the Empire ( I thought it would be sort of like when I managed to whoop everyone's butt on easy... :? ) and recruited like mad with Palpy my first few days. I had jedi Niles Ferrier and Jedi Ozzel (He tends to be a jedi a lot, doesn't he?). Anyway, I then went on to lose Coruscant to some well placed sabatoge missions in addition to a loss of much maintenance point-wise and ship wise (They killed three Victory two and two Imperial Star Destroyers!... All seperately because I was stupid.) Anyway, like I was saying, they took Coruscant and I fled to my advanced shipyard Alpha site (Endor, go figure) where I promptly found that I had several triators. They ratted me to the Rebels and before long I got nailed with about, oh, two Mon Cals, six Blockade Runners, and seven or eight escort carriers chaulk full of X-wings and Y-wings. Needless to say I got to see my SSD blow up in the lovely cut scene... So it can be a bad idea to recruit people when at your whit's end. :roll:


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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This isn't even on hard..........I did a hard game and got 2 ISDs around coruscant. I need to recruit to get dips though. I can always sacrafice them if they turn traitor. I'm debating whether to have vader go and do diplomacy in the Sluis sector, or train Ozzel. (He got jedid right at the game start) 8O
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