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Rebellion: Reloaded Character Contest


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Hey everybody!

Reloaded has taken a new breath and is making continuous progress and is set on the path for completion. In response to the support and interest of community members we have decided to allow them (this means all of you) to contribute directly.


Picking characters from the EU timeline, and incorporating them into the mod, whilst preserving the game balance has been a hard process. Sometimes it has meant to include little referenced characters, sometimes choosing and kicking out potentially good characters because their niche was already occupied.


Now for our last character slots (NR and IMP) we have decided to give the community in general a chance to have their own characters in the game. For two weeks you can propose your candidates, after that a poll will be enabled for voting.


Use your imagination, it's up to you to expand the Thrawn Era with your very own character. Step into EU and add something to the saga, to the community, to our TC.


What we are looking for:



Limitations: (


    No mixing eras. Reloaded is set in the Thrawn/NR Era. So not brining Clone Wars/NJO Stuff into it.
    Realistic, balanced characters. No super Jedi/Sith, etc.


What you must do:



    Give us a name and a little background.
    IMPORTANT! This is your chance to get a CUSTOM character aboard! So do not post characters, that are already knownf rom the Expanded Universe, from any books or novels. Create your OWN character!
    Provide us with drawing/photo or accurate description.
    (Optional) Provide us Stats. Though they might be revised and altered at a later date.


Note: Don't worry about the card drawing. To keep the Mod Art coherent, the Card Team will take care the art (that's what we are here for). Thus only rough artistic guidelines are required.

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The character contest is going to end soon, so if you still have some EU characters in your mind with unique background story and name, please post it now!!!! (Please post them in the Reloaded thread!)

Thank you for taking part in the contest!


The contest is about to end, here are the characters you have posted.

As we need a command character for the NR and a saboteur/spy for the Empire, I won't list characters not maching this criteria.


Check them all, later there will be a poll to choose the winners.

Stats are only previews, don't take them too serious. I even had to edit some values because of there were some uber-chars. More important is the characters name, apperance, and of course the background story that should fit in the TC. The stats could be modified later to fit with all the other cards we already have.


------------------------------Imperial character----------------------------


:arrow: Kara Nessis (Lieutenant Commander)



Petite pale complected woman with brown hair and icy blue eyes. She defy's regulation length of hair (Which means her hair is about shoulder length) and often wears the bdu of Imperial intellgience instead of the formal uniform common to base personnel.



Born on the impoverished and rough world of Nar Shadaa, Kara learned to fight to survive and developed a deep resentment for criminals and smugglers. At the age of twelve she smuggled herself off the world to more civilized worlds. There she began working as a navigator apprentice and began looking for a way to get back at the smuggling cartels.

The opportunity presented itself when she was conscripted by imperial authorities and given a choice of her branch of service. She embraced a new career as a part of the Ubiqtorate Intelligence Apparatus. There her talents in memorization, inovation, and initiative which she developed served her well and propelled her to greater heights.

Now as a Lieutenant Commander she oversees her own intelligence outpost on the outer rim.


Leadership: 60 (30)

Combat: 60 (30)

Espionage: 90 (30)

Diplomacy: 30 (30)

Force: None (30% chance)


Admiral: No

General: No

Commander: Yes



:arrow: Dray Naraya

(Note: See Raith Danar entry for more explanation of background.)



Species: Adult Human Male

Height: 1.7 meters

Hair color: Black, Ice Blue streaks

Eyes: Vibrant Blue



Dray Naraya was the commander of 1 of 18 TIE Defender squadron sent to stop the escape of the Dark Invader. He and his personal squadron were the only TIEs to escape unscathed and alive. His wing commander was the only other pilot to escape alive. They plotted short hyperdrive jumps from system to system until being picked up by an Imperial Star Destroyer, known as the Death's Head. He has a powerful lust for revenge against former Imperial Admiral Raith Danar, made alll the more personal by the fact that they were best friends before Raith's defection. He has become a cold and callous killer, dealing death from both his Defender and with his modified blaster carbine. He now leads a squad of Imperial Commandos who were formerly TIE pilots before being shot down.


Leadership: 50 (30)

Combat: 85 (10)

Espionage: 90 (20)

Diplomacy: 10(10)


Admiral: no

General: no

Commander: yes?


:arrow: Balat Ke Tardan



Adumari male

black hair

several scars, and a pockmarked face.



Not much is known about this mysterious fighter pilot. He arrived in Imperial space piloting an odd, slow, and cumbersom craft that no one had ever seen before. In it he managed to destroy one TIE fighter before he crash landed on the nearby planet. Officials there captured him, and replaced his missing limbs with synthetic ones after a ruthless interrigation that did not reveal where he came from. Due to increased lag time, the prostetic limbs caused his career as a pilot to end instantly, though he still has a good head for fighter coordination. With his dreams as a pilot crushed, he pledged allegiance to those who had treated him with pity when he attacked them and taught him the style of basic which they understood. In a quest to gain honor he joined a squad of Imperial commandos, quickly climbing through the ranks to a high position. He is an excellent fighter, and very good at remaining undetected.


Diplomacy: 0 (20)

Combat 85 (5)

Espionage: 100 (10)

Leadership: 88


Admiral: no

General: yes

Commander: yes


:arrow: Daolyn Alder



Height: 6'2

Age: 30

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Blonde



Daolyn Alder joined the Imperial Academy on his home planet of Cardia and trained into the TIE corps. He joined Avenger Squadron which took part in the Battle of Hoth and recieved many battle decorations for it's service to the Empire.

After the Battle of Endor, when Imperial Officers were a rare commodity, he was promoted to the bridge of the Star Destroyer Rage where he serves faithfully as an aid to the captain.

However, there is much speculation to how much the Captain really controls. For Daolyn's ambition knows no bounds, same as his loyalty to the Empire.


:arrow: Tyran Celchu



Cousin to the famed Tycho Celchu, it was a little known fact that Tyran was not on Alderran when the planet was destroyed. He was on a sattelite facitility for a holonet company performing repairs at the time of its destruction, and became too sidetracked to remember to call in and wish his cousin a happy birthday. WHen he heard of his home planet's destruction, the news broke him. Fed Imperial propoganda that the Rebels, attempting to create a weapon to match the famed Death Star had destroyed his planet, he went into a state of what he believed to be Patriotism. Joining the Imperial forces, he put his expertises to use, ready to avenge those who had fallen, including his brother who he believed to have been on leave for his birthday.


Diplomacy: 30 (10)

Espionage: 99 (15)

Combat: 60 (10)

Leadership: 20 (5)


Loyalty: chance of becoming a traitor. (He might hear the real news or run into his bro, or something- ya never know!)


:arrow: Zoelay Cintheron




Hair: black

eyes: blue

height: 5'8''



Anyone who meets Zoelay is astounded by how calm and polite she is. Her kind demeanor has allowed her to get close to many high-profile leaders of both the New Republic and the Empire, which is exactly what Zoelay wants. Zoelay is a human replica droid that was confiscated from Black Sun after the death of Prince Xizor. Reprogrammed by the Empire to work as a spy, her true identity is virtually unrecognizable by all but the most advanced scanners. Much like Mara Jade and Admiral Daala, the Empire takes great pains to hide Zeolay, who passes as a woman, from public eye. In fact, even Zoelay herself is unaware that she is an Imperial Agent. Her commanding officers assume the guise of independent contacts so that she believes she is working for different organizations, while in fact she is carrying out the Empire's wishes. This ensures that even if the New Republic manages to capture her, she will be unable to give them information that they need. Of course, capturing her often proves to be impossible.


Diplomacy: 0 (20)

Espionage: 80 (20)

Combat: 85 (25)

Leadership: 0 (0)


------------------------------NR character ---------------------------------



:arrow: Saith Rayse



Rayse is a native of Alderran who joined the Empire as a mechanic, assisting in creating new TIE fighter Designs. Through superior leadership and motivation, he helped his people to discover many sabatoged items, making him an invaluable operative in leading a garrison. After the Death Star Destroyed his home planet, Rayse left to join the Rebellion, assisting in the maintenance of fighters and buildings, learning much about fighter combat in the process.


Leadership: 90 (20)

Combat: 70 (10)

Espionage: 50 (20)

Force Rank: none


Admiral: No

General: Yes

Commander: No


:arrow: Nerp Lancer



5" 8'

180 LB.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Eye Color: Green. (Can be changed.)

Hair Color: Black.

Skin Color: Tanish White.



At the age of 4 Nerp was sent to Ithor and he was raised by Ithorians. By the time He was 19, the Galactic Civil War was taking place. Due to being raised by the Ithorians, Nerp hated the Empire. And at the Age of 20, He joined the Rebellion. He now Asists the Rebels, with his masterful skill in stealth, Taught by his Ithoring Family.


Leadership: 20 (20)

Combat: 70 (40)

Espionage: 110 (10)

Diplomacy: 5 (5)


:arrow: Shy'ati Rhy'stol



Species: Thankwash Male

Height: 3.5 meters

Fur color: golden brown

Eyes: black



Shy'ati Rhy'stol is a Thakwashian who learned to dislike the Empire for their descriminations against him. Due to multiple minds in his head, Shy'ati is capable of performing many tasks with admirable skills, including espionage and combat which are aided by the increadible strength of his species.


Leadership: 90 (20)

Combat: 90 (20)

Espionage: 40 (20)

Diplomacy: 80 (20)


Admiral: no

General: yes

Commander: no


:arrow: Daith Ranar



Species: Adult Human Male

Height: 1.8 meters

Hair color: Jet Black

Eyes: Ice Blue



Daith Ranar was once a young, popular, well trained high potential Imperial Admiral with a knack for using lesser forces to defeat superior opponents who served aboard the newly commissioned highly secret ImpStar Deuce Dark Invader, which was used to protect a highly secret TIE Defender production facility. He used a highly advanced state-of-the-art communications system to monitor the goings on in the Empire. When Thrawn took command, Admiral Ranar was one of the first to know. He researched Thrawn, and the what little he could gather indicated that Thrawn was a power-mad incredibly powerful military strategist. But when the Victory Class Star Destroyer Black Remora, serving alongside the Dark Invader returned to Imperila space seeking Thrawn, it was ambushed and destroyed for an unknown reason. Daith hypothesized that Thrawn thought he was on the Black Remora and was probably right. he convinced his crew to change sides, but on their way out system, the local base commander decided to disagree with Raith's decision and launched three full wings of TIE Defenders at Raith's ship. Raith was eventually forced to abandon his ship and flee with most of his crew in hyperdrive-equiped shuttles to the nearest New Republic planet, leaving behind the Dark Invader to crash into the Imperial base. Raith only hopes that none of the TIE pilots managed to escape.


Leadership: 90 (20)

Combat: 80 (20)

Espionage: 40 (10)

Diplomacy: 63 (10)

Force: 10% chance.


Admiral: yes

General: no

Commander: yes


:arrow: Rysch Altorik



Human male

Average height

soft green eyes

light blonde hair.



Born on the planet of Corellia, Rysch looked to the stars for adventure, and the Empire as his ticket to the stars. But when he enetered the Acedemy, they disovered that his skills in starfighters was below average. But when it came to tactics, his skills were far above those of his peers.

He gained entrance to Officers training, and quickly graduated near the top of his class. Soon, he found himself stationed abaord the Star Destroyer Obliterator, in charge of the vessels TIE squadrons. But he quickly grew bored with his new station, realising he was never going to see any part of the galaxy other than what he saw from the viewport of the bridge. When the Obliterator was attached to Admiral Krennels anti-rebel taskforce, he found his means for new adventure. In action against Rebel forces in orbit of Althos IX, he ordered the Star Destoryers squadrons through a series of manuevers that virtually garaunteed they destruction at the hands of the rebels. With its starfighter support gone, the Obliterator fell prey to the rebel Y-Wings and Frigates.

Rysch escaped the vessels death throes in an escape pod, and upon his capture, quickly pledged his loyalty to the rebellion. In dire need of good officers, the rebellion accepted him, and Rysch found that the Rebelliion was much more adventurous then the Empire ever was.


Leadership - 90 (20)

Combat - 40 (20)

Espionage - 30 (10)

Force Rank - None


Commands: Admiral - No

General - Yes

Commander - Yes


:arrow: General Ferrion Caxo



Male Human



Ferrion was the Imperial base commander on Coruscant when it fell to the New Republic. A Rebel sympathiser for years, he, and those under his command, defected at the time the Rebellion attacked Coruscant, helping them to conquer the planet more easily. Well respected by his troops, General Caxo was a loyal imperial until he was forced as a Colonel to slay several hundred civilians who were thought by Vader to be rebel spies. The final straw that brought him to the Rebellion was the mysterious dissapearance of his sisteer and her family on coruscant monthes before his assignment to that position. She had been a senator, but she had supported Palpatine in his rise to power. During his personal infvestigation, all he could finds out was that her neighbors had seen red-claoked Royal Guards at her house, and after that, none in her family had been heard from since. All questions to authorities came back negative. General Caxo is adept at defense and ferreting out spies and interlopers. He was also a key figure in the adaptation of the AT-ST walkers from the older models used during the Clone Campaigns, 20 years earlier. His unswerving loyalty to the New Republic, and insights into the inner workings of the Imperial Army have earned him a place of respect in the Alliance Military.


Leadership: 90 (10)

Espionage: 60 (30)

Combat: 60(30)

Diplomacy: 0 (30)


Admiral: Yes

General: Yes

Commander: Yes


:arrow: Valzelos Adalzemar



Race: Trandoshan

Skin color: Jungle Green



Valzelos spent his early years learning how to track and kill prey, as did most Trandoshans. During his adolescent years, he travelled with his father to deliver some Wookiee slaves to a Black Sun client by the name of Prince Xizor. Much to Valzelos' surprise, Xizor was using a human woman, Guri, as a bodyguard. Valzelos' father laughed at the unorthodox choice, and Xizor proposed a bargain with him: if he could defeat Guri, then Xizor would pay triple price for the Wookiees, if not, then Xizor would receive the slaves for free. Valzelos' father accepted, and was promptly defeated with a single strike by Guri, who was actually a Human Replica Droid. Stunned, Valzelos asked how such a thing could be possible, and Xizor casually replied that Guri was a master of Teras Kasi, an ancient form of martial arts.

Soon after, Valzelos sought someone to teach him the ways of Teras Kasi, so that he too could become strong enough to defeat a man in one blow. He found a master, and over time, learned the powerful skill. He became loyal to his old sage, and was surprised when his master finally died of old age. As the Trandoshan packed his things, he found several documents in his master's house revealing that the master had been a member of the Rebel Alliance. Valzelos quickly joined the rebels after that, serving as a spy team leader on rim worlds. Now that the Empire has fallen and the New Republic is in control, Valzelos works to discover potential insurrections among the crime gangs of the outer rim.


Diplomacy 0 (20)

Espionage 70 (20)

Combat 85 (20)

Leadership 75 (30)


Nedel Arcast



human male



Nedel Arcast was born on Corellia.He never known his parents,he grow up on the streets.He was young when he was forced to learn cunning ploys.

As he grows he showing a great talent piloting starfighters and other ships.

He became a great smuggler,but never joined to empire or alliance.

But once on a smuggling mission he was captured and tortured by empire.

After this he felt a great hate against who serve the empire,and seeking contact with some guerillas to fight against the imperials.

Later he joined the Republic and assisted in many operations against the Empire.


Diplomacy : 10 + (30)

Espionage : 80 + (10)

Combat : 80+ (10)

Leadership: 80 + (10)


Admiral : yes

General : no

Commander : yes



:arrow: Karl Verosin



Race: Human

27 years old.

Dark hair, and a well kept beard to match.



He started flying when he was a young boy on Corilia!

He was quickly taught how to survive in battle after his father was killed while protecting a precious cargo from pirates!

He set out for revenge, in his fathers YT-2400 light freighter. At first he was by himself. But his motovation soon caught the eyes of others.

These people fought alongside Verosin.

Quickly he learned the art of tactical and Gurilla warfare, fastly developing the skills of a military leader.

Verosin now had the skills to take on the pirates. To cap this off, he also had a small yet skillful group of pilots backing him.

He lead his small group to the pirates, and ultimately to victory, by picking of the pirate ships one by one.

At the time of their demise, the pirates were attacking republic cargo.

The republic forces, Having arrived to an allready completed battle congratulated Verosin.

After beeing questioned as to their motives and why they were present, Verosin and his pilots were officially invited to the new Rupublic navy!

Having completed all he achieved for, he had no hesitation taking on bigger adventures!


Leadership: Very good, his dedication and motovation passes on to others!

Combat: During the attack on the pirates he was very aggressive, but also very skillful! This is why he was able to defeat the pirates.

Espionage: Well, he grew up on corillia, what can I say?


Admiral: Yes-He can lead and stratigise very well!

General: Yes - He can Follow Orders and lead very well!

Commander: Yes - He is a great pilot and a good leader!



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Guest JediIgor
Can we have two round voting if none of the candidates get over a 50% total vote? That way people who voted for a minority will have a chance to pick their 2nd most favorite choice.
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Well we don't have too many votes yet. It's also a solution, that the second best will "merge" somehow with the winner.


You're right about that most of the characters are a bit too generic, we could boost them up by merging them or voting for new story extensions.


As soon as we have the 2 winners, we can use them as "frameworks" for the final ones. The basic idea is to create the last 2 characters with this community, and to add a more or less "canon" character to the EU, like Rebellion developers did with Labansat or Garaint.

Edited by Lord_La_forge
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Hold on- are you saying that you guys have winners already? Who won? TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!!! 8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O8O (EEE AAA EEE AAA EEE AAA). Sorry... I need to go take some Riddlin...


Nu kyr'adyc, shi taab'echaaj'la

Not gone, merely marching far away

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