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Request for those model builder guys :P


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Well there are currently a large number of models in the download section that i would like to use a FreeLancer star wars mod call Tides Of War. I have looked at acouple and im getting lazy having to build all the models myself :P so ive been looking out for other ppl's models. So i would like to ask permisson of each person who has made a model that is currently downloadable if i may use them for this mod. Ill add in a list of the ships i have my eyes on later when i get back home.


Thanks in advance

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Well after looking through most of the models i haven't found to many which would be good, but the Dauntless and the dominator star destroyer are the 2 main ones i would like to put into this mod. The only problem is they are without textures but if i can get permission for those 2 i should be able to get them textured. Its not my greatest skill but i can sort of texture :P Also if anyone of you guys have some small cap ships that are like meant to be under 300m and fit in the orginal 3 movies time line that would be great and we could use some frieghters and small transports. So if anyone can help out with that i would be most apresative of that.


FreeLancer can handle models that have a 20k poly count but i recommend just keeping things around the 3k mark. TGA 24bit texture and that should be about it.


So if you can help please just PM me and ill get back to ya or you can reply here. :D

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I thought the models for Rebellion weren't that high quality... unless quality isn't a factor for you


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Some are alright others can be reworked a bit and the rest have no hope :P


I found a 14k homeone model in there that looked pretty good ;)


Heh, well im just to worn out to do all the work for ToW so ive been looking around for other ppl who can build models to try and get some extra help. If ppl would like to build some start wars ships that are of good quality then that would be good but im to tired to really fuss about these days so as long as it looks alright i don't really care to much.


Now the time line of this mod is duing the first 3 movies pretty much so any ships around then are what we are looking for, anything like from the clones wars is debatable. Frieghters, small transports, and all sort of other small craft are what we are generaly looking for. So if you can help out ill make sure that you get credited for ur work.

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Hi guys i want to ask from u,how is possible, coz lets say the Home One i have put in the game is only grey, doesnt have any colors on it ? mesh or how is called. The MASK's home one looking very good, except the lack of the other colors.
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Mad :

Few of them was RMD but converted to .x and .bin with importer.

Was replaced at the 301 section the .x's but at the 303 section when replaced the .bin's nothing happens, i didnt know why ....

Maybe i was mistaken with something.

If u can tell me what is the error that would be helpful for me.


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