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New Jedi Order [s]Total Conversion[/s] MOD


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Well I'm finally going to lay down all of my plans for a NJO Mod. I had the idea months ago and was supprised that no one had started a bandwagon yet. :D I guess with Episode III just out the Clone Wars became a priority. :(


My plan so far is to have the New Republic take the place of the Empire so as to start on Coruscant. This also lets the Vong start out on the Rim where they belong.


I've worked out which ships will replace what for the most part. There are a few I still need to make certain of. Any Unit with a * next to it is essentially left alone except mabye changing sides. Question marks indicate I haven't decided what to do with this ship / slot yet.




Alliance DREAD ---> *

Bulk Cruiser ---> Bothan Assault Carrier

M/TRANS ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Corvette Analog )

Bulk Transport ---> ?

A/ESC ---> Endurance Escort Carrier

CRV ---> ?

GUN ---> *

Neb-FRG ---> *

MC-80 ---> MC-80b (Refurbished)

CC-7700 ---> MC-90

Liberator ---> Hapan Battle Dragon

Assault Frigate ---> Republic class SD

cc-9600 ---> Light Calmari Cruiser

Dauntless ---> *

Bulwark ---> ? Possible Worldship


Imp DREAD ---> ( Mon Mothma ? type Star Destroyer )

Assault trans ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Slayers Craft )

Galleon ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Frigate Analog )

Star Galleon ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Cruiser Analog )

Imp ESC ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Carrier Analog )

Carrack Cruiser ---> *

L/FRG ---> *

VSD ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Light Cruiser Analog )

ISD ---> *

INT ---> *

VSDII ---> *

Strike Cruiser ---> (Golan Platform)

ISDII ---> *

SSD ---> *

Death Star ---> ?? Worldship ?


There could be room for the Hapan Nova or the Vong Heavy Cruiser. I could even upgrade the Bulk Transport as a Smugglers Alliance ship. :roll:




I'll be switching the Alliance fighters over to the Empire and vice-versa so that the X-wing picture can stay the same. It's about the only thing that doesn't change much


Y-wing ---> E-wing

X-wing ---> XJ3 X-wing

A-wing ---> NR Tie Interceptor (Shielded)

B-wing ---> Chiss Clawcraft


Tie Fighter ---> Coral Skipper

Bomber ---> Grutchin (Disables ships)

Interceptor ---> Blast Boat analog

Defender ---> Slayer's Skipper





Most of the Imperial Regiments were replaced by Vong equivilants except for the Storm Troopers.


Alliance Fleet Reg. ---> NR Trooper Regiment

Alliance Trooper Reg. ---> Vong Slave troops

Sullustan Reg. ---> *

Mon Cal Reg. ---> *

Wookie Reg. ---> YVH Wardroid Regiment


Imp Fleet Reg. ---> Vong Warriors

Imp Trooper Reg. ---> Vong Reptoid troops(Chazerah)

Storm Trooper Reg. ---> Alliance Storm Trooper

WarDroid Reg. ---> Rakamat (Range)

Dark Trooper Reg. ---> Vong Slayers



(Not so) Special forces



Geurillas ---> ?

Bothan Spies ---> Peace Brigade Spies

Y-wing Recon ---> Asteroid spy ship

Infiltrators ---> Ogglith Masquer Sabatours



Imp Commandos ---> Page's Commandos

Espionage Droid ---> Ryn Network

Probe Droid ---> Yuzhandroid

Norgi ---> Jedi Strike Team+Norgi :wink:





Construction Yard ---> Vong Shaper Damutek

Barracks ---> Vong Warrior Damutek

ShipYard ---> Vong Ship Womb


(All advanced structures belong to New Republic now but are slowed down slightly. Vong structures have production speed increased so that both sides are equal.)





LRN ---> ?

LRN II ---> *

Gen Core ---> Vong Dovin Basal Defense screen

Gen Core II ---> *

Ion Cannon ---> *

DS Shield ---> ?Vong? Worldship gains protection from Planetery defenses?




This is where Istart to have trouble, the Main characters. With the minor ones their alleigance can just be switched back and forth by clicking Empire or Alliance in RebEd.

New Cards are going to need to be installed for this to work properly if at all. There's also the problem with Han being sent to Jaba's palace. :(


Mon Mothma ---> Shimmra

Leia --->

Luke ---> Onimi (R&D - All )

Han ---> ? Nom Anor ?


Palpatine ---> Leia

Vader ---> Luke



Minor Characters


The minor Characters will be easy to do, just numerous.


Ackbar --->* (Admiral)

Wedge --->*[old guy upgrade] Wedge (Admiral, General, Commander)

Lando --->*[old guy upgrade]

Chewbacca --->?Han

Jan Dodonna --->Traest Kre'fey (Admiral, General, Commander)

Crix Madine ---> Tenel Ka (Admiral)

Carlist Rieekan ---> Farlander (Admiral, General)

Afyon ---> Booster Terrik (Admiral)

Drayson ---> Corran Horn (Commander)

Borsk Fey'lya --->*[old guy upgrade]

Tura Raftican ---> Iella

Bren Derlin ---> Kyp Durron (Commander)

Garm Bel Iblis --->*[old guy upgrade]

Talon Karrde --->*

Narra ---> Tycho (General, Commander)

Huoba Neva ---> Saba Sebatyne (Commander)

Page --->*[old guy upgrade] (R&D - Troop training)

Syub Snunb ---> Sien Sovv (Admiral, General)

Adar Talon ---> Cilghal (R&D - All )

Sarin Virgillo ---> Jania Solo (Commander)

Vanden Willard ---> Cal Omas (Diplomacy)

Rogert Jiriss ---> Mara Jade (Ass Kicking)

Kaiya Andrimetrum --->Danni Quee (R&D - All )

Mazer Rackus ---> Droma (Intel)

Orrimaarko ---> Jag Fel (Commander)

Ma'w'shiye ---> Lowbacca (Commander)


Jerjerrod ---> Jakan (V)[Priest] (Diplomacy)

Ozzel ---> Nas Choka (V) (Admiral, General, Commander)

Piett ---> Tasavong Lah (V) (Admiral, General, Commander)

Veers ---> Denua Ku (V)(R&D - Troop training)

Brandei ---> Komm Karsh (V) (Admiral)

Covell ---> Mezhan Kwaad (V)(R&D - Troop Training)

Dorja ---> Yoog Skell (V)

Bin Essada ---> Harrar (V)[Priest] (Diplomacy)

Niles Ferrier ---> Elan (V) [Priestess]



Klev ---> ?Vong Shaper?(V) (R&D - Ship Research)

Needa ---> Shedao Shai (V) (Admiral, General, Commander)

Bane Nothos ---> Deign Lian

Orlok ---> Qelah Kwaad (V)(R&D - Facilities)

Pellaeon --->*[Grand Admiral upgrade] (Admiral, General, Commander)+Diplomacy

Screed ---> Anakin Solo (General, Commander)

Thrawn ---> Czulkang Lah (V)(Admiral, General, Commander)

Zuggs ---> Vua Rapuung (V) (General)

Daala ---> Viqi Shesh

Pter Thanas ---> Jacen Solo (Admiral)

Bevel Lemelisk ---> Nen Yim (V)(R&D - All )

Shenir Rix ---> Vergere

Noval Garaint ---> Boba Fett

Garindan ---> Yomin Carr (V)

Menndo ---> Pwoe


Villar ---> Kap Dendo (R&D - Troop training)



Help of any kind is appreciated, just post here before you start working away on something so that others know and don't try and do the same thing. :)


Relavent existing topics.








PS: I Won't be able to start work on any cards of my own for a few weeks as I have RL things to sort out.

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Defender_16 wrote:


My plan so far is to have the New Republic take the place of the Empire so as to start on Coruscant. This also lets the Vong start out on the Rim where they belong.


That being said, you need to update your lists accordingly. All alliance units (ships, starfighters, troops, facilities, characters, etc.) need to be Yuuzhan Vong types, and all Imperial units become New Republic, Remnant, Allies types. Currently you have them reversed. :wink:

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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That's why there are these great check boxes for either

Empire [ ] or

Alliance [ ]



Many of the weaker ships on both sides are being replaced with Vong ships. Things like the Medium Transport, Star Galleon, the original VSD.

Several of the old Alliance ships are going to be replaced and switched over to the Empire.

Certain troop types and Characters are going to be left the same only swithched over the the NR side. This is to decrease the number of cards to be replaced.


I really don't know if that's the best way to do it or not but no has yet offered any alternates. :wink:

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Good to see a new atempt again! Can't really add much here. But you should get a team together consisting of atleast 3 modellers, 2-3 graphic designers, and 2 script writers.

Thrust me, you'll need them. Lack of skilled team members is slowing down Reloaded too...

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After finally cluing in to a few problems to be had with the old setup I've re-organised the ships again. Any and all important ship types for the NR have been moved into Empire ship slots. Those non-Vong ships remaining in the Alliance build list will be available to both sides via the Peace Brigade.

I haven't decided yet weather to leave the Dauntless in or not.




Alliance DREAD ---> *

B/CRS ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Cruiser Analog )

M/TRANS ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Corvette Analog )

Bulk Transport ---> Modified Transport

A/ESC ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Carrier Analog )

CRV ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Frigate Analog )

GUN ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Slayers Craft )

Neb-FRG ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Light Cruiser Analog )

MC-80 ---> Republic Class SD

CC-7700 ---> CEC Gunship

Liberator ---> CEC Corvette

Assault Frigate ---> KDY Frigate

cc-9600 ---> Hapan Nova class cruiser

Dauntless ---> *

Bulwark ---> ( Yuuzhan Vong Heavy Cruiser Analog )


Imp DREAD ---> ( Mon Mothma ? type Destroyer )

Assault trans ---> MC-80b

Galleon ---> ISDII

Star Galleon ---> Hapan Battle Dragon

Imp ESC ---> Bothan Assault Carrier

Carrack Cruiser ---> ISD

L/FRG ---> *

VSD ---> MC-90

ISD ---> SSD

INT ---> *

VSDII ---> *

Strike Cruiser ---> (Golan Platform)

ISDII ---> MC-40 Light Calmari Cruiser

SSD ---> Carrack Cruiser

Death Star ---> ? Worldship ? ( ?Centerpoint? )


(EDIT: I might switch the SSD into the ISD ship slot. Still deciding. )


All of the cards I've downloaded (yes I'm keeping a list of those too) so far seem to have severly messed up stats so I'm being forced to re-save them as new cards.

Needless to say I'm very quickily ending up in over my head. :D


I was wondering if anyone knew a way to select which sectors/planets could start off under a certain sides control. If there was any way to do that, I would be extatic. :roll:


EDIT 2: Moved some more ships arround.

Edited by Defender_16
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Defender_16 wrote:


Those non-Vong ships remaining in the Alliance build list will be available to both sides via the Peace Brigade.


Under the original Alliance MC-80 is the Republic Class SD, did the Peace Brigade (PB) have access to such a class of ship? Also, what about the (Alliance Assault Frigate) KDY Frigate? The Alliance CC-9600 should be the Vong interdictor equivalent not a Hapan ship. Weren't the Hapans part of the Allies against the Vong? Hapan ships should go under the original Imperial list.


Just a suggestion, make the original VSD & ISD the VSD II and ISD II, then have the II slots dedicated to later model ship classes. I wouldn't think there would be too many original VSD's & ISD's floating around to worry about. But if you don't need the extra ship slots ... leave them in.


Maybe make the DS the Center Point Station? Make the construction costs enormous enough that you might not want it, but "somewhat" plausible to have. The recharge rate should be changed to allow for fast firing (I would say a magnitude better than the original DS). Of course the Station was "stationary" and shot across sectors, which is impossible in the game. If you make it a ship at least you can use it.


I vote for keeping the SSD (if my vote even matters) and moving it up earlier in the "research" hierarchy (if you're going that route and not just making all ship types available at game beginning), because they were around, available, and used in combat.


Keep up the posts, this TC is sounding interesting.

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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:D I just about fell over when i read NJO: Ylesia and the Peace Brigade had a Republic class Star Destroyer as the center of their fleet. 8O But it's not impossible considering that by the mid point of the war many planets had surrendered to the Vong without a fight. As the war got worse the Vong started giving the Brigaders more and more captured New Republic Equipment.


The Assault Frigate was a stop-gap for the Rebel Alliance ment provide them with cruisers that they otherwise would not have had access to. They were built mainly out of scrap and were hard to maintain. Those that wern't phased out before the end of the civil war scrapped in peace time. (I'm sure there are a handfull arround somewhere, just not many.)


Into the war KDY and it's satelite Factory worlds began producing a variation based on the Nebulon B Frigate. It was designed to carry atleast four squadrons of A-9 Vigilance interceptors and could act in an anti-starfighter role as well. It was still just as horribly weak as the original in terms of armour and shielding.


The Hapan Nova class cruiser. As you may remember the Hapan fleet was mostly blown away at Fondor when Center Point station fired. As a result many members of their navy deserted after they returned to Hapes. Several of the smaller cruisers were stolen by their crews when they joined the Peace Brigade.


The old VSD in gone completly, all of them would have been scrapped or converted to VSDII. (Which I'm modifying to carry 1 regiment) I've used this slot for the MC-90 Star Cruiser which will give the player a good amount of punch at the start of the game.


The older ISD keeps it's slot but will get a (tiny) weapons upgrade to reflet the increase of weapons technology. (Many of the older ISD's were seen through the series, including the 'Rebel Dream,' and 'Right to Rule.')


Center Point station is a good idea that I hadn't though of. ( I don't suppose you'd be nice enough to make a card of that. :wink: ) I'm still considering a Vong worldship for that spot because they're big enough, and are somtimes used to support large scale operations. It can carry the numbers of troops and fighters that only a DS can.

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I didn't read NJO: Ylesia. That one was an "ebook" and I couldn't check it out at the library :( . But it does sound interesting. I didn't know the Peace Brigade (PB) was that well armed. I just assumed they had to fend for themselves (in terms of equipment). And because of the Vong techno hatred, the Vong would destroy everything technological rather than have it around (even if it meant giving it to their "allies"). But there are always exceptions made in war.


Defender_16 wrote:


I'm still considering a Vong worldship for that spot because they're big enough, and are somtimes used to support large scale operations. It can carry the numbers of troops and fighters that only a DS can.


The only problem with that is the DS is an Imperial weapon, now to be on the New Republic and Allied side. It would be impossible to have a Vong ship on the NR "side", and have the Vong control it. You'll probably have to rework the Bulwark to be a Worldship (can't RebEd change the quantity of troops & fighters appropriately?).


As for the Center Point Starion card ... let me think about it a bit (I haven't made any cards before, so I don't know what I'd be getting myself into :? . Also, working on the "stats" will prove "interesting" 8O ).

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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When it comes to choosing which side you want a ship on it really only counts if it's a starting ship from what I can see.




I think that I've mannaged to turn off the DS Super Laser. I just took away all of it's weapons, and Recharge. There's still the problem of getting rid of that nervour Rebel kid's voice saying. "Warning! Death Star Approaching! omgit'sgoingtokillusallnoes!!11oneone.... yeah... :roll:

But the voice seriously needs to go. I still have to try it on the NR side to see what happens.


The DS doesn't really have much use of all the other weapons anyways except in planetery bombardment. Worldships are never brought close enough to a hostile planet to make that an issue. It's mainly dependant on it's cruiser support for that kind of thing.


And what's to stop people from building Center Point station somewhere else other than at Talus and Tralus? I'm sorry but as cool of an idea as it is I'm beginning to agree less and less with putting CP Station in the mod. :(


EDIT: CRAP! I just remembered something important! LACK OF BEING ABLE TO GET KILLED. *Slaps forehead* A Death Star Run attack could kill anything put in that slot. Capital ships could never destroy it even with weapons taken away. :oops: ...hmm. Dang it, i don't really want it in a regular ship spot because then I'll need a model for it.


Does anyone know if there a way to replace the Death Star Run with a Starship Kamikazi run like at Borleas?

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New plan. Dauntless slot is used for Vong Heavy Cruiser Analog.

Bulwark slot is used for worldship. :?

...man... I don't WANT to have to have to ask somone to make a model for the worldship. It's just too crazy.



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  • 2 weeks later...

DOUBLE POST! ...Seriously though it's been awhile so it's more of a bump. :D




I was wondering if anyone knew how to change the galaxy backgrounp picture. I know somone said how to do it in some other post but I can't find it.


:D I'm hoping to replace it with the NJO book interior map.


Though this one is starting to look more interesting...



EDIT: Never mind, I think I've got it figured out now. :wink:c



Its not hard. Just go to your DLL files in RebEd and there it is


Lol. I know. I found your advice on this in an older post after searching longer. When I made this post originally the Forum was still slow.

( Uggh. 3 minute page load.) But the speed picked up today and I was able to find it.

Edited by Defender_16
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  • 4 weeks later...
Just thought i should tell you D16. I have started working on the Worls Ship model. The basic model is finished and i am still working on the textures.




Click here is you like Trance

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Man... now I need to figure out some in game stats for this thing. It's not that strong in terms of weapons, it's just got incredible carrying capacity and durability. The problem with figuring out stats is going to be that these things varry in size so much.


From the more numerous 10 km ones to the larger ones like that found above Myrkr which was "the size of a Death Star."

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My model importer has decided it doesn't like me anymore and is basically saying "screw you" to me all the time now.


Even the older models wont import now for some reason. Give me awhile to work through it.



EDIT: Interesting. Looks good. Perfect sizing and scale, etc.

(Red Alert-esq MISSION ACCOMPLISHED lol :roll::wink: )



Just have to ask one thing; Is my computer a piece of crap (my computer is indeed a piece of crap) or is it all a single texture on the outside? I just want to know is all, because sometimes stuff doesnt show up for me in game.

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hmm, I'll have to try it on the weekend again - I gave it a whirl today and it killed RebEd everytime I tried to view it . . . oh well, mgiht be Rebed.

I'll re download it and try it ingame on the weekend.




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Aidan, PLEASE reduce the size of your avatar :wink:


Thanks in advance!

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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Oh man. >.< I've got so little time right now it's not even funny.


*Kicks self* Less Halo! More Rebellion!


I kinda got thrown off track with the NJO Mod though it's not dead. I intend to resume when there are a few more Yuuzhan Vong Ship models ready. Though I haven't checked things out on the modeling board as much lately, I'm thinking everyone is already busy with other projects right now, so I'll just wait awhile.


My problem is that I've got another modded game going right now on my computer, and the RebEd Load feature doesn't work properly 100% of the time. If I switch to my NJO Mod and then try to go back to my Dark Empire Campaign, not all of the ships will turn back from Yuuzhan Vong ship cards.


:roll: Then I get to spend the next 4 hours loading cards and models. (I don't have that kind of time. :? )


What I Am lacking are well done Vong Character Cards. I've made up a few NR Cards with pictures from the Japanese and North American book covers but I have to redo some.


Ships remaining (Models)

-Hapan BattleCruiser

-Vong (Everything except the Matalok and Worldship) :roll: oy...


I've compiled cards for all the ships, I just need to go back and check who made what again.

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