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No more CD crack.


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Okay my comp is working again and what not, and I saw that trej locked the topic about the cd crack so, stop pming me for it people, I no longer have it. Bare in mind admins that I didn't know if the no CD crack was illegal or not thats why I asked, also be aware that I have not distributed it to anyone, just so you know.
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Hang on...this has made me think...


Aenivae_Ikeda do you know the person who made the crack?


The cahnces are that said person would be able or has, haked the code. Which wwould mean that they could either help us to hack the source code or tell BS what its programmed in....just a thought.

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a cd crack just involves using hex editor tools to find the part of the EXE assembly code line that checks for cd. it is hard enough to do that. going into the dlls and EXE and finding the code is a different matter.


just my opinion.


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