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LIST: Ground Vehicles, Rebel

Guest JediIgor

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Guest JediIgor

Name: Yutrane-Trackata Hover Tank T1-B

Source: Force Commander

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebHoverTank.html

Link to image: http://www.lucasarts.com/products/forcecommander/viewer/ie/viewer.htm

BF2 Equivalent: mobile AA?

Known Role: Anti-infantry, main anti-air mobile base


Name: Yutrana-Trackata Heavy Attack Tank T3-B

Source: Force Commander

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebAttackTank.html

Link to image: http://www.lucasarts.com/products/forcecommander/viewer/ie/viewer.htm

BF2 Equivalent: M1A2 Abrams

Known Role: Heavy assault vehicle

Notes: This thing is pretty badass, I think it could beat even a Juggernaut.. for this reason I wouldn't use it too often, maybe in rare cases since I don't think Alliance could afford too many of these ;).


Name: Rebel Modified KAAC Freerunner

Source: Dark Force Rising, RASB, DFRSB, AEG

Link to description: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=9074

Link to image: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebFreerunner.html

BF2 Equivalent: apc maybe?

Known Role: Medium Assault Vehicle


Name: Rebel Ultra-Light Assault Vehicle

Source: The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, AEG

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebelULAV.html

Link to image: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=26885

BF2 Equivalent: buggy

Known Role: as the name says ;)

Notes: Decomissioned by the Imperials, the Alliance stole a huge # of these for their own use.


Name: Mekuun Heavy Tracker

Source: The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook

Link to description: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=11144

Link to image: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebHeavyTracker.html

BF2 Equivalent: no idea

Known Role: Mobile Scanning Unit


Name: Trast A-A5 Speeder Truck

Source: The Last Command, RASB, AEG

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebSpeederTruck.html

Link to image: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=6

BF2 Equivalent: chinese hummer-like truck

Known Role: weaponless troop transport

Notes: Some have been quipped with hand-mounted blaster rifles or repeater blasters, think machine gun ;).


Name: Aratech Arrow-23 "Tramp Shuttle"

Source: The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, AEG

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebTrampShuttle.html

Link to image: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=1780

BF2 Equivalent: buggy

Known Role: landspeeder


Name: Ubrikkian Personnel Skiff Model IV

Source: Return of the Jedi

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/PersonnelSkiff.html

Link to image: http://mitglied.lycos.de/STARWARS_Blueprints/3other_surface/desert_skiff.jpg

BF2 Equivalent: not sure, maybe the boat

Known Role: light mechanized transport vehicle

Notes: no weapons :(


Name: Mobquet Overracer

Source: The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook, DARK

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebSpeederBike.html

Link to image: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=16627

BF2 Equivalent: buggy?

Known Role: speeder scout bike

Notes: Equivalent of Imperial 74-Z


Name: SRV-1 Scout and Retrieval Vehicle

Source: The Battle of Cadinth, SWG2

Link to description: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=23843

Link to image: http://starwars.wikicities.com/wiki/Scout_and_Retrieval_Vehicle

BF2 Equivalent: Chinese APC

Known Role: scout and retrieval vehicle

Notes: It's treaded


Name: SRV/R-1 Scout and Retrieval Vehicle/Repulsorlift

Source: The Battle of Cadinth

Link to description: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=23844

Link to image: None!

BF2 Equivalent: Chinese APC??

Known Role: scout and retrieval vehicle

Notes: Treadless version of the SRV-1, uses repulsors


Name: Hawkeye Storm Cannon

Source: Star Wars Adventure Journal #2

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/RebStormCannon.html

Link to image: None!

BF2 Equivalent: mobile AA guns

Known Role: Mobile Weapons Platform


Name: Loratus T-C9 Hover Transport

Source: Force Commander

Link to description: http://theforce.org/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=24601

Link to image: http://www.lucasarts.com/products/forcecommander/viewer/images/hovertran2.gif

BF2 Equivalent: any apc

Known Role: troop transport


Name: Loratus Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher

Source: Force Commander

Link to description: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=15206

Link to image: http://www.lucasarts.com/products/forcecommander/viewer/images/mobpro2.gif

BF2 Equivalent: artillery

Known Role: projectile platform

Notes: Could be used as the Rebel version of Empire's Mobile Artillery unit, for the commander instead of the artillery cannons?


Name: Loratus Scanner Jammer

Source: Force Commander

Link to description: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=15207

Link to image: http://www.lucasarts.com/products/forcecommander/viewer/images/scanjammer2.gif

BF2 Equivalent: uav building

Known Role: intelligence-gatherer

Notes: Could jam radars near this unit, also can serve as the UAV version by scanning an area.. to be controlled by commander.


Name: Nen-Carvon PX-4 Mobile Command Base

Source: The Imperial Sourcebook, Force Commander

Link to description: http://www.galacticempiredatabank.com/PX-4MobileCBase.html

Link to image: http://www.lucasarts.com/products/forcecommander/viewer/images/trmb2.gif

BF2 Equivalent: None!

Known Role: Mobile Command Base

Notes: 100% the same as the Imperial one, in Force Commander the Rebels stole a prototype and manufactured their own. Commander would have to be in one of these, or a ship's bridge to command.

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