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Order of Preference for any given Star Wars equivalent of BF

Guest JediIgor

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Guest JediIgor

As most of us know, the Star Wars Universe is huge. For a simple blaster pistol, there are at least 20 models that come up in my mind. For a simple starfighter, the Empire in the ROTJ timeperiod must have at least 7(!). But we can't put all of them in the mod in every map.. because we are supposed to be representing what a true battle would look like, and that means you see the most commonly used technologies like TIE Fighters and an Imperial Star Destroyer. Not a random TIE Hunter backed by a Immobilizer 419.


To this end, this order of preference will be used until further notice:



--Star Wars Databank


--RPG d20/d6


--Games (before prequels)

--Games (after prequels)

--Everything else


What does this mean? This means that if a sourcebook mentions an Imperial tank called the "Imperial-class Repulsortank" (SWJ15,SWJ9), but if a book says there was also a "Century Tank" or "TIE Crawler" (SWDB) used as an assault vehicle tank role, then the latter would take more preference than the former. That means we would try our best at first getting the Century Tank in the game, and then the Repulsortank (assuming there were no other tank equivalents such as TX-130).


So the next time you don't know what to model/implement first, check this order of preference. However, remember than BF2 equivalents is even more important, so if you have vehicles that are very similar in order of preference but you're not sure which one we should use, it will probably be the one more resembling a BF2 equivalent (7 person transport as opposed to 100 person transport).

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