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Best TC?


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I'm looking for a total convertion for maybe giving me a new challenge in Rebellion... But I'm wondering which one is the best? The descriptions for the TCs here are not exactly specific... plz advised...
Mooninites Unite!!!
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better AI make it a total convertion? What are the main differences? Different/more ships? more characters? more buildings/defenses? Are the starting positions different? These are the things I need to know..... 8)
Mooninites Unite!!!
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Although I haven't personally tried the TC's, from what's been written in the forums, you're basically getting a "swap out" for characters, ships, facilities, etc. Since the source code for Rebellion is not avaiable :cry: , only existing items "programmed" into the game can be manipulated. The number/type of capital ships, fighters, troops, etc. can not be changed, but you can change the information about a particular item. For example, each side gets four starfighter types, that's it. It can't be changed, the number is four and four is the number. But you can change the existing Y-wing to an E-wing, or an F-15 for that matter (some people do crazy things 8O ). So, the TC's swap out things to fit their scenario. Built in "events" (Luke goes to Dagobah, bounty hunters after Han, Vader & the Emporer dueling with Luke, etc) are hard wired into the game, so when those characters get swapped out, they have to be replaced with persons that will have "events" happen to them. You could make Luke going to Dagobah, say like Gandalf going to fight the Balrog (for the LoTR twist). When he started he was Gandalf the Grey, after the battle he is Gandalf the White. Stuff like that. I think most of the TC's stick with the Star Wars theme though.


How you make the AI better I don't know. It just might be that the game data has been manipulated to give the AI a better chance. I don't think there is a comprehensive list for each TC describing what ships, fighters, characters, etc. have been changed, and what are all the new stats for those items. The best you can do is try them out, or ask those that already have. Good Luck!

Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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:arrow: Here is a larger brief of PTESB :



1. Luke follows his father for many reasons and becomes a hybrid betwen the two sides of the force. (* He get's the Mask from the Yoda's cave illusion for real now)


2. The Emperor ask him to kill his father and since luke refuses he turns to the Rebellion. But he turns with his personal army of Protector Stormtroopers.


3. The Mod offers some new designs based on the alteration of the existing ones.


4. The Rebel AI is twice as agressive than the original one. (*I didn't had time for the Imperial one to fully improve). The AI improvements are done because of the extensive stats testing and new balanceing.


4/a. All the major art has been improved abouve the original quality even if this means 2-3 pixels more somewere on a small menu ship pic.


5. TIEs in hyperspace are corected and now they are shown in hangars.


6. All characters on wich I could find pictures have now real ones.


7. New characters have been added.


8. New troops have been added.


9. New special units have been added.


10. The fighters pictures are the same but theyr 3D versions are totaly new. (*Zoom closly in 3D battle).


11. Original 3D ships textures have been improved even if this means corecting pixel errors.


12. All the story is fully integrated. This means that all the DLLs all the menus and all the written infos have been changed to acomodate the story or avoid contradictions.


13. Some characters have recived the full LEC brief info under their photo.


14. The only ship that is totally new (*pic and 3D) is the ISD III a beast designed on the ISD platform following the rules of war design.


15. The Galaxy has been changed to start the game just before Episode V so the Empire starts with the Executor. (*You will need the hole rebel fleet and all of theyr fighters to takeit out in the first 100 days.)


16. The AI builds now 12 facilities of the same type on a planet so his ships will be out as fast as your own.


17. Rebels start on Hoth now.


etc etc ... and much more I really don't have time to writte :)


BTW I have a small patch for the PTESB Mod so if you decide to try the mod and explore a parallel SW dimesion let me know to email you that too.


Protectorate: The Empire Strike Back (Mod&TC)


Download the PTESB Mod here : http://www.swrebellion.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=3










































The Story :



The Star Wars story: Mangal Rebellion trilogy


Episode One.


1.0 They thought he was dead… They felt his disappearance. As Luke and Vader watched the Emperor flail down the long shaft to the Death Star’s core, they thought no one could have survived the fall, much less the explosion of the Death Star. And in a way, they were right. But any engineer would have realized that the Emperor’s body hitting the core could have never caused such an explosion. It must have been more than just the Emperor’s body that caused such a discharge in the reactor core. His body was fully charged with energy from the Dark Side, and when combined with the massive power of the Death Star a dimension rift was born. A gate was created between this dimension and another dimension. By this gate some part of the Emperor escaped….his ghost…his essence !


1.1 An old Jedi holocron made by Master Ikacn Mangal prophesized the possibility of using the power of the Force to tear such a hole in time and space, but no Sith Lord or Jedi Master had ever accumulated such power to reach this hypothesized dimension.


1.2 The ancient holocron dates from a time when the force was one for all her users. It said that there are multiple universes both close and far from this one. In this intradimensional space, there is a cycle of movement and a moment when the Force from this dimension can be linked with the Force from our closest parallel dimension. In honor of the wise master who made this prophecy, the ancients named that dimension the Sajuk’Otke’Mangal , the Close-One viewed by Mangal.


1.3 The Emperor Palpatine was as surprised as any to find himself in this new dimension. He awoke slowly to find that things were very similar, yet somehow different. He felt oddly linked with the Emperor from Mangal in a way that the force could not explain, but none of them realized that they were the same person…not until the end .


1.4 Events had not moved as rapidly in the Mangal dimension, and the Empire was still building their first Death Star at the moment of the dimension rift. But here the Empire had split its efforts for security’s sake and was building two death stars at the same time. The Second one only contained the energy core and some support structures. It was used for power test’s and experiments. When the interdimensional explosion occured, in the Mangal they were testing a method of enhancing the power of the generator core. The composite energy structure of the Death Star Two vibrated at the same energy harmonic in both dimensions. A link was forged between the dimensions supported by the massive power of the Dark Side.


1.5 All the elements were in place for the prophecy to happen. As the rift was starting to appear the emergency alarm sounded on all the unfinished decks of the structure. In less than one minute the core was penetrated and a web of Dark Side energy breach the container field around the core and climb up a shaft, discharging into the nearest person from the core. The Imperial fleet officer collapsed as the Dark Side flowed into him. The discharge delayed the construction of this death star. Because of the massive number resources needed for two death stars, the Emperor decided to focus on the other one that was already in an advanced stage of development.


1.6 …On Coruscant in the Imperial palace a dark figure was speaking to a holo link…

- You know what to do Grand Admiral ! …..if they continue to support the rebels I will dissolve them !…I do not need a Senate to rule the Galaxy ! ….And you will finish the project in time !...No one can stop us !.... I will crush this insignificant Rebelli…on …..ahhhh [ the Mangal Emperor stop’s talking and put his hand where his heart was... closing his eyes ] ….ahhh….get me Lord Vader... there is a disturbance in the Force... I have not foreseen…


1.7 …on the Second Death Star….The Imperial officer, Kwazak Mekon, slowly woke up and didn't feel any different, but the our Emperor Palpatine was hiding within him. Bit by bit, Palpatine took over Mekon’s body just as he had taken over the Republic Senate in our dimension. Slowly but deadly, stealth was something Palpatine understood. He was so careful, Mekon and the others never knew. The Mangal Emperor felt the new power growing in Mekon. Always wanting his most powerful minions closest to him so he could watch and mold their progress, the Mangal Emperor constantly promoted Mekon and by the time of the destruction of the first death star Mekon was promoted to become the grand admiral of all imperial forces only days later...


1.8 In this dimension, Luke was able to focus on his training on Daggobah much more that in ours. At the moment when he entered the tree cave, he realized the wisdom in leaving his lightsaber behind. Once in the cave, he had a vision of the menacing Vader raising his red lightsaber and he rushed to confront him, with a swift move Luke strike Vader’s head that was cut off. As the head rolled to Luke's feet, the helmet cracked open to reveal first Luke's face, but then a new face. Somehow it was familiar, then Luke realized it must be Vader's face. So similar to his own, he realized it was also his father's face when he was young. Vader's massive part mechanical body had never fallen, and now Luke saw its black armored hand outstretched as if asking for help. Calling to him. Then, the vision disappeared.


1.9 After overcoming his shock of realizing Vader was his father, Luke became convinced he could change his father only by not fighting him. He reflected back on Ben's sacrifice on the Death Star and wondered if Ben also had felt the only way to defeat Vader was for a loved one to try to show Vader what Vader had become by not resisting. He knew that his father has still the good side in him. However he knows how insane this would seem to anyone who had not shared his vision, so he says nothing to Yoda but begins to form a plan. When he goes to save his friends on Bespin City, doubt and fear first make him resist Vader, but then he puts his lightsaber down. Vader again says, “Luke, I am Your Father !â€

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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I got Protectorate up and running and I deffinately like what I see... I started with the rebels ('cause I am a rebels type of guy...) and I liked how the Empire started out with a fairly decent size fleet + SSD haulin' ass at Hoth... The look of the Galaxy threw me of a bit but was deffinately a nice surprise. I loved how the earlier rebel warships were at least somewhat comperable to their Imperial counterparts... Absoulutely adore that Millenium Imperium... The changes in the fighters were ok too... I was a tad bit surprised to see Ozzle on my side and frankly I didn't really trust him so I've pretty much kept him on a low risk planet... See Luke come back with a Darth Vader Helmet and an Imperial Uniform was a bit of a switch... Oh and what is up with those Spy missions for the rebellion? Thought it was kool 1st time around but got a little annoying faily soon after...


But overall this is an Outstanding TC... deffinate thumbs up here...


You also said you had a patch to this game? What does the patch do? Bug fixes, AI improvements?

Mooninites Unite!!!
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:arrow: Loll I gived Ozzel to the rebels because he was looking more of a traitor to the Empire than a real serious Admiral - this is a different dimenssion ... so things here may have happen a little different :)



:arrow: Yes I have a patch that updates the stats and helps even more the AI. Basically half the work on the Imperial AI. It will be almost as best as the rebel one.


:arrow: If you will play Imperials you will see that the rebels will be over you in no time .... The Empire is still moveing slow in my opinion.


:arrow: I need an email to send you the patch or maybe someone can help put up somewere 200 kb. It's quite small ...


PS. Some troops have planetary shields so you will have to take on them Hoth style. A bombardament will do no good ;)


- And what seems to be the problem with the Rebel spy missions ? They fail ? ... well the spying is alot more difficult now (*mainly cause we are in the Hoth time period and this way you find a little later were are the imperial concentrations of ships and such... :twisted:... its a bit harder now).


- The galaxy is different cause it enables the Empire to have a much more ferm control near Coruscant. 5 systems in that configuration double the cjanches that Near the capital will always be green.

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- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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You're really much into Public Relations and Marketing, aren't you CAIN?


Warlords is a PC (Partial Conversion) I not remember myself how it looks (I think lots of big warships were featured) and I hear good things about it.


Ootini TC is a sort of upgrade with realistic stats etc. Try some!

Z'anthr saves the world. Sorry about the mess...
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