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I have music for rebellion and made wav files, renamed them to MDATA.xxx but tried to create a new rebellion CD using my MDATA folder. But I left my brain cells somewhere else as the data exceeds a CD-R size. I do not have a DVD writer so that options out.


Can I play the music from the hard drive some how?



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Hi there,


The MData files aren't music files, they're movie files (for certain events in the game, the intro, the credits, etc.) in Smacker format, not wave files. Download Smacker and you'll be able to view (and listen to) all the files. It's been a while, so I'm not sure if one of those files is the background music that you hear within the game (without video, just straight audio). My advice is download Smacker, open the files one by one with the program, and see which are which. Then proceed how you think is best when you have that done. You may be able to change the files to different formats and watch or listen to this with different programs (I never tried that) but, remember, even if you're trying to save them as audio files onto a CD, the video information is still there taking up space, probably why you exceeded your CD-R. I don't know of any way to separate the audio from the video, but if it can be done, someone here would know how.


Oh, and do answer your simple question, sure, you can listen to the files from your hard drive. smacker will play them, but you're going to have the video for the files running at the same time. :P


That probably wasn't much help, but it was an interesting question, so good luck :) later

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Okay, here's the deal. This works on my game, so I'm going to assume it'll work on yours.


If you copy the MDATA folder into the rebellion directory of your HD, you can play Rebellion without a CD if you did a full install.


Once on the hard drive, those MDATA files, which DO contain ALL The music you hear in the game (the DLL files contain the voices and sound effects, not the music). Go to http://www.swrebellion.com/forums/postt468.html

to find out what MDATA entry corresponds to each piece of music. Simply replace those files with a .WAV file by renaming the wav file, and you're good to go. No need for the patch as far as music is concerned. As for the movies (the really big MDATA entries), I cant help with those.

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