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How Do I Add A New Character?

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You cannot "add" characters - this is a limitation of Rebellion

However, you can edit characters already there. Hit "E" in Rebellion where you can edit their image and text, so forth.


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Yeah, basically you are stuck with the slots for all the characters. In order to "add" a character, you'll have to sacrifice another character. My advice would be to use the slot for the character you're willing to give up, save the card, and then get to work on making it the card of your "new" charactger. I believe there's a "how to" to help making your own cards in the "cards" section here on the site. I also think that the same or similar "how to" is in the most current RebEd help file, which should still be in the download section. You may run into problems with not being able to fit the name of the new character and also run out of space for the encyclopedia entry, but there is a patch to fix that problem in the downloads section as well. Good luck.
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That's what's sad about upgrading this game, you can't add new characters, or ships. That would make this game a whole lot better than it is now.
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