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My Own TC Project


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Hello all, hope everybody is doing fine this weekend. I've been a SWR fan since it came out. This past year I started playing again and found RebEd. Fantastic work that all of you do on the programs, running this site, helping others, and just loving the game and making it more interesting and fun to play. I've been tweaking RebEd and am now pretty comfortable with it, but just recently have I dowloaded ResHack and other DLL editing programs, picture editors, and 3D ship modeling sofware, which I'm still really a noob at, but with a basic understanding of these programs, the hours I recently put into mapping the original game DLLs and the modified DLLs from the protectorate (to see what and how things were changed), and going through the first five films that I have on DVD recording caps, vids, and wave files, I believe that I'm ready to start my own TC, nothing too drastic (not really changing or coming up with a whole new storyline), but just making the game more asthetically pleasing, and more difficult and fun to play, on both sides of the galaxy. So, now I'm asking for a little help on beginning. Pretty much some general questions and a couple more specific ones. I hope some nice people out there can help me get a good start and give some aid when I really need it down the road. So here goes:


1. I would love any tips on exactly where to start, meaning how should I progress through the steps of my modifications? Is it better to start out in RebEd, making and changing my cards and modding my galaxy the way I want, or should I just dive deep into the DLL editing first, and then clean things up through RebEd? I'm planning on doing the ship modeling last, because I'm least knowledgabe about that, and I figure I can do most of the other things, then learn more and ask for help with that later on. Any suggestions?


2. In general, is it better to use RebEd to change the things that are currently available in the program or to change them right withing the DLLs themselves as I'm changing other things?


3. I know there are no upgrades for the computer AI by looking thoroughly through the forum, but I have seen comments about more aggressive AI and I know that in the Protectorate, you can have them build Death Stars, whish the computer usually won't do. So my question is, in general, tweaking what settings will make the AI better/more aggresive, and, more specifically, if i play as the Alliance, what do I have to do so that the Empire will build a Death Star?


4. This one is a bit more specific. Having personnel starting on Hoth in the Protectorate baffled me for a while, until I recently looked closely and saw that Hoth really is Yavin, its picture, name, surrounding system names, and sector were just switched, duh on my part. I know that you can't take much of the randomness out of the game, which is what makes it fun a lot of the time, but I was wondering how you can get specific ships to be present at the start? I know the location, at least for the rebels, would be random, but in the Protectorate, the Alliance always has one Mon Cal somwhere, and the Empire has a SSD over Coruscant. Please tell me how that one is done :)


5. If I would want to change the starting location of Luke and the others, like on Hoth in the Protectorate, does anybody have a libraby of C3PO sounds or know of any voice modding programs that I could record a new wave and have it sound like 3PO so that the briefing will correspond to the new galactic settings?


6. Oh, one more, sorry. I've noticed that, in the Protectorate, Tatooine is charted, has a population, and is neutral (that was a nice touch :wink: ). How was that done? And, if i would change the sector and systems to have characters start out on Hoth, or any other planet, is it possible to make Yavin charted and populated, and maybe even still under Rebel control, even if all troops and personnel have been evacuated? Along the same lines, if that can be done, is it possible, if playing as the empire, to have Endor charted, populated, and under Imperial control to make a secret base for the Death Star II?


Thank you so much for reading this, and any help would be greatly appreciated :D Again, love the site, and I'm no programming genius, software expert, or talented artist, but if there's anything I can do to help the site or any of you on any projects, I'd be happy to. Hope I get some replies in the forum, and I'm usually on MSN Messenger jasonlaviolette Yahoo IM JTL12102005, and my emails are the same names at hotmail.com and yahoo.com Thanks again :)

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Ok, first of all: these are my own perceptions, you are free to ignore them :wink:


1. Well, first of all, it'd be the best to think of the concept :wink: For example, what units and characters you want to have and what they should replace. But then, continuing with RebEd would be a good plan, since seeing the work is rewarding and motivates you to continue with it.


2. In general, is it better to use RebEd to change the things that are currently available in the program or to change them right withing the DLLs themselves as I'm changing other things?


2. RebEd sure is more comfortable, so I'd use it wherever possible and do the rest, that can't be done with it via ResHack


3. Since you already have the protectorate installed, just look at the cards. They are altered in some ways, like cost and maintenance. That's something the AI seems to watch a lot, as well as armament, to decide on what to build.


4. I think Cain just replaced the ships from some slots to get there. For example, in the original game, the Empire often gets an ISD, or VSD on Coruscant. The Rebels often have Gallofree Transports or Corvettes, so you just switch the slots and tadaa 8)


5. Hmm, you just need a good sound editing program, like Cool Edit, with filters that make the voice sound metallic and use a British accent in your recordings :wink:


6. Tatooine was most likely just marked as explored in RebEd's galaxy map, but if you change the starting location into Hoth, or any other planet, then this would be the Yavin, that you'd need to be under Rebel control as well. There's just this one planet set as under the control of them and you can't really add others. You'd have the same problem with Endor, except that you can make it into an explored and possibly neutral system with RebEd.



Good luck with your TC :D




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Thanks for helping me out, the suggestions are helping me out very much here in my planning stages.


1. Yes, I'm thinking of a concept, but I'm thinking of many and they keep changing as I go, so, I've started small, changing things in the DLLs (things that cannot be changed via RebEd) that I know I want changed, regardless of what the end concept will be.


2. I think I've done a good job mapping the original game DLLs and categorizing things that can and can't be done in RebEd. Maybe I'm starting backwards modding the DLLs first, but I like that chaning the DLLs pretty much "hard-wires" the changes, not having to rely on saving and loading changes in RebEd. I'm getting as comfortable with ResHack and PE Explorer as I am with RebEd, and this has opened up so many more possibilities than the current version of RebEd alone.


3. Right now, I don't have the Protectorate installed. Like an idiot, I took it back off to start modding the original game without saving the cards, duh.

I could probably find most of the info in the DLLs in terms of cost, maintenance, and armament, but I think I should save my work so far, reinstall the protectorate, look around more closely, and save all the cards so I have them for reference. Then, take it off, reinstall SWR and put my modded DLLs back in and go from there. In terms of the AI building a Death Star, it seems that the AI enjoys building new ships that have been researched (at least in terms of fighters), if it has the resources. Since the DS II is bigger and badder than the first DS, it should take some research. If i set the research value of the DS II up a bit, would the AI be more apt to build it (if the settings are right), or am I way off base here?


4. You know, I noticed that you can change personnel location by changing slots (eg, Carlist Rieekan in Jan Dadonna's slot to get him on Hoth in the Protectorate). Why I didn't realize you can do the same with ships is beyond me, another duh on my part. Rebels usually start with a couple Crvettes, a couple Transports, a Bulk Cruiser or two, and an Escort Carrier or two. Maybe putting the Mon Cal in the Escort Carrier slot would give me one or two at the start, or just scrap the Bulk Cruiser, put the Mon Cal in that slot, and put in a Mellenium Falcon would be ever better. :wink:


5. I did a google search for Cool Edit. I didn't know much about sound editing programs at all, so this should be fun :) Thanks so much.


6. Thanks, that's pretty much what I thought, but it was worth asking. Would be cool to be able to do it to set up scanarios, but every thing like that we do takes some of the randomness and fun out of the game. :)


Again, thanks so much Mask, your tips and explanations will help me out immensely as I keep working on this project :)

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:arrow: JasonTL12 I can advise you to download and instal the PTESB TC. It has the most extensive changes to date maded by ResHack and RebEd. (Reloaded is better but that's secret for now).


:arrow: If you take your time to turn PTESB upside down it will prove useful to you to find what can be done and how :)


:arrow: Good luck with your TC :)

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Hi Cain.


Thanks for the tip. I have PTESB downloaded and in a file where I am safely keeping it. I use ResHack to look through your edited DLLs and every time I load PTESB, look around RebEd, and play the TC for a while, I pick up on new things that are helping me. Going back and forth from the original settings, my edits, and the changes made in PTESB when a question comes to my mind is a bit tedious, but it's also fun, and I keep learning more and more as I go. I just started this weekend learning how to use ResHack and PE Exlorer for DLL editing, Smacker for the MData files, PSP for image editing, Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit) for sound editing, and I keep finding new little nuances in RebEd that I just overlooked before. I'm just glad I have a pretty good learning curve :P In the past few days, I downloaded and learned these various programs that I never used before, and right now I have edited everything in ENCYTEXT.DLL and changed all of my EData bitmaps that can't be edited in RebEd. I mean I have even changed the 200 system entries, some just a bit, some alot so I like the encyclopedia. What can I say? I'm just that anal retentive when I work on things :P Hell, with how comfortable I'm getting with ResHack and PE Explorer, I may even keep right on going and finish editing both the DLL and the EData that can be done in RebEd. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing it that way. Once it's done, i can save all of my cards, and then edit them and flop them around in RebEd afterwards. Well, back to work (by that I mean my TC) now :wink:


Thanks again for your help and your best wishes for me :)

PTESB is fantastic, I hope I can match that caliber when my TC is all done and ready to play. I'm also really looking forward to Reloaded. I've been peeking around the site and have caught glimpses of the new artwork and concept of the project. I am still just learning while I'm working on my TC, but if there's any help I can provide on the project, let me know.



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:arrow: When you will be finished with the TC let me know so I will inform you what I know about the AI. Btw i don't know if you noticed but the small fighters are also changed in 3D as well as some ships textures corected. The TC took me 6 months to do and it is a good starting base for any new TC.


:arrow: I'm sure I can show you how to surpas that one. Now I'm mostly on EAW (see my sig) cause EAW will be way more modable than SWR. Basicly most of the infos you need for a mod or a TC will be in text files easy to open and this is a great addition to the new game.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Thanks again Cain. Yes, I know the ship models (texturing and such) were changed as well. I'm probably going to be saving all of the ship editing and modelling until the end, because I know very little about the moddeling aspect. I have to learn how to use those programs and will probably need some specific help when I reach that stage, but that's most likely a couple months in the future. I guess the same pretty much goes for the AI, mostly because it seems like the AI pretty much depends on the specs of capital ships (construction cost, maintenance points, and ship capabilities). I've looked through the forums and saw where you referenced that the AI will build a DS II if the construction cost is lowered throught the first 500-600 days of the game. I think you even said that if you wait long enough, and change the construction cost back to normal, the AI will still build it if the game has progressed long enough.


As for the AI's mental slowness and lack of aggressiveness, looking through how you have the ships set up in PTESB, I'm learning what may work. I read in the forums some where that you did extensive testing and kept notes on the AI. I don't know if you're as anal retentive as I am, but if you kept typed notes on the AI, I'd love to have a copy, or truncated basic version with general tips and pointers to have as a quick reference guide when I get to the point of tweaking the AI. I'd be forever in your debt for something like that :D


I also have this idea. The Empire had the plans for the Death Star that was destroyed at Yavin IV. The DS II, like the one destroyed in Jedi, was bigger and badder than the first. Logically, I think it should take some reasearch and development before you can build the newer DS II version. Within this research and development, making a bigger DS II would up the hull integrity (making it more expensive to build when I played as the Empire, but I'd probably have to lower the construction cost for the AI to build it when i play as the Alliance), but also would make the maintenace cost lower because of more efficient power generators and propulsion and weapons systems that have been researched. Also, I'm considering upping the turbolasers and ion cannons (because the thing is bigger than the first one) and also adding laser cannons around the trench and other openings into the DS II (you'd think that the Empire would learn from its mistake at Yavin IV and develop the DS II with a tighter defense, complete with anti-starfighter capabilities, just in case the Death Star Shield would be knocked out). Since the DS is not technically in the tactical battle (meaning the holocube), I'm not sure if adding laser cannons would help defend against a Rebel Death Star Run in the game itself, but I like the idea, and a bigger, more armored station with increased firepower and lower maintenance than the first Death Star should make the DS II more attractive for the AI to build (if the construction cost is low enough, of course).


I noticed that there are cards and even a ship model for the Lamda-class Imperial Shuttle. I'd love to add this (or maybe add Boba Fett as a character and have the KDY Firesprey, or Slave I instead of the lamda), and the the Corellian YT-3000 Freighter (first of which in the game would, of course, be the Mellenium Falcon) into the game as small, fast-hyperdrived craft with room only for personnel, no troop or fighter capacity. They would be quick to build, cheap to maintain, very fast and maneuverable in tactica,l and could maybe take on one or two fighter squadrons on its own. I think ships like this would be perfect for scouting systems (loaded up with special forces just in case you run into a lightly defended enemy panet), as a basic fast transport for individuals to quickly get to other systems to perfrom solo missions like diplomacy, and even group a bunch together and put good personnel on so you can very quickly go to enemy systems, wipe out a small defensive fighter groups, espionage and sabotage the heck out of the system from orbit instead of having to travel from from and back to your nearest base, and yank out your personnel and quickly be on your way to another system to do the same when you see a real enemy fleet approaching. I love doing this with characters like Han, Chewy, Luke (and comperable Imperial personnel), and some special forces for decoys. Conducting missions from orbit is a fast and furious way to disrupt all the functionality of that system and quickly boost your character attributes (especially force users) because you can conduct 3-5 missions in the time that it would take for a character (hyperdrive 100) to go from your nearest loyal system, conduct the mission, and get back to base, which is just a waste of time. Okay, I went on a strategic rant, sorry. My question is (since I saw there is a model to download for the lamda) are there any models out there for the Slave I and Mellenium falcom? I know there are cards (I'll probably make my own anyway), but models to use or to edit myself instead of starting from scratch and making my own would be fantastic :)


Thanks again, later

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What do u want to do in your tc ?

Wich personnel do u want to be in the game ?

What fighters, and battleships do u want in this TC ?

If u want we can work together,but, i also work on my 1'st TC(almost done), and i have to made 2,based on the movies.

And i will do a "personal" TC, based on the Rebellion, but everything changed, characters, and the characters pictures too, they remain in game.

Example : i will allow to Ozzel be in the game, but with card maded by me.

Piett,Jerjerod,Needa etc too.

Noval Garaint will be changed with Boba Fett,with the finest card.

Niles Ferrier will be changed with an another person (secret).

Talon Karrde also will be,i've found 2 pictures i'll can use. etc,ect.

About fighters and battleships, i have my own ideas too.

Will be 2 frigates ,several mon cals, and 2 dreadnaughts. REBELS

In the IMPERIAL side will be the advanced Victory class and the advanced ISB's, and other SSD's like Sovereign and Eclipse.

And i want to change many pictures as i can.

If u are interested contact me, if nnot we can made our TC without help too. If u are courious my 1'st TC search in General Discussion - I've created a new TC and i want to upload.

I am courious wich persons do u want to put into ur TC,in my TC's will be that characters,who was in the real movies,seen,and not seen.

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Well, what i'm basically doing is trying almost to do a TC on the scale of Rebellion Reloaded, with the exception of maybe some wave files and movies, athough I'd love to change everything i can, but that's huge for one person. I started simple, using ResHack to change things after i learned the program. I changed all the bitmaps for mines, refineries, construction facilities, and defensive facilities. This includes encyclopedia entries and all system & build bitmaps. Yes, its easier to use RebEd to do this, but the facilities aren't in the engine, so dont' have cards to change. Once i learned ResHack, i'm now going to use it to change all i can, then use RebEd at the end to change the systems/sectors, character attributes, ship specs, etc. In between, I'll probably do the ship modelling before i change ship specs, so the right ships are totaly in there to mess with the specs (whish is one of the main factors in how the AI builds things and plays aggressively). I just started with those because they were a good place to practice changing things as i found where resources were located in all the DLLs.


At this point, I'm developing my storyline and choosing my characters. Storyline is tough, there's not all that much you can do because you can't get rid of luke going to degobah. you may start on hoth instead of Yavin (like in the protectorate), and luke going to degobach in a hundred or so days would still make sense. Except for the Jabba event, you could even start around return of the jedi, when Luke goes back to Degobah, except that then the Jabba event would have to be changed to some other kind of event, because Jabba would already be dead, not that there's a lack of people out to get Solo. I'm still in the planning stages of my story, but i have most of my characters picked out and am working on changing all of those around at the moment. Its been a process of a lot of research because i really want to be accurate as far as characters and their ranks/attrubutes at my starting point.


I modification of this magnitude is grueling, taking alot of time and energy, but when everything is finished (probably in about a year, lol) I really want to be proud of what i've done, so i'm really taking my time.

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I feel your pain. I'm doing way too much editing with my TC. I'm starting to feel like I'm doing as much work as the Reloaded team (minus the modeling for tactical). Just remember that although you can't change the fact that certain events happen, you CAN change what those events are. For example, I have Neflite (the Han Solo replacement) suffering from a heart disease. Sometimes he can recover, but othertimes he must go to the hospital (and risk being seen in public and the Empire finding out where he is). Once he's there, the replacements for Luke, Leia and Chewie must go track down some medicine. If they fail, then word of their endeavor leaks out and the Empire's troops swoop in and catch them while they're still tired. Sure it has nothing to do with SW, but by using different pictures and text in the DLL files, I've been able to completely change the event while maintain within the hardcoded limitations. Use your imagination and the game doesn't even have to BE about Star Wars anymore
Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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Yes, you're absolutely right. I've been thinking alot about it today since i wrote that this morning. I'm not doing a drastic story change, but instead of starting the game after the battle of yavin (in fact, i know i'm not starting there, because i booted griff out of the story already because he died in during the evacuation through the blockade) I may start them on hoth, but the protectorate already does that. I could start somewhere during Return of the Jedi, such as starting the characters of on Tatooine right after the rescue of Solo. Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy, and Lando would all be there. Maybe Adar Tallon could be the 6th, because, from what I've read, that's where he hid out after faking his death until he rejoined his old friend Jan Dadonna in the Rebel Alliance. Eventually, luke would go to yoda to ask "Is Darth Vader my father?" (one of the things I always do in the begining of the game is try to find Vader through espionage so Luke knows and can tell Leia when he gets his Force ranking high enough. Although, I have realized that Luke will tell her even if he hasn't run into Vader, as long as his Force ranking is really high. Its weird, even if he knows, and is still a trainee, he didn't tell her, when he was a master, yet didn't encounter Vader, he did tell her). Well, one hardwired even down. Solo could still be being hunted by a host of people. Two come to mind: 1 Jabba's family for Solo being the reason that he is dead, and Dengar still hold that ancient grudge from when they were young crazy pilots (now they're just older insane pilots :P ) And these are just minor variations on the same story. Your'e right, you can make this game not even about Star Wars. The possibilities are really endless, even with the same basics and hardwired programming that we can't modify.
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Jason, i have a very good looking picture of a mine,and one of refinery.

Me i was unable to change the pictures in the enciclopedia,in that time when tried,i didnk know the res-hack,after that i didnt want to change in my 1,2,3 TC, i will change only in the 4'th TC.

If u want this pictures - i will share with u ;)

Just give me a working e-mail adress where i can send.

If u want can ask for me anything,maybe i have that u want, in this way u can save time for your project. i mean character pictures,ship pictures, other stuffs.


may the force be with u :)

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Thanks Antonius. My main email is jasonlaviolette@hotmial.com I'm on msn at the same name, and yahoo im at JTL12102005. Mine and refinery is actually what i did first, just because you can't change facilities in the current version of RedEd, only ResHack. Love to see those pics though, and share mine if you want to give me some feedback on my first bitmap experiments :)
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