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technical difficulties



ok just a couple of questions. is it possible to have multiple installs of rebellion and install TC's onto them seperately.


and i tried installing a TC. the steps i took are.

1)download and install rebed

2)download and extract the TC files into rebed folder

3)run rebed and try to load the TC files.

now after about a minute of waiting for the files to load i got an error message saying that the files i was trying to load had been tweaked by a newer version of rebed and that it would attempt to make neccessary changes. i clicked ok and waited some more. i then got another error message saying that the install had failed and all settings had been return to original.i figured i'd wait till later then ask someone about a newer version of rebed then the one for download and went to continue playing. now all of my char cards have been changed and i can't figure out who is meant to be who. is there a way to return it to standard without having to reinstall the game. and second is there a way to copy and paste save files if i have to reinstall the game...




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i honestly dont know about most of that stuff, in fact i dont know much at all when it comes to rebed, but as far as saved games of course you can copy and paste them(assuming when you uninstall rebellion it even deletes them, many games give you the option not to). all you need to do is find the save files, i'm not certain about rebellion but in many games the files are named whateveryounamedit.sav, write down the folder you found them in and when you reinstall paste them back into the same folder. Its really pretty basic stuff, shouldnt be a problem at all.

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Which TC? Are there any other instructions on it? Is there a DLLEntries file you need to install?


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it was the warlords TC i was trying to install. i got reb working at standard again by doing a re-install and copying and rewriting the saves back i didn't lose anything (whew)


i also found by doing some experimenting that i can have different TC's installed at the same time on different copies of REB :D


worked the same as with CC. just make a copy of the complete reb standard folder.install the TC.change the folder name of the standard and then change the folder name of the copy to the original name.make a new copy of it and install another TC. keep doing this and you can have a working copy of each TC on your pc at once :D


just make links to the EXE file in each TC's version folder if you don't want to go into the folders each time you want to play. now just need new icons for each one :wink:

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