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A chapter in the day of the life in the Empire ...


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Rebel controlled Sector Fakir

Forward Imperial Firebase on Mrisst: General Needa commanding.


A young lieutenant, the general's aide, hurries to the general's office. "General, sir. Everything is in order for the briefing you requested."


"Very well lieutenant, activate the holo-receivers".


On the general's desk three translucent figures appeared, with small traces of static, most likely from the heavy encryption being used on the signal.


General Needa begins. "The Emperor is requesting a progress report for this sector. As the only Imperial presence in this Rebel controlled sector we have much work to do to please the Emperor. Admiral Nothos, what's your report?"


"The Rebel fleet at Berchest has been decimated. Two Mon Cal cruisers, a Nebulon-B frigate, an escort carrier, an interdictor cruiser and all accompanying fighters have been destroyed. The Victory Star Destroyer Challenger received heavy damage, mostly to the shield generators and some hull breaches. The rest of the fleet has minor damage. Several fighter squadrons were damaged with heavy losses. I've been in contact with Admiral Griff in the Corellian sector. He's sending the Mark II Star Destroyer Avenger to bolster the fleet. She's fresh from the Imperial shipyards at Averam and helped with the assault on Commenor. When the Avenger arrives, I'll then send the Challenger to the recently captured shipyards at Corfai for repairs. The shipyards at Corfai are currently producing Tie Defenders, and will be sending a dozen squadrons to Mrisst as replacements for the fleet."


"Admiral Daala, you have good news to report on your plan?"


"Yes, General. We are currently blockading the Halowan system until further notice. The assault on Bimmisaari was a success; General Veers will follow up with details. Following the assault, the fleet proceeded to Ralltiir. We have wiped out the Rebel fighter defense for that system and bombarded the garrison into oblivion. The espionage droids have been infiltrated into the local Rebel command structure. We have our first reports that the Rebels are sending eighteen regiments of various forces to reinforce Ralltiir. They are due to arrive within a month. Apparently the Rebels are going to use Ralltiir as their forward base to reclaim Bimmisaari and probably attack Mrisst. When they have fully assembled I'll take the fleet from the Halowan system, go to Ralltiir and send all of those regiments to oblivion like their predecessors. I'm scheduled to rendezvous with Admiral Nothos at Berchest in two months time. Apparently there are reports that a large rebel fleet is in route to Ando. They must to be the support fleet for the regiments currently heading to Ralltiir. I'm sure Admiral Nothos and I will make short work of them. With the additional firepower of the Avenger while Challenger is out, our combined fleet of six Star Destroyers, two interdictor cruisers, two escort carriers, a Carrack cruiser and a Lancer Frigate will be sufficient. Preliminary reports show the Rebel fleet containing a Mon Cal cruiser, four Liberator class carriers, a bulk transport, with two Corellian corvettes and gunships as support. General Veers will now give his report."


"The assault on Bimmisaari was only slighty behind schedule. The commando teams needed extra time to eliminate both of the shield generators on the planet surface. The planetary LNR series 1 battery was captured intact. The three Mon Cal garrison regiments were destroyed. Agent Bin Essada is currently working propaganda/diplomacy missions with the locals to re-establish high efficiency at the local mining and processing facilities. Intelligence reports are coming in about various Rebel missions to sabotage the garrison. Two Rebel recon patrols have already been either destroyed and several turned away, and we are constantly discovering more spy cells through out the system. It is believed that these are being staged out of the Carida system. That is my report general."


"Very good General Veers. I shall dispatch several commando units to deal with the Rebels on Carida. They have become quite the nuisance lately, especially targeting the garrison here on Mrisst. It was reported that several training facilities were being constructed there, but that data is several months old. They will get what's coming to them, hopefully sooner than they expect. Are there any other items of concern? Yes, Admiral Nothos?


"The Tie Defender squadrons from Corfai should all be delivered on time, but I believe they are being optimistic. The Rebels are now fielding the B-wing fighter/bomber, and should they have sufficient numbers on the fleet proceeding to Ando, this could bring heavy damage/casualties to the fleet. My remaining squadrons of Tie Interceptors provide only ~50% fighter coverage for the fleet. And I'm sure Admiral Daala will need some replacements and/or upgrades also. If you emphasize our need for these Tie Defenders it would be appreciated."


"Very well Admiral. I'll speak with someone about getting you priority, but as you know supplies are tight. In order to get your Tie Defenders, production of other war material may have to be shut down on other systems so they can expedite your fighters. Please update me on any items you noted in your reports, so they maybe forwarded as an addendum to the Emperor. Dismissed."


As the holo-receivers shut down, General Needa was already making his plans. Should the Emperor approve his recommendations for priority material, the Rebellion in this sector of the galaxy would be extinct within the year. With just such an accomplishment to his name, he could have that coveted general's position on Coruscant itself. Yes, back to civilization and the fineries of the galactic capital. But first things first, the Rebels must be dealt with.


"Lieutenant! Get in here now, and bring the latest material acquisitions and schedule report! And bring me some caf." It's going to be a long night he thought to himself.



Finally, after years of hard work I am the Supreme Sith Warlord! Muwhahahaha!! What?? What do you mean "there's only two of us"?
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Actually this story has me tempted to play Rebellion game, except of course heavily modify RebEd so my battles will be a little more grand and so on.
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