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Galactic Events


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Hi all


I am new here on Star Wars Rebellion,

but i play star wars rebellion long.

(Sorry i cant speak so good english)


I dont like the Galactic Event thät i lost my energy points on my planet



I would change this but i dont know where and with what (Res Hack, or

anthing else).


I search very long for this and i cant wait so long for Star Wars Empire at War :cry::cry: and i come to the idea install rebelion and play it but wouldnt play it with the Galactic Event.


Please for Helb






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If I understand right, what your asking for would need you to hack into the games programming. We can't do that, don't know how. If we could, there would be so much more we could do with the game. Things like Luke going with Yoda is a big obstacle when trying to make a conversion.
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The natural disaster is one of those pain in the butt things that just randomly happens thoughout the course of the game and its hardwired into the programming, so it can't be edited or taken out. It happens to your planets, to the opponent's planets, and even on neutral and unexplored plants, but you really don't realize it unless it happens to you. The randomness of the game is one of the best parts about it, but can really damage what you're trying to do sometimes, in terms of a natural disaster. There are some ways of getting around it, but these ways are cheating, at least I consider them to be. Even so, when you have a Rebel Headquarters or Coruscant loaded with defenses or a planet with a massive shipyard on it, the natural disaster can be devastating. Getting around it isn't an editing or programming problem, it's a randomness problem, and you can sometimes manipulate the randomness. The easiest way to do this is to use a character or Special Force to do espionage on one of your own planets where the personnel are currently located. It doesn't really work is you sent them to another system, they are in hyperspace and not doing the mission, so it seems the randomness hasn't been manipulated. From your last save point, go up to the day before the event, do an espionage mission, most likely the event will not occur. It may occur on another system, not at all, or even give you more resources instead of a disaster. I've played around with this alot, just for the fun of it. For example, if you do it the day before someone is rectruited, it can change the person or attributes of the rectuited person, or cause the mission to be unsuccessful. Sabotage missions can be foiled and someone injured or unsuccessful when they were successful the last time, just by manipulating the randomness by sending one lonely and bored person on Op Force on an espionage mission. Like I said, it can be fun to play around with and see what happens, but I still consider it cheating.
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