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How to Replace your Agent--the Easy way!

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As you can tell from all of the posts I've been making, agent editing has become quite a problem for me. In fact, I've been having so many problems that I think the big guys on the site are too annoyed with me to bother replying. Well, no worries: I have found an easy way to replace all of the files for your new agent, and it doesn't involve putting the information in one line at a time. It takes a little work, but its worth it. (Disclaimer: This information is for an UNANIMATED agent. If you want to add in animation, you are responsible for changing the appropriate filenames in the spaces where you need them. This will take more time, but will look better)




Microsoft Excel

a blank text document

the command line (Start menu, run, cmd for windows users)



1)Manually replace all of the appropriate bitmaps in Reshacker (it takes about 30 minutes) for ALBRIEF.DLL, EMBRIEF.DLL, etc. Pay attention to the names of the files for Threepio versus the names for R2D2 (same goes for IMP22 and SD7)


2) Using the 302 transcoder program (you can PM me for it, or send me an email at FF7Turk@aol.com), turn the bitmap into a .bin file. You may be able to use other programs, like the New Fighters program, but I don't know if they work. Either way, just get your .bmp into a .bin.


3)In Reshacker, in the 302 folder, find the first number and memorize it. Then scroll down until the number drastically changes (such as 2011 to 2100. Stop when the numbers stop going in sequence).


4) Open Microsoft Excel. Once there, in column A1, put in this line of text: '-addoverwrite FILEPATHHERE. Make SURE you put the apostrophe before the minus sign, and put the file path to your .bin file one space after the "e" in "addoverwrite".


5) In B1, put "302,"


6) In C1, put the starting number that was in the 302 folder in reshacker.


7) In D1, put in ",1033". In addition put ",1033" on D2.


8) Using the fill handle (little black box on the bottom-right of the currently selected cell), begin to drag and copy all of that information. EVERYTHING should stay the same in each cell EXCEPT the numbers in the C column, which should be going up by one each time. End copying when you reach the last number that followed the first one sequentially (e.g. the numbers were 1100-1152 and followed by 1355, you would make the last one in the excel sheet 1152).


9) Create a new text document and copy the following into it:



Exe=The full file path of your DLL.

SaveAs=The full file path of your DLL (make a backup first).




10) One line under COMMANDS, paste your data from the Excel worksheet. save and close.


11) Go to your command line. Drop Reshacker in the command line, then hit the spacebar and type "-script" without the quotations, then hit the spacebar and drop your text file with all the data into it. hit the enter button. However many numbers were in the sequence was how many files you just replaced. Repeat for each sequence of numbers.


I dont know if I'm the first one to do it or not, but it sure is a lot easier than editing them one at a time. I managed to get Albrief.DLL finished in 10 minutes using this, so it works. If you have any trouble, let me know so I can fix it. Good luck, and happy modding!

Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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You can play Rebellion in multiplayer with any modifications--so long as your opponent also has those modifications. If you're going to play with someone else, I recommend sending him the Albrief, Alsprite, Embrief and Emsprite dlls for him to use while you play.
Count Dooku is the strongest Star Wars character as depicted in the movies. All hail Christopher Lee.
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