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A Valiant War


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Okay this forum will feature a battle by battle overview of my latest SWR game. File Save Name Valiant. I'm playing as the rebels, well just take a look...


It had been just over four months since the Death Star was destroyed over Yavin, and dozens of star systems had joined the rebels. The entire Sumitra Sector had joined the rebels after the Imperial Navy suffered a second set back at Yavin. Four Regiments of Stormtroopers, a full Brigade, had been destroyed on the ground with no losses to the rebels. That had been two months ago and the Imperial Navy has already begun to attempt to reverse these setbacks in the sector.


A small armada had been sighted over the world of Alk'lellish III, an important manufacturing center with over eleven active construction yards. The Imperials bombed it into rubble. Then a much larger force was sighted, equipped with ground troops, over the world of Geedon V, just a few parsecs from the rebel headquarters at Kashyyk. An imperial presence could not be tolerated this close to the Alliance Headquarters, and Commander Afyon had been given his orders, the destruction of the Imperial fleet over Geedon V. To do this he had the entire Kashyyk Home Defense Fleet with over ten capital ships and ten squadrons of starfighters plus the commander’s flight amounting to just over 124 fighters, the majority of them X-wings.


Commander Afyon paced the bridge of his command ship the Quasar Fire Carrier Flurry. It wasn’t the strongest vessel in the force, but for this engagement it was the most important. It held a full compliment of starfighters in its bays, just under fifty of them. In addition there were four Bulk Cruisers: the Hope’s Heart, Blessed Liberty, and Acheron. These were the core of the Alliance Capital Ship Arsenal. Each one had been modified to accommodate a squadron of fighters. While these three ships were aging hulks of vessels three more ships had joined the Fleet, the three new Nebulon B Frigates built in their yards at Kashyyk. The laborers which had crafted the ship named them in honor of their local allies, the ships became War Debt, Wookie’s Heart, and Life Debt. Finally two more ships had been transferred to the fleet from Yavin shortly before its fall, the Corvette Fires of Hope, and the Medium Transport ATS-001. But compared to the force they faced it seemed to be a puny display.


The Imperial Fleet blockading Geedon V was composed of seven vessels. One gaelleon (Griffin), four Dreadnaughts (Goblin, Lion, Tiger, and Bear) and two Victory Star Destroyers one of which was so new that it didn’t yet have a name, the other was the Triton a veteran of the assault on Yavin IV. But for this mighty force there was one major weakness, they only had eight Tie Fighters to defend themselves with. Only two thirds of a squadron would stand in the way of the Rebel Y-wings and X-wings.


The Rebel fleet arrived in the Geedon V system less then a day after it had launched from Kashyyk. When it arrived the Imperial Fleet was waiting for them.


Commander Afyon leaned back in the command chair as he surveyed the Imperial ships breaking orbit and moving to engage his force, “Launch all fighters. Red Group will engage their fighter screen. Gold, Blue, and Green Groups hit those capital ships.â€

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Sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from Magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

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In reality If you look at the films an X-wing squad cannot take out a SD. I believe the various books make Star Destroyers look too weak. I mean really, A ship that can destroy a planets surface destroyed by a few X or Y-wings- it's a joke. Rant Over!

Steller what changes have you made to the game? Just wondering as I change things as well to give the rebels more of a chance against me. As a matter of fact in my current game they are doing pretty good :twisted: - Good story though Steller. -Grand Moff Conway

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I based it off the X-wing Alliance combat stats for the changes...


Instead of building full squadrons of starfighters you build flights of four fighters.


Currently a Y-wing Flight has the following stats:

Construction Cost: 8

Maintenance Cost: 2

Laser Cannon: 2

Ion Cannon: 50 (Ion Cannons + Torpedoes*6)

Torpedoes: 48

Shield Strength: 57 (RU + SBD)/2


An X-wing Flight has the following stats:

Construction Cost: 4

Maintenance Cost: 1

Laser Cannon: 4

Ion Cannon: 36 (Ion Cannons + Torpedoes*6)

Torpedoes: 36

Shield Strength: 35 (RU + SBD)/2


A TIE Fighter Flight has these stats:

Construction Cost: 2

Maintenance Cost: 1

Laser Cannon: 2

Ion Cannon: 0 (Ion Cannons + Torpedoes*6)

Torpedoes: 0

Shield Strength: 15 (RU + SBD)/2


Giving Torpedoes such destructive power may go against me, the TIE Bombers will certainly be a pain...


Bulk Cruiser:

Construction Cost: 18

Maintenance Cost: 18

Hull Strength: 91 (1/10th of RU)

Shield Strength: 176 (1/10th of SBD)

Turbolasers: 6/2/26/26


Victory Star Destroyer:

Construction Cost: 30

Maintenance Cost: 32

Hull Strength: 152

Shield Strength: 320

Turbolasers: 200/80/140/140


Maybe starfighters are just a wee bit overpowered... I made them have high shield rate to try and give them a better lifetime during a combat engagement. It worked, perhaps to well. It’ll take legions of fighters to catch the bombers before they do their damage, playing as either side.


Anyway back to the game...


Day 200




Mon Mothma stood at the head of the council meeting room high above Kashyyk’s lush forests, “The situation in the Sumitra sector has not stabilized since the battle of Geedon V. Imperial fleets have continued to strike upon our systems. Alk’lellish III and Boordii have been occupied by Imperial forces. Yavin IV has once again been occupied by Imperial troops. It seems the Empire is concentrating on kicking us out of this sector.â€

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Sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from Magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

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