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We're gonna make it!!!


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ok, this isn't about Rebellion, but it is about Star Wars Role playing.


The campaign we just ended today has been going on for several months. All of us were either smugglers, pirates, or hired thugs. After a few months of romp-stomping just about everything our GM through at us, we grew some rather large egos. So we decided that the ciminal organisation we were building needed the biggest, baddest, most completely horrid base of operations we could get our dirty little hands on. So what to we decide to do? Go to Kuat, and hijack the Super Star Destroyer they are building.


Now, to do this, we had to do several things. First off, deal with the Imperial fleet, and the horrid amount of defence stations. To deal with them, we get the awesome idea of using slicers to take command of the defence stations, and programming them to fire on the Imperial vessels at a certain point in time. We get that all set up, dealing with those two problems.


Next, we have the gournd based fighter units. To deal with these pesky little bastards, we hire mercenaries to basically blow them up. All of them. Astoundingly, we find mercs crazy enough to do it, stupid enough to realize that they wont live long enough to get off the planet, so we wont have top pay them. Perfect.


Finally, we need a massive distraction to make everyone look away from the vessel we are trying to steal. Enter the disgruntled Kuat workers themselves, who for the most part have no love for the empire. We find out that they are more than willing to set charges all over the shipyards to blast them all into scrap metal for us. Which works out, becuase then people will think we are trying to save the ship. Perfect.


So, we get aboard the vessel, and find it delightfully empty of people. We send the signal that sets off all the charges on the planet, blasted several TIE wings into the next galaxy. Then, we send the signal which orders the defence stations to turn on the Star Destroyers. Needless to say, the Imperial fleet was not happy to get sucker punched like that. The basically went to town on the stations, resulting in massive casualties all around. Finally, we set off the charges all over the yards. beautiful lightshow, Im willing to bet.


As the yards, and countless incomplete vessels, are being turned into a new asteroid belt, we decide its time to leave. So we fire up the engine of Ol' Betsy. (yes, that is what we decided to name the ship.) We pulled out of the yards, and high tailed it for deep space. By the time the remaining imperial fleet figured out that the SSD was no longer in their hands, we were to far away for them to stop us. We began celebrating, thinking we just pulled off the biggest heist of all time, and screwing the empire while doing it.


Well, much to our annoyance, something had slipped past us. The Executor was due in that very day to begin some minor repairs. With it, were several Star Destroyers. Even worse, they exited hyperspace in front of us. Not good.


End result, Ol' Besty got turned into scrap rather handily by the imperials. Our chars, who had tried to escape via starfighters, were all captured. And as for punishment, not only did Vader throw our hides out of the closest airlock, he had all of our chars freinds, families, pets, cohorts, bookies, ect. ect. killed in just about the same fashion. It was an effective purge of our existance.


So now the question is, should we try this again in our next campaign, or should we just go all out and hijack the Death Star instead?

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Just so long as you don't do anything that crazy in Rapora Wars... :twisted:


You know what I'd do to you if you tried it BS.

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