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vakundok: update to the texture converter?

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i really appreciate you making this texture converter, but a task of mine requires me to convert possibly hundreds of textures to bin files. with the current converter, it will take me a good deal of time to type all of my files names and what not. can there be added an option to convert all BMPs to BINs? i know nothing about programming/coding, but with this option i think it could benefit some of us who need to convert a lot of textures. And it would look nice alongside the "all bins in this directory -> BMPs" option. :D
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I nearly missed this. It would have been better to send me a pm.

If you can afford to wait approximately two weeks, I will be most likely able to upgrade it.


OK. I have uploaded a test version for you, the link is here. Please try the single conversion first and let me know about the results.

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the converter seems to work well, although i am not completely certain on how to test the converted textures. It is much more efficient to hit the all bmps -> bins command than to do them one by one, thank you very much for adding this option.


now, this is perhaps quite selfish, but... is there a way to add a command option like... add binary palette to all bmps this directory ?


What i mean to say is, can the program be made to fix the palette on existing bmps in the directory? I guess i do not understand fully the whole palette thing, but i know that a lot of these texture bmps are in 16 bit or more color, and that rebellion will only have a max of 256 colors. so the bmps must be degraded to fit the rebellion criteria, yes?

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The bmps MUST have the palette of Rebellion before the binary conversion, so yes, if they have more than 256 color, they have to be degraded and converted first.


The answer is no.

1. Rebellion uses two different basic palettes and (virtually) any combination of the two for the planets.

2. The math of color conversions is beyond me (because it tries to follow the human capabilities).


So, the thing is that I could possibly add such a function, but the result would be definitely far uglier than using the palettes in the graphics programs right from the start.

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