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A quick Q about RebEd and stuff



ok, I'm new here, so bear with me :)


:!: 1) This has a point, so bear with me :)


since playing rebellion for a while, I was very excited to find out about RebEd. Very customizable as far as loading cards and changing stats. Now, my biggest beef with the old rebellion (Aside from thrawn not ever being force sensitive 8) and the hyperspace problem) was that the imperials didn't have any decent transport ships. Considering that for all I can tell they made up the star galleon, why not use the bulk freighters we saw in TIE Fighter. I was glad when I found a card for it here, though I am still trying to work on learning the model importer. Now take it a step further. I decided that what the heck, why settle for a freighter when Episode 2 had these huge Star-Destroyer-ish cruisers for troop transport. There is sort of a card here, so I got it, only to find out its not for that republic cruiser (contrary to to the image on the download card section) but for the one that gets annihilated at the beginning of episode I. So I say, heck, lets make a poor man's version. So I change the stats on the victory destroyer (since I didn't really care about it and the model looks like the EP II ships sort of) so its a balanced large cargo ship, and go to rename it, and can't. I know there must be some sure fire easy way to do it, but I can't. I tried to open the file, but you know that got me no where, I tried to save the card as Republic Cruiser, then reload, but no difference, and I tried to edit the Encyclopedia Pic screen, but I couldn't delete the text there (though I could Highlight it) and the name I couldn't even target.


I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I see all the other cards people have made, so I know it can be done, but I can't figure it out. I don't see a little 'E' as is mentioned in the tutorials, I don't see an encyclopedia option or anything. I am using version 0.26, so there shouldn't be a discrepancy (I hope). Hopefully one of you guys can dumb it down enough :)


In all seriousness, I could use any help available on this :):!:


2) I've just got a couple of questions, not about modding, but maybe they are worth asking: Why are there so many, er, random jabronis in the original game? Let me explain: Admiral Thrawn and Palleon are in there, great (Thrawn is one of my all time favorite SW characters) , but how could they put in someone like Bane Nothos over Mara Jade? Same book series as thrawn, slightly more important in the grand scheme of things than most characters, yet no mention. Or the fact that they have Daala, but no Isard? Or (to get away from characters and toward units) how is an Imperial Army Unit, picturing an AT-AT, less powerful than, oh, stormtroopers, Darktroopers, Wardroids OR Fleet Regiments? Lets see here...


:arrow: Dark Troopers shown in films: 0

Dark Troopers Killed in films: 0 (can be forgiven, since they are cool)



:arrow: War Droids shown in films: 0

War Droids killed in films: 0

War Droids reported in the galaxy prior to Star Wars Rebellion: 0

Personell killed by War Droids in any galaxy until Rebellion: 0

Attack: 8


:arrow: Fleet Troopers shown in films: dozens (Death Star, Endor, Executor)

Fleet Troopers shown killed in films: Dozens (plus thousands when the Death star was destrotyed (both times, when the executor was destroyed, and when endor was overrun)

Casualties caused by Fleet Trropers ever: 2 ewoks and a squirrel

Attack: 5


:arrow: Stormtroopers Shown in films: hundreds

stormtroopers killed in films: more

Deaths attributed to stormtroopers: lots, like Owen and Beru Lars, a few dozen ewoks and jawas, rebel troopers, and oh, anybody without, say, 4 or more scenes (or lines except for the larses)

Attack: 6

Can be fogiven since

a) All they know is killing and White Uniforms,

b) who doesn't love stormtroopers :wink:


:arrow: AT-ATs shown in films: 5 (Blizzard 1-4 and Tempest 1)

AT-ATs killed in films: 2

Deaths caused by AT-ATs: not many, just a whole rebel army, their secret base, some shield generator techs, Wes Janson, a few other Speeder crews, 2 wampas, 4+ turrets and operators, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Attack: 3


and so my rant ends.


Your Thoughts!!!!


(Also, help ( :idea: ) on the first topic is appreciated)


--Dark Forces

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I did a full reinstall of both rebed and rebellion. I had one to begin with, but now still no difference.




Maximum Install Rebellion

Rebed 0.26

Rebellion Disk in machine

Windows XP -- 512 RAM, 3.2 ghz P4


anyway, thts the status of stuff now.... let me know what I'm missing or doing incorrectly!



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  • SWR Staff - Executive
No idea, what's your computer setup?


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Thanks for the response!


Windows XP. It's pretty new; I got it for my fiance, since she needed a computer and plays on Galaxies. So the board is a P4 3.2 Ghz i think and the ram is either 512 or 1024. If you mean something other than that as far as set up, let me kno and I'll try to help.


The funny thing Is, I'm wondering if i might be my rebellion disk; I lost my old one about 4 years ago (read, I loaned it to a friend and never got it back). I play a lot of SW:CCG, and since my area dried up for that I started looking for Rebellion again (its a pretty close experience in some ways).


I decided that since I could get a little bit more assurance buying it from Lucasarts than on ebay, I picked up a copy at their online store. The box and everything looked original, but I dunno.


I used to work comper help a long time ago, so I've tried to do as much as I know. After your first suggestion, I clicked the CD, and selected Reinstall and Maximum Install. Now thats how I had it originally since the HD space wasn't an issue, but what the heck, right? I also re-downloaded RebEd aand opened it (since I couldn't get the uninstall feature (if there is one) on my original copy to work) and have been using that, but no difference. All my rebellion stuff has come from this site (awesome job btw) so I don't think there should be anything different about whats on my comp and on you guys's, but I've never seen it elsewhere.


Anysuggestions would be great, and thanks again for listening to the rumblings of a newB.



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btw, where is the 'e' for EncycPic editing in rebed located? I can't even find that. Does anybody hve a screen shot?


Again, sorry for any dumb or obviuos questions, and I appreciate the help

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You know, I haven't done too much work with RebED(just being lazy and adding 40 advanced shipyards to Coruscant and making it so you don't need to research) But when I was looking at ships I was seeing if there was a way to change names. I didn't look too hard, but I never found one. When you replace Ackbar's card with Obi-Wan's for example, he is still called Ackbar. I'm not sure you can change the names, but I'm not sure.
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I figured out how to use ResHacker to edit some text, but I still am unable to use RebEd to edit anything other than stats. I don't even have a greyed out box or anything that might let me edit. Anybody got any suggestions?
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