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Rebellion Multiplayer (VPN : Seeing game not connecting)


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Hi, my friend and I love playing Rebellion online, but I'm not always at my broadband high speed home, and right now am in Hollywood, using a satillite internet connection. We have to make a VPN(Virtual Private Network), also known as WAN, but you can basically just call it a LAN. Anyway, our computers can see each other, and the VPN works great for little Java servers I create or basically whatever else. Unfortunately in Rebellion, the games don't seem to connect. I can see his game in TCP/IP, and he can see mine, but only to the extent of the name, when he tries to join it doesn't work. It just freezes up and then asks for the IP again.


So, I was wondering, does your ping effect connecting to a Star Wars Rebellion game? I have a ping of at least 600ms because of this 80,000 mile travel to and from the satillite.


If there's anyway to mod a "time-out" for Star Wars Rebellion, I'd be grateful. I can't figure out why it isn't working. It works at home, and we're both using the same computers that it works on. And it can't be a firewall, because once we're on the VPN that's all torn down.


Please help!




Rebellion is probably one of the best Star Wars games out, but will quickly be beaten by both Battlefront 2 and Empire At War. ;)

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Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way to change it. I believe Rebellion uses the DirectPlay, so you may have to see what ports it opens.


True multiplayer is a frequent suggestion in "Rebellion 2 Ideas"


I'm sure Battlefront has already sold more than Rebellion ever will. LucasArts hasn't done well in marketting their strategy games, but we'll see with Empire at War. I'm sure this game won't be slashed as much as Rebellion and Force Commander were.


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What's that supposed to mean? :(


I really want to get this to work...actually, to save some time, has anyone ever played Rebellion on a laggy connection? How does the game handle it? Fine?


If Rebellion was made sort of smart in multiplayer, it shouldn't really be effected bad by lag. It would seem like the type of game you could play with like 5 second lags and be okay, hah.

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Guest JediIgor

Maybe it's possible to configure VPN somehow so you could bypass firewalls and play with people... in fact I'll have to try that, and if you are on an okay connection you might not even time out!


That would definitely solve people's problems, like mine, not being able to play anyone :).

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That's why we are using the VPN. It bypassed the NAT(Network Address Translator). If you don't know what it is, just think of it as a firewall for now, and learn about it later. Anyway, it works for basically everything now except Rebellion. =(



Anyone have any advice?

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