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Salvaged Card Art


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I was, at one point, working on my own simple total conversion, but I don't think i'll ever get round to finishing it.


There were a couple of cards I made that somone might want to take and work on for this reloaded project.


I was, in particular, kind of proud of some rebel pilot cards I made. They were all based on publicity shots or video captures that have already been used for cards, but all those cards looked awkward because the images were cropped in such a way that required the creators to blow them up to a size that wasn't consistant with the other cards.


What was different about mine was the time I put into building those cropped out areas, usually the tops of helemts.


If somone would like them, send me a PM with your e-mail and i'll send you the bitmaps, or explain how to post the cards. I've never got that to work.

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