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Greets All and My Story so far....


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Greets to all you rebellion fans out there, and my thank you to the site webmasters for this site. Couldn't keep rebellion alive without it :)


First a little background info about my rebellion experinces, I have played rebellion since it's release and I was like most of you a lil disspointed with some aspects of it but I still love the game, as I have a fondness for games like SWR (like the orignal moo and so on) When I first stumbled into SWR.com about oh a few years ago and found rebed and starting moding the game, witch i have obession to do with games. It was fun but I didn't think much of it.


Lately, probley mainly due to the intment release of episode III i'm on a star wars frezy again and just had to play rebellion again. But this time I took a more serious approch to my modding of rebellion. I've really modding this thing, thankfully to all thoese before me using ships I liked and so on as i'm sure you can all relate. Now I have it setup and i've been playing rebel and imperial on large galaxy standard wining conditions hard to work on 'balancing' my work. Keep in mind i have not made any 'modfications' to tha ai settings in rebedit or through save games. Thou I've found the only/best way to play this is on hard.


I've ran into a few snags that I will have to live with, namely the imperial faction sometimes starting with at least 1 dominator interdector (pain on early rebels let me tell you) but overall i've been having a REALLY enjoyable experince playing this. It's been challanging but not overleay impposible.


Lately i've started playing mostly rebel (trying to catch up to the almost 1500 turns on imperial) and i've been making notes of important things so I can work on an acutal story for the site, something I may do for the imperial side as well. As for my mod, I dont know if i'll release it or not, depends on ethier I decide too or if theres intrest in it. If you'd like to know more details about what i've done i'd be glad to share, don't want to bore anyone with things they don't want to know.


But anywayz, I'd thought i'd introduce my self and give a formal hello to the community as I try to do with any community I enter for whatever reason, i've learned it's best to do that :) I look forward to writing my stories for you all to read hopefully soon untill then see you around, now if you'll escuse me I need to repair my tie defender, darn rebel platform mistook me for an imperial :P

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Welcome, fellow fan of the gmae known as rebellion!!! It is always good to have new members, especially ones that actually post!!!


Hopefully you stay with us for a long time, and give us valuable insight into anything star wars!!!!

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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I'd like to hear about some of the changes you have made. And I also welcome you to this site.-Grand Moff Conway


Well I've made changes to the most obvious arears, Starships, Troops, Defenses, Major and Minor Charcherts, and Special Forces. I've only made minor changes to the refinery and mine production (it's at 3 now).


I've only made minor changes/addiations to Defenses and Special Forces. I've also made some major changes to the Fighters as well. I havn't changed what fighters there are, but I made them more 'close' to what I like/feel is close to my warm experinces in XWA and such. So For Example all Imperial Fighters Squads have 18 in a squad, where rebels only have 12 in a squad. Because of this i've tweked ther cost and matince a bit too.


Of course my biggest modifcations has been in starships, troops and major/minor charcherts. I havn't changed any major charchers just tweaked it a bit, like letting the emperor be able to train jedi and such. Bu I have added some new minor charheters like myself *grins* and also Charcherts I've come up with like, Admrial Span, Delta and Dove. But also other charchets we know and love, Like Kyle Katana, Mara, Zarrian and so on.


As for ships I've made serioes changes/modfications, not only by adding the wonderfull models that were avalible her but also in stats. For example the Dreadnaught, is now shared by rebel and imperial heres an exmaple of it's stats:


Refined Material Cost: 50

Maintenance Cost: 40

Fighter Capacity: 1

Troop Capacity: 2

Shield Strength: 300


Attack Strength: Fore Aft Port Starboard


Turbolaser: 50 0 80 80

Ion Cannon: 35 0 20 20

Laser Cannon: 10 0 10 10


Dreadnaughts are ancient heavy cruisers that date back to the days of the Old Republic. Until recently, these ships were outclassed even by the smallest modern combat vessels, but improvements in automation and extensive refurbishing make it relaible.


Basicly I've tried to make them a little more 'realistic' to what i've know/expect while also trying to have a balance/counter balance to it as well. So like for example when you start a new game the ships that can are already know/can be made on the imperial side are as follows:


Heavy Landing Craft (HLC), Carrack Light Crusier (CLC), Victory-Class Star Destoryer (VSD), Imperial Class Star Destoryer (ISD), Dreadnaught (DREAD), Correlian Corvette (CRV)


For the Rebels:


Dreadnaught (DREAD), Maruader Corrvette (MARU), Meduim Transport, Correlian Corvette (CRV)


If your wondering where the Nebulon B-Frigate is , it's one of the first starships you research, oh did i mention it's shared as well like the dreadnaught and corevette. Basicly the ships that can be built by the Empire or Rebels are the Dreadnaught, Nebulon B-Firgate, Correlian Corvette, Correlian Gunship, Modifed Frigate, and the Assualt Transport.


Some of the other new ships i've included/added are for the empire, the forementioned Modfied Frigate, Heavy Landing Craft, Dominator Interdector, and Overlord Super Star Destoryer. For the Rebels I've added the MC40 Light Calamari Crusier, the MC90 Mon Calamarai Crusier, the Modfied Strike Crusier, and the Viscount Star-Cruiser.


Also as an example of some of the little diffrence between imperial and rebel class starships, esppiscaly the mon-cal star ships. Mon cal starships have better/greater sheilds/sheild regen then imperial ships. But Imperial ships have a much better Weapon Recharge and of course bombardment then rebel ships and so on.


Some of the little modfications between the two, for comparssion heres the card description for the MC40 and the VSD.


Refined Material Cost: 60

Maintenance Cost: 44

Fighter Capacity: 2

Troop Capacity: 2

Shield Strength: 400


Attack Strength: Fore Aft Port Starboard


Turbolaser: 50 50 90 90

Ion Cannon: 7 7 20 20

Laser Cannon: 45 45 35 35


The Mon Calamari MC40 were the first of the Mon-Cal ships to be refited and pressed into service for the allaince. Orignaly luxury liners for the mon-cal these have been refited to a war ship compa

Refined Material Cost: 68

Maintenance Cost: 44

Fighter Capacity: 2

Troop Capacity: 2

Shield Strength: 425


Attack Strength: Fore Aft Port Starboard


Turbolaser: 120 0 100 100

Ion Cannon: 20 20 0 0

Laser Cannon: 25 25 10 10


The Victory Destroyer is an older star cruiser that proved to be an important part of the Imperial space fleet. This vessel was designed with planetary bombardment in mind. While a capable combat vessel, the Victory Star Destroyer can deliver accurate and devastating bombardments.


Well this is pretty long, and so i'll stop here, but theres some examples/ideas of the changes i've made :)

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Pretty interesting. Don't feel wierd about adding yourself-I have two versions of my card one as Grand Moff Conway and one as Emperor Conway to use in games set after Endor. I have made many Imperial character cards and a few in other catagories many are hosted at this site.-Grand Moff Conway
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Pretty interesting. Don't feel wierd about adding yourself-I have two versions of my card one as Grand Moff Conway and one as Emperor Conway to use in games set after Endor. I have made many Imperial character cards and a few in other catagories many are hosted at this site.-Grand Moff Conway


Glad it sounds of intrest, i'm defintly having fun with it :) *heh* yea, I think I saw your cards when I was looking through the database. I just had to make a card for me, sides i look good in an imperial uniform *hehe* :)

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I made a card of myself. Alot of them in fact... Trying to get it look good, Well..


I looked crappy in all the male bodys in the game. I wouldn't use female bodys, Becuse I'm a guy :lol:


The only one I looked good in is Darth Vader. Which is Ironic, becuse my real name is Luke. My dad used to joke and say in a Darth Vaderish Voice, "Luke, I am your father." Which is true.


But I did look good in Darth Vaders body.

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Ok all bellow is my rebel story thus far, this is roughly bewteen turns 950-1400 keep in mind th way i'm doing this story does not tell you the turns and i've tired to all tell most important events. I don't quite have all the story up yet so please check back as I should be adding/finshing it soon. So without further ado hes the rebel story thus far (please escuse all spelling and grammer errors):

As I rushed back into the galatic tatical room I could hear the alarms, a system was under imperial attack, and I had a raw feeling in my stumach where the attack was. "Oh sir, this is terrible terrible!" Threepio started working toward me from his postion near R2. "Clam down threepio, and show me witch system is under attack." I order as I finnaly reached my control console. Threepio nodded and turned back to his console as well. As he worked at the panel the three-demension galatic display zoomed into the Corellian Sector and further in to the Vagran system shwoing the planet being bombarded by the imperial fleet in orbit. I whispered a soft curse my fear confirmed.

"R2 calculates that the chances of the imperial fleet invading the planet to be five to one sir!" Threpio says translating his counterpart, then just like on cue the planet goes from red to green as the imperials launch there invasion. "Oh dear! We've lost contact with the planet sir!" Threepio states as all communication and tatical infromation from the planet goes out. This time I curse loudly catching others around me off-guard and getting a few worried stares. "Commander-"I call for my assistant, he rushs upto to me and does a quick salute. "Witch fleet is stationed in the corellian sector?" I ask, the commander looks over his datapad and then back at me. "The third fleet sir, Admrial Drayson commanding. There stationed at the drall system sir." The commander responds I nod as threepio turns toward me. "Oh dear sir, The Drall system is the only one left under our control in the sector! And the garrsion there is the only thing keeping them from revolt!" I shake my head at the situation as it gets from bad to worse. "What about there shipyards how many do they have?" I ask, the commander looks at his datapad then back at me with a sour face. "Only two sir, Vagran was in the middle of constructing a third, but.." He stops trailing off not wanting to point out the obvious.

I sigh a bit and nod, "Threepio, get me Admiral Drayson on comm's immdeatly." I order, threepio nods and works at his console. As he does I get the final report of loses at vagran, a total lose. Finnaly Admiral Draysons image shows up on a screen near my console as the galatic display focus on Drall and his fleet. "Sir." Drayson states saluting, I return it. "Admiral as you no doubt heard Vagran has fallen to the empire." Drayson nods. "Yes we did, only a few refuges made it out of there sir. What are your orders sir." I grimcie. "I'll be blunt with you Admiral, Drall is the only system left that we control in all of the correlian sector. You only have two shipyards and were short on matince as it is. Plus I understand that Drall is on the verge of revolt." Drayson nods, "Yes sir, our fleet and the garrsion on the planet are keeping them in line for now, if you could get me a diplomat here?" I shake my head. "I'm afraid all our diplomats are elsewhere Admiral. The point is your fleet just isn't strong enough to take on the Imperial forces in the sector, and frankly getting any major ships to you is going to take time." Drayson nods, "We are building a MC40 now sir with what last matinance we have left. Also the Modifed Frigate from Averam is on it's way here as well. I think we can make a stand here sir." I nod and give a small smile. "Good, make what preprations you can Admiral I will try to buy you time and try to get us more matince to work with." The Admiral nods and then salutes. "Yes sir." he says as the communcation ends.

I turn to my aide, "Commander, start looking for idle fleets who are posied to strike the nearest lightly defended imperial system." The commander nods and goes to his station to begin his work, I turn back to threepio. "Threepio, I want any avalible constuction yards to focus there work on building mines and refinerys where ever possible." Threepio gives a quick yes sir back and begins his work as well. I sit back in my seat and look over the galatic display and sigh. "If we can keep the imperials busy, maybe we can take there focus off Drall. At least thats the plan." I think.

Finnaly after some time my aide comes back, hes salutes I return it. "Well commander what have you found?" I ask, he nods and works on his datapad and then turns to look at the three-demnsional tatical display, I do so as well as it zooms from an overall view of the galaxy into the Farfin Sector and then into the imperial control system of Wristil. "Acording to our last intellegence sir, the Wristil system has a great deal of refrinerys and mines, and is very lightly defended." I nod, "Thats good commander, whats the nearest fleet to it's postion?" I ask the commander works at his datapad again and the display sways over to the rebel control Bilbringi system showing a fleet in it's orbit. "The second fleet, under the command of Admiral Afyron sir." The commander responds. "Excellent work commander, threepio open up communcations with Admiral Afyron immdeatly." I order.

After a few moments Admiral Afyron appears on a small display. He salutes, "Sir, what are your orders?" I return the salute and nod. "Admiral I want your fleet to set course for the Wristil system, your order are to take the system with as little damage to the surface as possible. We want to take her structures in-tact." Afyron nods, "Shouldnt be a problem sir we've been itching to take it to the imperials. We won't let you down." he states saluting, I return the salute and nod. "I know you won't Admiral. May the force be with you." I finish as the communcation goes off and the fleet around Bilbringi begins to move and then is gone as it enters hyperspace.

The display re-focuses back on Wristil as we wait for the 2nd fleet to arrive. "Are we sure there defences are light commander?" I ask, the commander looks at me and gives a lopside looking. "Not entierly sir, our intelgence has been rather, well lacking as of late." I give a sour experession. "Yes I know, the imperials have been doing a good job of disrupting any espionge missions we take." The commander just nods at my response. Suddenly the 2nd Fleet hyperspaces in and Wirstil comes into full view. "Oh dear!" Threepio states, "Imperial Fighters defending the planet sir!" I look over as the fighters come into view. "Dosn't look like they will be too much of a problem, Threepio order the Admiral to take them out." I state, threepio nods and gives the command. I watch on the display as the imperial fighters meet our fighters in a large dogfight. Our captail ships also closing in to give support. Our four ywing squadrons are first to go, quickly followed by the two imperial tie squads, and then finnaly the last six tie interceptor squadrons. "Admiral Afyron reporting in sir." Threepio starts. "They are nod blockading the planet, no damage to any captial ships. There also appears to be no major plantary defenseses sir." I nod. "Excellent threepio, order the admiral to begin his assault." I order, threepio nods, and moments latter the planet goes from red to green. I smile as a roar of cheering overtakes the room. As I look at our matince total begin to signfigantly rise. "Report threepio" I order over the still soft cheering in the room. "Planet taken sir, Admiral Afyron reports only small loses. He reports we have taken a large amount of refinerys and mines, and also...four shipyards sir!" Threepio reports I nod.

"Excelent, tell the admiral to hold his postion, its going to take us some time to find a diplomat for the system." I turn back to my adie as the display returns to overall view. "Nice work commander." I say with a smile, he smiles back at me. "Thank you sir." he says saluting I return then he heads back to his station.

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