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I've created a new Total Conversion,and i want to upload


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I've created a new Total Conversion,and i want to upload, but i didn't know, how to do that.

I've played with the Protectorate and with the Admiral's Nightmare, and i've decided to create a TC, too.

And also i seek some opponents, to play trought the internet with the Rebellion.


my e-mail adress is : antonius@spitalos.knet.ro

This adress is also my adress on the MSN messenger.

my Yahoo Messenger adress is : santaantal@yahoo.com

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If you have a file you want uploaded to the SWR database, I believe you need to contact Evaders99 or JediIgor.

History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up with it will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all.

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:arrow: PM them .... btw what is your TC about ?



:arrow: I'm happy that the Protectorate and the A'N series convinced you to do a TC. I will be happy to see and try your TC.



:arrow: I will recomand you to save every new card and uninstal Rebellion then reinstal it and try to use RebEd to load the mod - You will be surprised to see that soem of your cards will be missing. RedEd has some bugs that you cannot see if you had the mod installed already.

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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I didnt created some new thing, i didnt created a new story, the exception is coz i have two caracters in the game, and i've invented a little story about them. Is talking about two alien races specimens. And i've created a ship using other people's card, for my favorit race.

Yes i've observed, coz something is wrong in the Rebed, especially refer to the caracters name - ex : i've replaced Talon Karrde with my alien, named Nedel Arcast(i've used Plo Koon - a jedi master's card). But in the game if put Arcast in command, he doesn't appear commander, general, admiral Arcast, he appear comm,gen,adm Karrde.

I didnt know, why....

And was very hard, to find cards, with good quality, but few of them are simply fine.

And, i've stolen from the Protectorate TC some cards - the major caracters, coz they are very fine,and a few of the minor characters.

It was terrible, coz i didnt find an another card for Chewbakka only his card remained untouched.

I've changed almost the all characters, some of them remained with the same name, but with other picture, a few examples : i have Tura Raftican in game but she looks like Chaterine Zeta Jones, or i have Garm Bel Iblis (he is my favourite character in the authentic game, Raftican,Fey'lia,Maw'shi'ye too- from rebels) but he looks like Obi Wan when he was younger. From the Empire, i have changed the all characters, remained only Palpatine (stolen from Protectorate) and Vader (for he, i've found a superb card). Changed all officers, with other officers, found in this site.

Also stolen Dessan, coz he looking good, and Kanor Darel

(snowtrooper general)- this card is also fine - from the Protectorate.

Fortunatly i've found a superb card - for the other alien race's specimen, from the imperial side - is the opposite for Nedel Arcast.

And i've also changed some events for Han, Luke,Leia - i was forced to seek some pictures on the net, but i have luck, i've found some really good pics (but maybe with bad quality) - only with Leia was hard, coz she never met the Emperor.

The major changes are the ships : from the rebel side, here are 2 nebulon frigates, 2 dreadnaughts,1 corellian corvette,1 corellian transport ship, and 8 mon cals. the imperial side will have : 2 victory,2 ISD, 2 advanced victory (eliminator class) , 2 adv. ISD (sovereign class), one Ebony class ISD,Death Star, 1 shuttle, and leaving untouched the carrier,carrack, and interdictor. But all of the ships have other caracteristics,than the normal.

I am sad, coz i didnt know, how to import models, coz in exemple : a mon cal looks like the corellian gunship...this i didnt like, but i can do nothing about this...but maybe somebody can help me to change the models too, coz i know it is possible, but i didnt know, how.

But i didnt know yet, how yo upload my TC to the site... this is the most important thing, that u must tell me.

Would be fine if somebody can teach me, how to change the models,too.

On the bottom, u will see my e-mail adresses, reply here, or send email.

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:arrow: I will try to help you - also remember to corectly do the credits for your TC.


:arrow: You will also need a place to host it....BTW the_mask has great tutorials for changeing 3D ships :)

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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... he doesn't appear commander, general, admiral Arcast, he appear comm,gen,adm Karrde.

I didnt know, why....


That you must edit manually using ResHack. You must open TEXTSTRA.DLL and edit three of the elements of the String Table (one for every rank). I canot remember the exact numbers.


As for the models, try Mask's Tutorials. And use his Model Importer program to replace them in your game.

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:arrow: You can find it on his personal site-look at one of his posts and find it under home or somewere were is mentioned.... but what about the fighters ?! will you change those ? or you are actually keeping the PTESB TC as a base to remodel and build your TC ?

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 9:39 pm Post subject:

You can find it on his personal site-look at one of his posts and find it under home or somewere were is mentioned.... but what about the fighters ?! will you change those ? or you are actually keeping the PTESB TC as a base to remodel and build your TC ?



I will look for him...thx


About the fighters : i 've changed once the fighters, too, but i really didnt find some fine cards, for fighters and decided to not change them.

The fighters that i've used were :

Rebels : y-wing (found a new looking y-wing)

R-wing, D-wing, E-wing

Imperials : Assault gunboat, Scimitar, Tie Advanced, Tie Fantom


Now i will seek for fighters, and i hope, if i search again, i will find some , coz i decided now, to change them too.

I've forgot to mention, i've changed the special forces too, and the galaxy.


And, if i remember well, Cain u participated to create the Protectorate.

Sorry for stoling some caracter cards, but they were so fine... :)

Especially Luke and Leia looking good - the emperor, crix madine, carlist rieecan, jan dodonna, bren derlin(not 100%) - with which program could do realize that ?

Now i've signed with my name them, if that is illegal, i will not sign.


- PTESB TC as a base to remodel and build your TC ? - if this mean the Protectorate TC my answer is no.


I like in that TC coz the HQ planets have so much energy points, more shipyards, baracks,construction yards, but in my TC i didnt know how to realize that. And u know, in the shuttle appear two stormtroopers helmet.

That i didnt like to be in my game - that is the team's sign - i quess.


That would be fine if u can tell me, how to change that stats.


Now i will try to find some planetary defences cards, to change them too.

I didnt like the Golan base....(sorry) :D

a new thing : i didnt let the empire to make the KDY-150 - can research only the rebels ... for empire they have the Death Star shield for exchange :) I didnt know what does the KDY, only that thing, if a planet is attacked, and occupied, the caracters can escape the capture (if i know well)

But if do what i think me : in example : in a planet is a KDY and a Victory bombarding that sistem, the KDY stops the bombardament of the Victory - disabling it. Well, if 2 Victory's bombarding the system, stops one of them, the other can bombard....how do u know ?

An other interesting thing is : Darth Vader have 200 leadership ponts + 50% from the emperor - this mean - he is very able to incite,or subdue uprisings(here i've thinking to the fear when the other people meet with him - they not often oppse him). From the other side Garm bel Iblis have 200 + 200 random, but he cannot be Jedi, and cannot be any kind of commander.

He is a diplomat (he is a senator), warrior, and the leader of the guerilla warriors.

On the empire's side will be 4 known Jedi's at the start: Emperor, Vader, Dessan (i've let the name unchanged - sounds very good), and Tempytus.

On the rebel side : Luke, Nedel Arcast (he will be Jedi Master-or Knight with training capability), later Leia, and 4 minor characters with raised chance to be Jedi. And every rebel minor character have with +10% more chanse than imperials to be Jedi.

In the authentic game i've didnt like coz the diplomats have : 0,5,10,20...50 combat points - they were easy to kill them - assasinating,abducting, or capturing a planet when the character were on the planet. The espionage rating on diplomats is now changed to : 50+50 random, the combat to : 60+40 random.

And every character received a minor stat to the diplomacy rating : 30+20 random.

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:arrow: Antonius can we speak some Outer Rim dialect ?! I will send you the droid upgrade.



........."ahhh de cand asteptam unu dintre noi pe aici :) ma bucur sa te vad. poate facem si o retea. Nu pre ii sufar pe uriciosi astia ca sunt invidiosi si rai uneori. Am sa iti explic tot ce pot despre PTESB si daca vrei te ajut la TCul tau ...insa am cateva recomandari pe care pot sa ti le fac depre un TC care l-ar si juca astia. Sunt fani SW si inghit greu orice variatie....ce zici ?..............end transmission"



Edit 95% of PTESB is made by me ;)

- The Trivium Organization - Community Manager -

- Petroglyph Fan Forums - CoAdmin & Human Resources Manager -

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yes, i will change them, too.

Everything will be changed,the minor,major characters

- but lot's of them will be remain - Lando,Rieecan,Derlin,Madine - needa,jerjerod,piett etc. (i mean the pictures as they look), the spaceships - i've created ships about the known ships : Star Destroyers, Victory's and their upgraded versions from imperials, from the rebels : the Nebulon's and Mon Cals upgraded versions. Also remain the Carrack, and the carrier for empire - and they will have the Shuttle for transport troops. The rebels also will have the Corvette, a modified YT corellian transport - for troop transport, and two dreadnaughts - one with great ion attack, and the other is an "alien" ship - with good firepower,shielding,and the best hiperspace rating in the game. All of the ships with turbolasers now have simple lasers too, against the fighters. The ships have more shielding - ISD now have 800 shield points, Mon Cal "65" have 600 , but with better shield recharge. An ISD will have space for 36 squadrons and for troops 9. At Mon cal 65 this is limited to 8 aquadrons and 4 troops.

But i have to test this things before launch the TC- i would not want to create an awful TC :)

The pinnacle of the ships will be :

Imperials - the Executor class SSD

Rebels - Home One class Mon Cal - and of course the Death Star is also will be present.

I will change the special forces too, the planetary defense systems :

will be Gen Core 3, and an othe shield - like on the Hoth planet.

The guns will remain, the mark 1 will have doubled firepower : 1600.

or 2000 i have to decide this.

I decided , the imperials will not have the KDY-150, this can researched and made by the rebels, for imperials will be the DS shield.

Yesterday i've found some fighter cards, and i've decided to change them, too.

The Y wing will be replaced with D wing, the x wing with C wing, the A wing with E wing, and the B wing with a fighter called T-105...

The tie fighter will be replaced with tie fantom, the bomber with assault gunboat, the interceptor with tie advanced/avenger, the tie defender will remain.

And the galaxy will be changed too.

In some out rim sectors willbe colonized planets, seswenna will be in the center of the galaxy.

I've founded some pictures on the net, and i've replaced the major characters events too - for Luke, Leia, and Solo.

Will be of course many new characters, too.

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  • 2 months later...

Hi guys, i've been many days ago here.

Now i want to share with u something - about my 1'st TC.

I will start with the personnel...

On the imperial side, i have the all personnel - i've put Jabba in the game too, but i want to ask yours opinion - if i put or not into the game.

If u agree, must be decided what to do Jabba, coz in my TC is not allowed the RESEARCHING ability of the persons, the only thing Jabba can do is the diplomacy mission. If u doesnt agree to be Jabba in the first TC, i have to find an another character to replace (by the way, he will appear in the 3'rd TC-this is sure).

On the Rebel side - i have my ideas wich characters will be in the game.

I have to make only a few cards.

Now, about the buildings : in the 1'st TC will be allowed only the Advanced Training Facility, and the v1 Shield, and v1 Laser Battery - of course the all other facilities from the beginning.

In the 2'nd TC will be allowed the Advanced Training Facility from the beginning,u have to research now the Advanced Construction Yard.

And now will be allowed the v2 Shield for both side by research, and the Ion cannon only for the rebels - they used on Hoth this weapon.

In the 3'rd TC will be allowed the Adv. Tr.Fac., and Adv.Const.Yard, u have to research the Adv.Shipyard,and the empire will have the Death Star Shield, the v2 Laser Battery(planetary) will have the both side.

As i sayd here are no scientist - and Jedi's too(except Palpatine,Vader - Obi Wan,Skywalker) - in the game.

The research will be automatic, but doesnt worry,only a few things are allowed to research. The research will be done in 200-300 days or maybe earlier.

About the troops : the empire will not be able to research troops in the 1'st TC - they will have the Army,Navy,and Stormtrooper regiments,in 2'nd TC they will have the assault droids(like AT-AT's),

and in the 3'rd TC they will have the Dark troopers.

To balance the imperial advantage of the soldiers, the rebels will have the Sullustan regiments - as u know they are cheap,and can easyly foil the imperial saboteurs -

this mean - the imperial troops are better but if they cannot sabotage a system with 2 shield, they cannot attack. In the 2'nd TC the rebels will have the Calamari regiments, in the 3'rd TC will have the Wookie


About the ships :

1'st TC

- the Empire will have only the following ships : Lambda Shuttle(will be a replacement of Assault Transport - if i will be able to change),Carrack Light Cruiser,

Imperial Star Destroyer I,Victory Star Destroyer I,the researched Death Star, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, and in Coruscant a few prototipe of Tie Interceptor.

- the Rebellion will have the following ships : Medium Transport,Corellian Corvette,Bulk Cruiser,Dreadnaught,the Nebulon-B researched,X-Wing,Y-Wing, and on Yavin

a few prototipe of A-Wing - Jan Dodonna was one who supervised the A-wing project.

2'nd TC

- the Empire will have the following new ships : in the TC story will be included the development of the Imperial Star Destroyer II - as u know, the ISD II's

participated at Hoth. This ship will be awailable at the beginning, serving as command ship. Only the Tie Advanced, and the Victory II will be researched(this - for the bombardament

failure upon the base of hoth of the Victory I - invented this little story by me). And of course, on Coruscant will be a few prototipe of Tie Defender.

- the Rebellion will have the following new ships : they will be able to research only the Mon Cal Cruiser and A-wing in this TC.

3'rd TC

- the Empire will have the following new ships : the Death Star II, and Tie Defender researched, the Super Star Destroyer - included in the story - will be allowed

from the beginning as command ship.

- the Rebellion will have the following new ships : the B-wing - participated in the battle of Endor(supervised by admiral Ackbar) - and the "Home One" class Mon Cal Cruiser

(Ackbar's flagship in battle of Endor - this ship will be 3,8 km long - i've think if an SSD have 500 turbolasers,200 ion cannons with 70 recharge rate, the Home One will have 300 turbolasers and

100 ion cannons at 100 recharge rate and at least 900 or 1000 shield,at 100-120 recharge rate with 8 fighter squadrons and 4 regiments)

---------- I wait other opinions, too ---------------


A few words about the major characters :

in the 1'st TC Mothma will be replaced with Obi-Wan Kenobi

in the 2'nd TC Mothma will be replaced with Yoda

in the 3'rd TC will appear Mon Mothma.

Vader and the Emperor will not be changed - only their portrets in each TC.


The characters of my 1'st TC:

Here are the character names, their real ranks in the movie(if he have), and the ranks possible assigned in the game, and are mentioned the persons who have diplomacy skills too.

Darth Vader in the New Hope was piloted a Tie fighter(Advanced) and i decided to be assigned only as commander.In the ESB he played a role like a general, in my 2'nd TC he would be only general, and in the ROJ he was like an supreme admiral,in the 3'rd TC he could be assigned as admiral.Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Clone Wars was a General, he could be assigned only as general.Luke Skywalker in the NH and ESB was a pilot,he could be assigned in my 1'st and 2'nd TC as commander,in the ROJ he was on Endor with troops,in the 3'rd TC he could be assigned as general,only.Han Solo in the 1'st TC doesnt gave a rank, only in the 2'nd and 3'rd TC as general.Yoda will not posess any ranks.







1.Emperor Palpatine - dark jedi - diplomacy skills

2.Darth Vader - dark jedi (commander) diplomacy skills

3.Tarkin - grandmoff (admiral,general)

4.Tagge - high general (admiral,general)

5.Motti - admiral (admiral,general,commander)

6.Bast - major general (admiral,general,commander) - diplomacy skills

7.Ewax - ISB colonel - army colonel or naval captain (admiral,general,commander) - diplomacy skills

8.Praji - naval commander (admiral,general,commander)

9.Khurgee - naval captain or line captain (admiral,general,commander)

10.Yularen - ISB colonel - army colonel or naval captain (admiral,general,commander)

11.Daine Jir - lieutenant (admiral,general,commander)

12.Tanbris - lieutenant (admiral,general,commander)

13.Pol Treidum - lieutenant (admiral,general,commander)

14.Shann Childsen - lieutenant (admiral,general,commander)

15.Ars Dangor - imperial council member,diplomat - diplomacy skills

16.Boba Fett - will appear in all TC's - the most feared bounty hunter

17.Mod Terrik - stormtrooper captain (general)

18.Torent - fleet army sergent (general,commander)

19.Felipern Trevagg - male gotal - corrupt tax collector

20.Djas Puhr - sakyan assasin,bounty hunter

21.Myo - abyssin mercenary

22.Ponda Baba - male quara(aqualish), smuggler

23.Takeel - ?

24.Mosep - ?

25.Labria - devaronian

26.M'yyion Onith - Female H'nemthe

27.Garindan - kubaz informator,spy

28.Greedo - rodian assasin

29.Wuher - barman,spy

30.Jabba - gangster ? - diplomat


replacement for Jabba

31.Sergent Doallyn - Jabba's man ?

32.Shasa Tiel - Mosep's assistant ?

33.Chall Bekan - male morseerian-spying Jabba and the rebels ?

34.Gela Yeens - bad tempered smuggler searching for Debnoli ?





1.Obi-Wan Kenobi - (general) jedi,diplomat

2.Luke Skywalker - (commander) jedi, diplomat

3.Princess Leia - diplomat

4.Han Solo - warrior

5.Chewbacca - wookie warrior

6.Lt. Lepira - (commander) - pilot

7.Lt. Naytan - (commander) - pilot

8.Lt. Elyhek Rue - (commander) - pilot

9.Lt. Theron Nett - (commander) - pilot

10.Lt. Biggs Dirklighter -(commander,general,admiral) - pilot

11.Comm. Garven Dreis - - (commander,general,admiral) - pilot

12.Lt. Jek Porkins - (commander) - pilot

13.Yerka Mig - smuggler (commander,admiral)

14.Boshek - smuggler-pilot? (commander,admiral)

15.Palejo Reshad - smuggler (commander,admiral)

16.Grondorn Muse - muzician - will have the greatest leadership,but without rank assigning - use to incite uprisings

17.Lak Sivrak - wolfman-scout

18.High Gen.Bob Hudsol - (general,admiral) - diplomat

19.Gen.Jan Dodonna -(general) - diplomat

20.Comm?general? Lajaie - (commander,general,admiral) - diplomat

21.Feyn Gospic- (commander,general)-colonel Yavin

22.Firin Morett-(commander,general)-engineer

23.Dell Goren-(commander,general)-technician

24.Garouf Lafoe-(commander,admiral)-smuggler


26.Tiree-(commander) - pilot

27.Wedge Antilles-(commander,general,admiral)

28.Debnoli-smuggler (commander,admiral)

28.Leesub Sirln - qiraash

29.Vanden Willard-(commander,general,admiral)-diplomat

30.Lesomy Tacema ? - female duros


Some of my cards are not high quality,becouse i didnt find high quality pictures for that persons.But the most of them are quite well looking.

Becouse i didnt want to make a bullshit, i was taking care to the card pictures to be recognizable, and enjoyable.



I want to tell ur oppinions, and i wait advises too !


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Guest JediIgor

We'd be glad to give you some hosting space given that you make a full list of credits as well as asking each person for their permissions if the card wasn't created by you.


Glad to have a new TC! You may also want to consider replacing each ship model as well ;).

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What do u mean ? what is that PSP ? i didnt know.

at least 40 of the 60 cards have good quality of my card,in any senses.

and thx....do u allow to put into my 2'nd TC Dash Rendar,too,as i've made for u ? is not neccesary to be in 2'nd TC, i have other characters,but if u want he can be in the 2'nd TC.



any suggestions,demands,related my 1'st TC ?


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi, my TC is nearly done, but i have to ask something.

As u know, Obi Wan is in the TC, and i intend, to change him with Leia - their positions.

As u know Leia can fight with Vader and Palpatine too.

If i put Obi Wan in her place, Obi Wan can fight with Vader and the Emperor.

I have pictures, Obi Wan fighting with Vader, i have to invent something to show fighting the emperor.

My problem is : i didnt know in wich DLL i can find Leia and Mon Mothma voices to change them ... For Leia - Obi Wans voices, and for Mon Mothma - Leia voices.

And of course this mean many sounds, and who can give me a detailed description , where i can foun this sounds ?

Coz u know i work alone, will take much time until i find all of these voices, and can change them.

If somebody can, pls help me with this thing.


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And an another question.

On a site : http://members.tripod.com/Tiger887/Battles/BYavin.html

is telling, coz Ars Dangor was in the 1'st Death Star. Other sourses telling he was in the Return of Jedi.

I cannot decide, if he was in New Hope or not,coz if he wasn't, i have to change him with an another character.

Somebody knows the truth about Ars Dangor ?

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well, it seems nobody taking seriously my questions...

then the project will take at least a month, until i find that damn voices...


switching to hungarian - talking with La forge :


te nem tudnal segiteni nekem ebbe,hogy leird hogy melyik fajl-okban vannak a hangok, es hanyas pozicion ? mivel ti is cserebereltek,lehet hogy te mar tudod...igy nem kellene en kinlodjak,hogy megtalaljam oket.

mellesleg, ujramereteztem, az osszes arcot, de ugy tunik nekem,hogy amikor kissebbek, ugy jobbak.mindenesetre, par nap mulva elkuldom a TC-t neked,hogy nezd meg milyenre sikeredett.


switching back to english...


if nobody help me, i will not change the woices...and the problem with Ars Dangor is also serious.

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