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Lot's of fighters...


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Well I was finaly playing a rebellion multiplayer with my brother (Unedited), and I go into a tactical battle over Coruscant, I'm Rebels, He's Imperials. I thought I outguned him, but I was wrong, very, Very wrong, Hr only had one or two stardestroyers, but a massive wave of Tie Fighters/Intercepters. the fleet, that I had be building for over 700 days, destroyed. I was speachless, as I watched the massive hordes of TIEs attack my Calamari Cruisers. My entire fleet, GONE.


So, I decide to strike back, Luckly I had gained alot of recources after the battle... So I made a fleet of escort carriers, two medium transports, four corvettes, three liberators, one dauntless, one bulwark. Vs two Interdicters, teo VSD Is, three ISD Is, and a dreadnought.


And A Fleet of TIEs for him, and a Fleet of A-Wings for me. Turns out that we had so many fighters, that it took five minutes for our fleets to reach each other.


I had somthing like 100 squadrens of A-Wings, a little more for him. I had over 1300 A-wings in the squadrens.


He ended up beating my Fighters. with heavy losses to his, But he still had alot of them, They maneged to disable "Bulwarke" as a called him, before they got destroyed.


He beat my fighters with his fighters, I beat his fighters with my Capital ships, I beat his capital ships with my capital ships.


I Ended up taking Coruscant, winning the game. I had already Abducted Palpatine, and Vader, with the "Skywalker Force Four" a group of Jedis, Han, Luke, And Chewbacca.



Ok, so I didn't abduct V & P. He sent them on a mission to Averam... that just happened to be the "Skywalker Force Fours" Base.

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:arrow: Try a PTESB with your brother so you wil all start the game at equal knowledge.


:arrow: .....btw you are lucky to have a brother and play with him. Many people around here no longer play rebellion but are still active ;)




:arrow: I had a similar situation in the past when I won the game with only one DStar left since the enemy (a friend) forget to add fighter cover to his HQ and he was loosing time over Coruscant tring to sabotage stuff for fun.....he only got to see the DS movie and he lost the game wile I was jumping with joy in the room.

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