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Hello All !


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Hi my name is JagaN, I'm 31 and from France.


I am an old rebellion player and new to this community, so first.


Hello to all members! :D


I played Rebellion solo games for years now, and it's like a freecell to me.


And lately for the first time in my hundreds of games something happened...

I played the Empire and found 8 (eight) jedis in addition of Vador And Palpatine, with 4 diplomats among them!

That's a fair 10 jedies that all have descent stats in combat and spying(150 +) and 6 of them have over 200 diplomacy.


I never found so many jedis, and I was wondering how many you guys have found ?

Usually I get 3 to 5 no matter what side I use...


So is it possible to get more ?

With more luck ? ;)


StarWarsly Yours.



p.s. I use normal Rebellion solo game,no RebEd or so.

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Well, if you open Rebed, you can see that almost every character has a 10/20% chance to picked by the game as a jedi (it's 0% for Thrawn of course) So there is no real limit! :) I never had 10 jedis though

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Yo dude. :)


Without any modifications with RebEd you will always have at least six of your characters who are force-capable. Me is surprised you found eight, given I had assumed without any adjustments with RebEd, six was hard-coded into the game files, and max as far as minor people went. Guess not!

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G'day JagaN, welcome to the forums! :D !


10 Jedi 8O

Wow, I thought I was lucky with 6 as the Rebellion in my second last game - but 10!


That's just awesome, what day/turn was it when you had all the Jedis?




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I always start with 4 Dark Jedi Masters in my games as my mod has Emperor, Darth Vader, Darth Melissa, and myself Grand Moff Conway: but I generally only find 2-3 others. I assume that's because I start with 4.- Grand Moff Conway
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hello Hello,


Thanks to you all for your concern and support. :)


As I thought 10 is not very common, well it happened only once in about 10 years playing;)...


Actually, I use to send Vador + EmP on recruitement on Coruscant very early in game.

So I knew i had them in the first 300 days or so...

But to be honest, that was real hard to get Every one to become usefull, for I had a bunch of diplomats among them, and I wanted all of them to be "Real Jedis"; not a bunch of broken armed ones...

I pushed the game up to day 2500.


What I had:

Emperor 75/100/180


Vador 138/380/457


Piett 184/126/126


Jerjerod 188/188/188 huh?


Pellaeon 229/132/132


Bevel lemelisk 33/128/128


Noval garaint 16/179/179


Menndo 54/237/237


Dorja 17/172/172


Zugg 22/220/220


And all without any edit!

the game is still up, for they are not all Knights yet...

But on the other hand last MP game I did I ended with 1...

You can't fight luck!


Good luck to all, and may the Force be with youuuu.



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