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Stellar Magic: Galaxy at War


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Okay, I'm posting this due to a number of strange and unique similarities to a novel I'm writing (Stellar Magic: The Merlin Academy) and the universe which is springing up with the Galaxt at War project. In order for any of this to make sense I'm going to begin by making a timeline for my universe. (Some of these concepts will seem similar in some manner to the Star Gate universe, trust me the result and nature of the universe itself is much different.)


8000 B.C. The Sunni - Rotef War begins


Imagine a war between two galactic superpowers here referred to as the Sunni and Rotef. They are in fact one species, and are not corporeal beings in the traditional sense, but energy creatures, they've developed advanced technology and vessels to explore the galaxy and can be killed by extreme cold or a positive electrical pulse (This is different from a DEMP weapon). At this point, the war has become a stalemate, in a desperate attempt to win the war, the Rotef release a biogeneticweapon (not a correct term but its closest approxamation) the weapon innfects all Sunni and Rotef within a year, and forces both species to adapt, billions of beings die before a rememedy to the disease's effects can be found.


7960 B.C. The Rotef find Earth


The Rotef were the first to stumble across the primitive world of earth as the earliest seeds of civilization began. It was discovered that a Rotef could survive and prosper despite the weapon's effects if it took the place of a human's mind and fed off the bioelectric energy released from the brain. Desperate and lustful they siezed thousands of humans, became the owners of their bodies. They also discovered that the humans were awestruck by the abilities endowed by the possession of a Rotef. In fear and awe they raised the Rotef up to being the gods of their world.


The Rotef became corrupted by this power, most began to view themselves as gods, and many began to carve their own empires out of the earth. To do this they needed weapons, tools, and beings that would incite terror within human hearts.


7900 B.C. - The reign of terror begins


One of the Rotef, a creature called Aretes was the scientist that created the bioweapon which had decimated both sides. He was commissioned to create a number of creatures to be used as weapons by various other Rotef. The first of these was the Urk, a genetically modified human designed to be more imposing and dangerous, later he created a number of other creatures, ranging from Wargs to Dragons and Kracken to Anubites, each called a different name at the time.


7890 B.C. - The Sunni arrive on Earth


Unlike the Rotef the Sunni recognized the intelligence and sentience of human beings, they approached them as equals and offered them a deal. As a result of being possed by either a Sunni or Rotef a human was given unnaturally long life, and the ability to manipulate energy. What they offered was a true sybiotic relationship with their hosts, many humans volunteered and soon both the Sunni and Rotef had outposts on the planet, conflict was bound to arrise.


7700 B.C. - The Sunni discover human paranormals, Wizardry begins


The Sunni's close cooperation with humans caused them to stumble across a small band of human beings that projected a natural electromagnetic field. Recognizing the value of such a trait the Sunni taught the band about electromagnetism, energy, plasma, and technology. Their electromagnetic field enabled them to project energy and manipulate it just as the Sunni and Rotef could with the use of a simple piece of Sunni Technology, the wand.


7700-7000 B.C. - The great human rebellion


With the Sunni's assistance the Humans rebel and overthrow the Rotef pretenders. As the Rotef flee, their most staunch supports flee with them. Recognizing human development the Sunni withdraw from Earth on their own. They leave behind only the wizards whose traits and abilities are eventually lost to time. --Normal Human development continues from here until 2052 A.D.


400 B.C. - The Sunni create the Grethan race


The Sunni have been keeping tabs remotely on human development using genetically engineered remote viewing creatures. These small statured grey aliens achieve sentience, recognizing the creatures achievement, the Sunni teach them how to operate their technology and give them freedom, they leave and form their own civilization.


1947 A.D. - Roswell


A sunni patrol craft around earth is intercepted by a pair of Rotef starfighters. Both the Sunni craft and one of the Rotef ships crash into the desert. The only bodies found are a trio of Grethan diplomats onboard the Sunni craft.


2006 A.D. - Sunni withdraw from Terran (Earth) space


Following a series of military disasters the Sunni are forced to withdraw from near earth region of space.


2018 A.D. - Humans land on Mars


Over the next tne years six permament colonies are established on the Red planet, suddenly in 2051 all the colonies go off the air.


2042 A.D. - The XPXF-1 makes its first flight


The Extraplanetary experimental fighter mark 1 makes its first flight, within the next ten years two squadrons of the production version XPF-1 will become operational.


2051 A.D. - Wizardry is rediscovered


An archaelogical site in northern europe unearths a mumified body of a wizard is unearth along with the technologies that enabled him to use 'magic'.


2052-4000 A.D. - The Epiphany Age


One of the Rotef in charge of the Uruk forces, known to the humans of Earth as orcs launches an all out attack on earth and is beaten back by humans. Earth is devastated and the Free World Alliance is formed as humans colonize over a hundred planets.


4000-4080 A.D. - The War becomes hot.


The Rotef council, faced with the human threat issues a general declaration of war agains the Free World Alliance. The Sunni attempt to assist as the Free World Alliance is torn upside down by a Civil War between fundamentalist elements and democratic forces. By 4060 humanity is on the verge of becoming a refugee state, by 4080 they are a refugee state.


Currently I'm writting Stellar Magic: The Merlin Academy set in 4052. The list of technologies used by each faction and side is immense. Wormholes, solar sail ships, ion drives, radiation drives, pulse weapons, antimatter weapons, plasma weapons, rail guns, and the most basic of equipment, swords, spears, armor.


If I were to make a game of this...


Stellar Magic: Galaxy at War


Nations and their factions:


The Free World Alliance:

- The Wizarding Brotherhood

- The Democratic Party

- The Living Word Party

- The Republican Party

- The Green Alliance Party


The Rotef Empire:

- Ares

- Athena

- Romulus

- Remus

- Spartan

- Anubis

- Hel

- Most any mythological group you could think of.


The Sunni Federation:

- The Worker Caste

- The Religious Caste

- The Warrior Caste


The Grethan Alliance:

- The Lokan Spirituals

- The Gondir Revivals

- The Reconilitors




This but one concept for the teams of this engine, I've come to think of the Galaxy at War concept as an enormous open source strategy game engine, not necessarily as a game unto itself. Hopefully if we have someone working on the engine we can have a game or perhaps two working in tandem with the engine design team to ensure it has the number of features we desire, and on how to incorporate new concepts into the existing framework. Therefore the flow of information will be two way, and will ensure the engine will support the variety of mods that are sure to come from this community.

Forum and RPG Membership:




Sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from Magic. -Arthur C. Clarke

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I think that once the engine is develloped we shall make several mods that will go with it. YOur universe could be one of the mods.




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