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Some funny moments


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Hey all, Just signed up to this site. Been a veteran of this game for awhile, but I haven't played it in.....well, years. That being said, I just burned a copy for my cheap friend who finally got himself a computer and we battled on saturday for most of the day. (Were adults so a full day battle was not the norm, so it made it more enjoyable).


Anyways, I had 1 system in one of the core sectors (north easern most sector). Planet was Wistril. Had 2 defensive shields there. He brings in his VSD, and decides to bombard my planet. I chuckled, as most of you can imagine his loyalty dropping sector wide and saving myself some hard diplomacy. Now, I had Dondona being sent there, and I didn't want to have him killed or captured (which happened anyways later on another sector's system) so I sent my friend a threatening chat message regarding his prized destroyer. LOL within a day, he moved it back to his planet (same sector).


Later, he comes back, and again, bombards my planet. It was the funniest thing, the whole sector turned to the alliance. All I saw was Red in the loyalty bars.


He was like "WTF" traitors and was completely purged from that sector.


I have more funny stories, but should get back to work. Stay tuned for more !


Later guys, and cool site.



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Ha, Thats funny, I had that happen to me, Way back when I was A newb, And didn't know how to colonize outer rim planets. Once, way back when, I was playing with my brothrt, His room is like 10 feet away, Connected with a lan Line, He has a problem, while where playing, andd wan't me to go over to him, I go, And he yells at me for seeing what secter his Alliance HQ is in, I argue I didn't get close Enough to See what sector anyway, Too bad I never Fineshed the round, My brother quit after an arguemnt over the battle... I Belive it was about my two VSDs, beating his two Medium Transports, and his Alliance Escort Carrier. :lol: I Tried to tell him that, that was normal, but he wouldn't stop to think about it, He said that I changed the game with one of me "Editing Programs" (RebED) I told him that in order for me to change the game his computer would have to have the changed files also, He Didn't think so. That's the story of my one and only Rebellion Multiplayer with my brother.
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