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BadSams' Sci-Fi Battle Royal, I.5: Fett vs. Batman


Who will bring Picard to "Justice"?  

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  1. 1. Who will bring Picard to "Justice"?

    • Boba Fett
    • Batman

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OOC: Sorry this took so long. Been kinda busy. But, here it is. Fett vs. Batman, with a squadron of redshirts as field commentators.


Announcer Mike - So our warfleet has finally gotten the Enterprise?


Announcer Ike - Yes, around the fifth planet.


Announcer Mike - Good. I dont want them interfering with this matchup. How many ships did we lose?


Announcer Ike - Eighteen. And thats not counting the spacedock that the Enterprise vaporized.


Announcer Mike - WHAT?!?!?! Thats it, fire our space commander. I knew hiring Space Ghost was a bad idea. What? We're on? Crap.....


Announcer Ike - Welcome one and all, to the second edition of Battle Royal!! Im Announcer Ike.


Announcer Mike - And Im announcer Mike. For those of you who missed our premeir battle, Captain Jean-luc Picard won, via interference in the battle. So in this matchup, we will be seeing who is the best hunter of ciminals!!


Announcer Ike - Yes!! We have searched through the archives, and found two of the best combatants for this battle. Both of them are well known, and are ruthless when it comes to thier prey!!


Announcer Mike - Hailing from the Star Wars universe, our first contestant is a member of the mandalorian race, he is the most feared bounty hunter known! With a large assortment of weaponary hidden in, on, and around his trademark armor, he is a force to be reckoned with! Please welcome, Boba Fett!!


*silence form the Mandalorian crowds*


Announcer Ike - And hailing from the DC universe, a dark crime fighter with a sad past. He shows no quarters to those that would threaten the innocent, and with a massive array of gadgets at his disposal, he always manages to have some trick up his sleeve. And if push comes to shove, he is also a master of the martial arts. Please welcome, BATMAN!!!


*odd type of nasal cheers from the legions of comic book geeks*


Announcer Mike - Oh, dear god, what kind of cheer was that?


Announcer Ike - I dont know, but please dont let me hear it again. Ill have nightmares for a week now.


Announcer Mike - Agreed. But anyways, now to intorduce our guest commentaters!! Wait..... Do we have any?


Announcer Ike - Nope. We couldnt find anyone willing to be near Fett. As for Batman, well, no one was available. Something about a joker playing games with some guy named superman....


Announcer Mike - Well, crap. At least we have feild commentators for this match.


Announcer Ike - Yes!! From the Star Trek universe, we have found the best people for the job! A squadron of redshirts!!


Announcer Mike - Wait, we got the biggest group of cannon fodder we could find? Just great...


Announcer Ike - Hey, you try hiring decent help on this kinda budget.


Announcer Mike - We have a budget?


Announcer Ike - I guess so....


Announcer Mike - Who knew. But anyways, lets get to some of our viewers, to see who will come out on top of this match, which we have dubbed, The Hunter battle!!

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Fett wins hands down.. you said he catches criminals, isn't he a criminal? Sort of anyway.

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Fett with his visor taped over would not only win, though also take out Batman for getting in his way :wink:




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  • 10 months later...

Announcer Ike: I'm telling you, Picard sabotaged the transciever. He didn't want everyone to watch him get spanked into oblivion.


Announcer Mike: No, he didn't. it was just a standard malfuntion.


Redshirt Announcer: OH GOD!! PLEASE!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!


Announcer Ike: Shuttup, alright? Just shut up. I am sick and tired of listening to your whining.


Announcer Mike: Uh..... I think we are back on the air.


Announcer Ike: I'll be damned. Hello out there, and welcome back. We had some problems with our trans-dimensional transceiver, but finally have gotten it repaired.


Announcer Mike: Yes, and thankfully, the battle still rages on!! Astoundingly, Picard has managed to put up a very.... interesting fight to preserve his own life.


Announcer Ike: That's putting it mildly. Fett laughed for almost a week after Picard slapped Batman across the face and called him a whore.


Announcer Mike: That was unnerving. Also, I think Fett had to wire his jaw up after seeing Picard in that bright pink ballerina outfit. That was possibly the creepiest defensive tactic I have ever seen.


Announcer Ike: Ugh, don't remind me. by the way, how are the fans in the stands dealing with all of this?


Announcer Mike: Well, the comic book geeks all broke into a massive game of Dungeons and Dragons. It was all going well until one them started taunting the mandalorians with those fake swords.


Announcer Ike: Ah, that explains the sreaming.....


Announcer Mike: Yes, yes it does. Wait, I think batman has finally located Picards' hiding hole.


Announcer Ike: Yes he has! It seems Picard has been hiding out in a.... is that a gay strip club?


Announcer Mike: Oh, for the love of.... Can we just bombard the city and end this?


Announcer Ike: No. Wait, I think Fett has closed in on the club also. I think this may be the final fight...


Announcer Mike: yes, I think it is!! Both Fett and Batman have crashed through the ceiling, and are moving to take Picard off the stage!!


Announcer Ike: Wow, look at those guys scatter. I don't think anyone really wants to get inbetween them and their target.


Anouncer Mike: Batman moves in first, and gets a brutal slap to the face for his efforts.


Picard: Back, you slut!!!!


Announcer Mike: Is Fett laughing again?


Announcer Ike: Yes, yes he is. Batman is not looking to happy. He takes a swing...


Announcer Mike: Connects!! Picard goes down!! he looks to be out cold.


Announcer Ike: Yep. Batman picks him up, and gets ready to bring him in...


Announcer Mike: Nope. Fett shoots that idea down, along with batman. I never saw him draw his blaster.....


Announcer Ike: neither did I. That was a dead on shot to the face. I think batman is finally done. And here I was hoping for a long, drawn out martial arts finale.....


Announcer Mike: Agreed. But, hey, whaddya do?


Announcer Ike: Nothing. Hey, what happened to that last redshirt?


Announcer Mike: it looks like he fell victim to a rabid dog.... Wow, he got messed up.


Announcer Ike: That he did. Well, Fett is on his way here with the body of Picard. This battle is over.


Announcer Mike: Well folks, thank you again for your patience. On our next episode, we will be having yet another three way dance. Mimes, Tribbles, and Jawas will be flooded into the city, to see who can wreak the most havok . Until then, I'm announcer Mike.


Announcer Ike: And I am Announcer Ike. have a good day.


(Editors Note: next battle coming soon. I can't belive I forgot abut this. And if you don't like how this one ended, deal with it. I couldn;t seem to end this one well.)

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Hmmm..... That actually sounds like a good idea. But how to challenge them both will be hard to figure out. Having them both race their respective vessels would be far to obvious.
I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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How 'bout we bring in some Stargate characters? Jack O'niel vs. General Grievious... Or possibly Jar Jar :twisted:

Poor Jack O'neill. Having to support Jar Jar.




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