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Is Yahoo! right to complain?  

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  1. 1. Is Yahoo! right to complain?

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Xfire is a small messaging program a bit like MSN but specially designed for gamers who want to organise games with their mates fast and easily.



What i find disgusting is that Yahoo! have filled a lawsuit against the small compagny because they believe that it is copying the idea of Yahoo! games (or something like that) which was a program meant to allow players to know what other players were playing... on the Yahoo games server ie if they were playing tetris, dominoes, blackjack,... or any other mini games that yahoo! offered but no really games (Counterstrike, UT2004, Warcraft, Rebellion,...)

What do you think?




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I would say that Yahoo have no right to complain unless Xfire have used their programming without consent. That would still be piracy and then they should sue them.

However if they are just moaning about some competition (however remote) then they have no right to complain. Competition is good for the consumer after all 8)


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Yahoo..... is one of the crappiest serach engines out there, with one of the least reliable chat services. Their email sucks, their games are all boring, and there servers are slow as dirt. They have no room to complain, they have enough problems of their own.
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There are a lot of lawsuits like this going on right now. Marvel is sueing (sp?) NCSoft for City of Heroes because it allows you ot make characters similar to their copyrighted material... but then, can you copyright claws, body hair, and lasers?


Yahoo! is just trying to scare the competition, or look for some easy money (Google is doing much better). Nothing will come of it I'm sure.

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Guest JediIgor

Well, Gamespy arcade had that thing Yahoo is suing Xfire for a long time before Xfire even existed, soooo :roll:


(I believe it's the feature that lets you see what your buddies are playing and where)


Though I can't say I agree with Xfire either, they should open source the thing :)

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