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Full list of keyboard shortcuts for Star Wars Rebellion

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Here is a complete list of all the keyboard shortcuts used by Rebellion. You don't have to learn all of them, but they make it much much easier. The most common ones I tend to use are ALT M to assign personnel on missions, and ALT-5 to display idle personnel accross the galaxy. And of course ALT 7 - ALT 9 occasionally to display idle construction facilities.


Shortcuts for the bridge


F1 Options

F2 Search for a system

F3 Search for a fleet/ship

F4 Search for a troop

F5 Search for a character

F6 Message index

F7 Encyclopedia

Page Up or Page Down Makes the liste go up or down

Ctrl + Tab changes window

arrow keys browse (Messages, Encyclopedia, ...)

Enter Accept, validate (like clicking on OK)

Esc Cancel, close (lets you also skip videos and the agents entery speech)

Alt + W closes all open windows

Alt + + accelerates time

Alt + - slows time

Alt + P Pause

Alt + Y Send message to the opponent

Alt + I check index

Alt + M Opens the Mission window for the selected character

Alt + S Opens the Status window for the selected object

Alt + F4 Quit game



Shortcuts for the Advisor


Alt + B Build Ships

Alt + T Build troops

Alt + F Build Installations

Alt + 0 Synoptic chart

Alt + G Manage the garrisons

Alt + U Manage Production

Alt + V Translate (R2 D2's bips)

Alt + A Give Tips

Alt + H show objectives of the game



Shortcuts for the Galaxy display


Alt + 1 Highlight systems according to their loyalty

Alt + 2 Highlight insurrections

Alt + 3 highlight idle fleets

Alt + 4 highlight moving fleets

Alt + 5 highlight idle characters

Alt + 6 highlight active characters

Alt + 7 Highlight idle shipyards

Alt + 8 Highlight idle training camps

Alt + 9 Highlight idle construction facilities



Shortcuts for the Tactical screen


1 to 8 select taskforce

Spacebar attack closest target

Shift + Tab AND Tab Toggle through the different units within the Taskforce

F1 to F8 select chase camera for Taskforce 1 to 8

F9 Chase camera for Red group

F10 Chase camera for Blue group

F11 Chase camera for Green group

F12 Chase camera for Gold group



Camera Controls in Tactical Screen


Arrow keys rotate the camera

+ Zoom in

- Zoom out

Enter center camera on selected object

? Memorise camera position

End returns to memorized camera position

The best Rebellion player in the world. Want to challenge me? http://myleague.com/rebellion1

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