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Update [Galaxy at War Project]


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Hello Everyone,


This is just a quick update to let everyone know what progress we've made so far.


The initial name of the game was chosen by Mad78 - Galaxy at War! I originally wanted Galactic Conquest - but it was taken by a popular mod. After some long searches on the internet and some posts here I chose Galaxy at War because it conveyed the concept of the game pretty well and more important.... :) .... it wasn't taken by anything remotely resembling what we will be making.


And Vector has come up with the name of our upcoming game/toolkit system - The Extent Engine!


I've applied for some hosting space at sourceforge.net, specifically dealing with hosting our design documents and code.


I'd also like some of the moderators here to setup a special forum for us, named 'Galaxy at War' where we can discuss the progress of the game and leave messages to team members.


I've written up a game concept document, which I've circulated to some of the team members who will be helping with the game's design. Once I hear back from them, I'll update it again and then post the edited document here somewhere. Then the community can let us know how it goes.


As far as the requirements document is coming along, I've got the basic skeleton worked out but am still monitoring the forums and looking to other sources for ideas. Once I get a solidfied vision for the project, I'll complete the requirements document and send copies of it to everyone involved in the game. Once I get there feedback I will make changes and post that document here to the forums... hopefully in two-three weeks. The requirements document is probably the most important thing we'll be working on in terms of its impact in the development process so please bear with us....


Some team members are currently working on user interface prototypes and we are anxiously awaiting those. As soon as I receive them, I'll post them to a spot where the other team members can review them. We'll be using those prototypes (they're actually just images made in programs like Photoshop) to help us in the next stage of the design process.


Once these items are done, we will probably have an official launch where the team members and their roles will be introduced and the team will begin meeting to discuss the next steps.


I hope this gets everyone up to speed. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for the process please let me know. I'm always willing to listen to suggestions and give any help thats needed.


Thanks Again,


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