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Strategy tip of the week - Imperial quick diplomacy

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Some of these tips might be familiar to veteran players. But I've found less people are aware of them than I expected.


At the beginning of the game you start out with a planet that is rebel supported but imperial held. Here's how to quickly return it to your favor as to avoid a domino effect. By domino effect I mean your troops being taken out therefore causing the majority of the system to fall into rebel hands. This happends when a planet is in rebel favor, but you hold it through a garrison.


1st. Move all but one or two troops off the planet. This will cuase the planet to go into uprising.

2nd. Assign a high leadership personnel to subdue the uprising. This can be any personnel. They don't have to even have high diplomacy, just high leadership. Limit it to one mission per person.

3rd. Because of the high leadership value of Imperial personnel, the uprising will be subdued within days. When Imperials subdue an uprising, it moves the support a few notches in Imperial favor.


Subdue the uprising until the garrison requirement says 1 or 0. If you have two troops and the garrison requirement is 2, remove one troop as to make the planet go into uprising again. Subudue the uprising.


Often times after that last uprising mission the planet will have a 0 garrison requirement. Meaning it supports you enough to where you do not need to station troops there, you may opt to remove the troop as needed. Most of the times it will subdue and the garrison requirement will be 1. Meaning you need that one troop to maintain control. Do not remove the troop if the requirement is 1! Simply have a diplomatic person "touch up" the planet through a successful diplomatic mission. Once the requirement is 0, the planet is firmly in your favor. The risk of a domino is averted, you may choose to remove the last troop from the planet without risk.


In summary:

-Remove troops until the planet goes into uprising

-Assign high leadership personnel to subdue the uprising. The more the better. But each person on a seperate mission, not on the same mission! You do not need decoys.

-Repeat until the garrison requirement is 0 or 1. If it is 1, touch up the planet by diplomatizing with a diplomatic character. If you have a transport in orbit with troops, land the troops as to avoid the risk of having the one troop sabotaged, therefore causing a domino.

-Once the requirement is 0 and the planet largely favors you, it is safe to remove troops from the planet without risk.


This strategy should also be used to quickly capture rebel planets in Sesswanna. You want to remove rebel presence from Sesswanna right at the very beginning.



Note: The rebel characters have a harder time subdoing uprisings. And successful subdue uprising missions DO NOT move support in the rebel favor. Key difference. They just decrease the garrison requirement slightly. The best way for rebels to capture planets is to use six troops at once, then have a couple diplomatic characters quickly diplomatize the planet into your favor. You want to avoid uprisings as the rebel side unless you have troops you can quickly fly in from a nearby planet (early on you will have only a couple transports, so using six troops is not always possible.) Once there are enough troops to help the personnel subdue the uprising, quickly diplomatize the planet. Remember, its risky for the rebels early on, so assault only if you can hold the planet. Usually this means a minor rebel fighter presence.



Recent multiplayer scenario:

"In the Sluis sector a planet which I was controlling was largely sympathetic to the rebellion. The only personnel assigned to the planet was Veers. Veers has exceptional leadership capabilities. The planet had no batteries or shields, making it VERY vulnerable to early bombardment, and therefore, I was at high risk of losing the whole sector due to a domino effect. In fact I already noticed a small rebel fleet enroute to the planet!


This one knows what he's doing for sure! I removed two of the army regiments, redeploying them all the way back to Coruscant. The planet went into uprising. I assigned Veers a mission to subdue the uprising. Within days the uprising was subdued and the support went slightly into my favor. I had two army regiments on the planet, and decided to take the risk and remove one, making the planet go into uprising once again.


Veers was once again assigned to stamp out the rebel insurgency with an iron fist. Imperial style. Within five days of the rebel fleet arrival the uprising was subdued! To my surprise it no longer needed a garrison at all. Veers did an exceptional job to such extreme that I did not even need to send a diplomat to finish the job. I moved the only troop stationed there to Coruscant, as its presence was no longer required on the now imperial supported planet.


The populace now knows better than to rebel against the might of the Empire. I reassigned Veers on another mission and denied the rebellion the control of the Sluis sector."




Right now I am #1 on the Rebellion league. I'm always looking for more great opponents to play. Playing Rebellion multiplayer is THE WAY TO GO. You don't know what to expect from a human player and there is a bigger variety of strategies you can employ. Not to mention the fact that each game is different, makes each game interesting and unique.


Join the league, and message one of the players through MSN anytime for a game. I'm at baron2100@msn.com if you ever want a game.

The best Rebellion player in the world. Want to challenge me? http://myleague.com/rebellion1

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Guest JediIgor

Interesting tip! Keep it coming, I've been playing Rebellion for years and never knew subduing uprisings was dependent on leadership! 8O


Now if only there was a way to get around firewalls.. heh heh..:)

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Interesting tip! Keep it coming, I've been playing Rebellion for years and never knew subduing uprisings was dependent on leadership! 8O


Now if only there was a way to get around firewalls.. heh heh..:)


There sure is. Check the multiplayer forum for instructions on opening up ports. You can always use the Zone or Kali as well. I use just ZoneAlarm and I rarely have problems with the firewall.

The best Rebellion player in the world. Want to challenge me? http://myleague.com/rebellion1

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Igor was being sarcastic. He's been here at SWR long enough, there's no way he couldn't know those :)


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I think the original post was bloody cool


Since 1999, it has never really occured to me to see some tactical point to hang on or resolve the lack of support on those 'maintained order' systems; by and large, but your outlined strategy is brilliant. I shall be giving it a go...

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