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Character Names Reverting


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Hi :)


Q. I have replaced nearly all of the minor characters in the game with new ones found in the excellent card section. These all work perfectly right up until i promote one of them in the game to General, Commander or Admiral. Once i do this the original characters name reapears. How do i stop this please?

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This was my reply to another post, but contains some of the info you need:


First, you need to know that all text (and all pics, sounds, and models, et cetera) of Rebellion is stored within .dll files.


Secondly, you need to know RebEd has its limitations (as you've no doubt found out) to change these dlls.

It is, for example, not able to change the length of any text. If you'd replace Ackbar's name with A in RebEd, the result would be A and five spaces in Rebellion, because the length of the string wasn't changed. For the same reason, you can't type names or encyclopedia texts longer than the original.

Another thing it can't do is change the rank names of characters. Even if you change "Villar" into "Tarkin", there still is a dll entry with "General Villar".


Now to change this, you need Resource Hacker.

This baby is able to give you a look right into the dlls. There you can change texts to (almost) any desired length, adjust how the ranks affect names, and do more stuff way beyond RebEd. and to find your way inside the dlls, the dll contents file will point you in the right direction. Just be sure to keep a copy of the original dlls around...


Hope that helped!

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There is in fact a cardspace update download that gives every character card the leangth of Darth Vaders and their name as well... it should be in the downloads section, but is definitly on The_Mask's website...
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i have the resource hacker, but what file(s) do I need to change the names in if i want to put new cards in? or where are they hiding at least?


thanks in advance


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Why on earth would one rummage around in the dlls when Jahled's solution is so much simpler... :?


Couldn't find it on the download section.

Had some fun finding Mask's (German) site.




Is the link for the cardspace update you were referring to if anyone is still interested. I know I'm having fun with it, heheh.

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