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modding planets and so on I


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i play long time rebellion but im new in forum

my english is not soo good but i hope u understand what i want


in rebed there is an point there i can take some parameters for homeworlds like corusant and Allianz HQ

like fighters struktures and troops

which file i must edit to edit other planets for these things

is there an way to edit sluis planet oder tatooine or is this impossible ??


the second question is is there a way to make mor sectors in game or is the huge the max possible size i want create new sectors ans planets in game i can use an hex editor

i have created some new character i think (havent testet it jet)

i think it should be possible but i dont know something about the organization in file

unit edit and fighter and unit edit is not so complex but planet edit is much more problem the file is very large so i cant finde some points which are start and endpoint for planet

in unit there is unit hexdigit and an static number on beginn like 9E27h

but in planet file i cant find an start point or endpoint


thx for help its not easy but i think anyone have the force to help

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Well, I just answered the first part in the other thread you made, but the second one is indeed ... hard, not to say impossible right now.


The impossible part is that, as I wrote in the other thread, the available energy and such is divided randomly at the start of each game. Maybe there's a range of the minimum and maximum values in the planet's .dat file, I dunno right now.


Ookay, lemme just dig in my old files ...


Yep, for example: in systemsd.dat, we have Geedon V (hex: 83 2F 00 00 92). The 92 means, it's colonized. I believe 90 was uncolonized.

The Sesswenna sector contains of the following planets:


Averam ------ 60 2F

Balmorra -----61 2F

Bortras ------ 62 2F

Chandrilla --- 63 2F

Corsin ------- 64 2F

Coruscant --- 65 2F

Ghorman ---- 66 2F

Svivren ------ 67 2F

Uvena -------- 68 2F

Yaga Minor -- 69 2F


But that's all I know of these files :roll:




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What I knew about it was posted here. Well, I think the family 144 (hex 90) means a rim world and the 146 (hex 92) means a core world. Or vica versa ... Oh, and I think they are originally sorted in alphabetical (based on sector and on planet name) order, but it means nothing for an edited game.


Well, on second thought, theoretically we can make two type of planets. If we decide to use one type as a ship building planet (modifying the chance of buildings for that type) and using that type only for known ship- building worlds, well, we could have planets with high ship- building potential ... However this would undermine any game- balance. Imagine that the rebellion has dozens of shipyards at the start and the empire has none of them. 8O

EDIT: Oops I forgot that the game uses those families, so one of them would be likely uncharted at the start of the game, so, it would not work.

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