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best fleet?

tie defenders: best fighter, or not worth it?  

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  1. 1. tie defenders: best fighter, or not worth it?

    • ba!! i want t/i or x-wings!
    • Want em....need em...NOW!....

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Welcome to the forums.

It all depends. A rebel fleet should concentrate on having bulwarks, Dauntlesses, corelian gunships, B-Wings and A-Wings

Imps can have more diverse kinds of ships

but both teams should invest in fleet carriers to increase their fighter capacity




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I tend to build standardized fleets. Three ISD's with 3 VicSD's and an Interdictor: or A SSD with three VicSD's and an Interdictor. I also build fleets of Five Victory SD's with an Interdictor.-GM Conway
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If I play Rebels against the AI, I like to have interesting fleets rather than efficient ones. Much like the fleet that launched the attack on Endor. Usually one or two MonCal cruisers (wing type) at the core, Corellian Corvettes, 1-2 frigates and Gunboats, maybe an Assault Frigate here or there.

And a handful of fleets with one Home One type cruiser at the core of the taskforce.


As the Empire, I like fleets much like the ones of Grand Moff Conway, but with 1-2 ISDs at the core and 2-4 VSDs. And the smaller TFs of 2 Strike Cruisers, 1-2 strike cariers and 2-4 Lancers.

Then I'll have some SSDs, each forming the core of a group of 5-10 destroyers of different classes.

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