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We need to collect some captures from Rebellion, so we can create a screenshot section on this site!!! This sticky will be unlocked on 2nd of February. I hope we will get dozens of pics by the time!





:arrow: We need some spectacular shots! Do not link in pics from Solo sitting alone on Yavin. :wink: Try to capture something more interesting.


:arrow: Boring pictures do not equal to typical pictures! You can capture more common events too. But they must be somehow "attractive". You'll figure it out....


:arrow: We need pics. of diverse situations to get a full picture of our loved game.


:arrow: You have to comment your picture with some words. Do not write whole stories! Ok. Well, actually you can, of course. But in the screenshot section, we will only include 1 or 2 rows of comment. However, it will be seen in full here, in this forum. But remeber, this is a screenshot contest.


:arrow: Basicly, we need pics for the original Rebellion! If you have heavily modded stats, or new models, or any obvious sign of modding, please start your post with the highlighted word "Mod". You can share your pics of modded game, but for now, it won't be uploaded!


:arrow: No manipulations please! :) Don't draw a beard for Mothma, and don't place text on the pic.



:arrow: Important. The pics have to be uploaded in 640x480 (they will be. This is the games res. size)


:arrow: All pics MUST be in jpg format. Your pic can't be bigger than 90kb. You can correct that with jpg compression.


:arrow: You MUST create a thumbnail picture for your shot. It has to be 10% of the original. That's exactly 64x48 points. The filename should be the same as the filename of your shot, but place a "t" before the name (ex.: myshot.jpg - tmyshot.jpg) :idea: Don't worry, that's not difficult at all. :) You can read the instructions below...


:arrow: We can't accept emailed pics. You have to LINK IN your pics in this forum. However, if you wish, you can still place your thumbnail image right in your post using the IMG tags.


:arrow: Prizes? Yes, there will be rewards too. This will be revealed in some days here, in this bullet. :P They should be hidden until atleast some pictures arrive...




:idea: You will need a copy of Rebellion of course, and a sofware, that can make screenshots.

I recommend you to use IRFANVIEW (http://www.irfanview.com/), which is a FREEWARE picture viewer and editor programm. But any else such sofware will do the job. ( like Hypersnap too)



With Irfanview, you have to push the "C" button, set it to "foreground window" and I recommend you to set it to "save c. image as file..". This way, you only have to push the hot-key while ingame, and Irfan will save it to a file, to a place you can set here too. You can do multiple quick shots this way.



With Irfan, go to image/resize-resample. Set the size to 10%, and save ot to a new file. (notice, it has to be 64x48)


In the future


If I succeed, and this contest brings it's efforts, we will make several new contests in the future (writings, fanart, gifs, cards etc..). The purpose is to activate all forum members to show their creativity and loyalty to the game :)

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Ok, I'm going to try and post some shots today. I haven't run into any particularly spectacular in game events, but I have a minor story involving a fleet I named CorSec (that was anywhere but Corellian) and how it conquered the known galaxy. =o)
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The Battle of Danuta.




Here are a few screen captures of the Imperial Sixth Fleet in action, now i've figured out this IrvanView what not. The action takes place around day 830 or so in the Atrivis sector over the Danuta system.


The Imperial Sixth Fleet is essentially fifteen Mark II Star Destroyers with escourt of Lancer Frigates, Strike Cruisers, and Assault Transports; plus the Harpago, with some lovely gravity wells.


This is the core of the Sixth Fleet.


You almost feel for the pityful rebels. As you can see the Sixth Fleet have adopted standard tactics. The Star Destroyers are about to engage the rebel cruisers whilst the Lancers and Imperial Fighters are mopping up the rebel fighters safely behind the SD's.


The Mon Calamari Cruiser'scaptain really shouldn't have said that about the Sixth Fleet's Admiral's mother. Very foolish!






Imperial Star Destroyers bullya rebel transport. Closer.


The erradication begins!


I think the rebels should have stayed home in bed.


Here'sa rebel frigate overheating...


Foolish rabble!


Anyway, now i've got this screen capturing lark sorted out more should be on the way! :) I'm just about to move two Imperial Fleets into the rebel Kanchen sector; the Sixth and the Second. Luke got captured by Vader and went to Coruscant for the final battle; which he one. But I don't know where Palpatine and Vader are, because the nearest rebel planet declared neutrality whilst everyone was on the way! The tension mounts!

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Great stuff Jahled! Pretty uneven battle it was :)


If you want to "compete" in our contest, please pick the shots you want to have in, and make thumbnails for them, as I did in previous post (no worries, it's pretty easy, and I wrote down how to do it in the first post)

And please make a note of the modifications you applied in your game (like new models..)


Thanks for being our first competitor!!! :)

But that means, you're now out of the jury LOL


But the jury is not formed yet. I only will spend time with it, if we will have enough competitors :P


So members! Post your pics!

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Jahled you let the Emperor and Lord Vader get captured!!! How bad of you my Imperial friend.-GM Conway


I know! Not a lot I could do about it. If Luke's got enough Force rating he automatically wins the Final Battle what ever you've got lying about on Coruscant. Such is life! But it has made this a challenging game given i'm now extremely paranoid about the rebels attacking Imperial Centre to win the game. Though having said that i'm sure how they are going to with a shielded Death Star and an entire Imperial Fleet in orbit... :roll:


La_Forge: Always a pleasure my friend! My PC is giving me a hard time at the moment uploading stuff to Yodas Ears so I had to do it from an Internet cafe inbetween scaling a few trees this morning. I think I sort of know how to do the thumbnail thingy...i'll give it a bash when my the newsgroup is not giving me gip.


Oh yea: Star Destroyers by Mask in the downloads bit here, other stuff you might have seen (tis why I didn't zoom in on them) topity secret. :roll:


Someone else contribute now (it's pretty easy!) or i'll bore you with the Battle of Amorris where that Sixth Fleet also had four Allegiance class Star Destroyers, which was fun. I've already got the pictures, sooo...

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:lol: I'd love to participate, but my Rebellion is in an awful state of half-moddedness, looking quite terrible. so unless you're interested in a slightly rebuilt galaxy with half SW, half ST visuals and some very wrong models, I'll pass... :wink:
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I must confess for this sort of thing troubling me from the onset; who around here still playing the game is actually doing so without the joys of mods and/or new models... :?


...I'm seriously frustrated right now, my PC is not allowing me to upload stuff to my MSN space without crashing... soooo.... er.. i'll be very patient... until I figure out what's up.

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Actually, I haven't used a mods for a long time when it comes to Reb. I had the unfortunate fun of formatting my hd about half a week ago, and am still recovering. I lost the screen shots I was going to submit, but I'll start working on getting some more. =o)
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I uninstalled Microsoft's Photo uploader thingy and was surprised to find I can now upload photos... :?


Here are some pics of Mask's new Star Destroyer:




As you can see the model is rather woo...






Darn good woo!


Nice one Mask! :D

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Silent. Anyway it wasn't a bad idea after all, wasn't it? :(


Keep it alive dude! With the models Mask has been throwing our way recently, things are getting veeeerrryy interesting graphic wise! :wink:

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Not at all. Its just that its very hard to make impressive screenshots in Reb.


My friend, it was obviously never the intention to post stuff on par with graphic-intense games like Homeworld! My examples aren't that bad are they; they sure as hell are better than anything the original game engine's models can do... :roll:

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