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Katana Homemade


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Yes, you can lose a battle with 200 dreadnaughts. It takes a large amount of bad luck, poor planning, and even worse tactics.
I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Yes, you can lose a battle with 200 dreadnaughts. It takes a large amount of bad luck, poor planning, and even worse tactics.


I didn't reload the savegame with the 200 dreads, as I thought I won the game with it. 8) I had 180 Tie bombers in fleet too. (takes about 5 seconds to blow up a Carrier with them)


Well, I can't tell you, how much time it took. Probably about 150-200 days (with 3 shipyard planets), but I have altered ship stats, so all ship were on about 2/3 maintainance costs, and about 70% b. costs. The AI's ships were much more cheaper, so I could force him to bild huge fleets....


I'll search the AI's biggest fleet, and try to start a battle. I'm curious about the results :)

But I think, that the Katana fleet can't be lost in one sinlge battle. Not against the AI

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I am probably one of the few who has never built up a Katana Fleet. I use my resources to build up tons of Victories as I find the extra fighter on each ship adds to the protection of the fleets, and as I have stated in previous posts I love Vics and Vic II's. I am surprised that Bad Samaritan actually lost a battle with 200 Dreadnaughts! I would think that unless you are greatly outnumbered 200 ships would be hard to crush. -GM Conway
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lol.. that's great! When I first started playing Rebellion, I'd build thousand-ship fleets with the rebellion (on easy of course) I remember trying that in my first online game back in '98, and getting toasted for lack of skill. I think I only got out 3 ships on top of my starting fleet before the Imperial Army was at my front door with thier blasters drawn.
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Why is there only 200 dreadnaughts in your Katana fleet? The original fleet was composed of over 800 dreadnaughts.

History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up with it will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all."

- ”Grand Admiral Thrawn"

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I've found the last, huge fleet of the rebs with dozens of ships and about 220 fighters (mostly A-wings). I've promised to deliver some more pics. I've captured 22 shots. Mostly taken during the battle. There are some pretty good shots, I think. Enjoy :)


Katana over Firro!

sort of comic-like screenshot story




After some spy work, I've found the hq on Firro. I've moved my fleet to the system quickly, without being spotted. A small group of Xwings were guarding the planet. We took them out without any loss (ok, maybe 2 tie bomber squadrons).

The hq was in my hands now.



The plan was to blockade the planet, until a rescue fleet arrives to free it. But I didn't know the location of his main fleet. Garindan's spy team helped me out here:

The espionage report had infromation about a HUGE fleet arriving at Byss.


The fleet was really big, but without any troops or officers.

A few capitals only, but It carried lots of deadly A-wings.

The AI knew, that the Katana fleet with 200 fighters + a Death Star (!) is too much for him. They would never attack, so I had to make a trap....




I've created a small fleet with an assault transport. It had Dark troopers onboard with Admiral Screed and Dorja. That was the bait. I left that fleet over Firro to prevent the hq to escape, and moved the Katana fleet to Taanab.

Taanab was an undefended system, very close to Firro.


As expected, the rescue fleet took his chance on it. On the next days, it was a race. Thrawn arrived on Taanab, but the rescue fleet was already on the way to Firro. Made a "confirmed move" with my fleet to Firro. We had advantage of 2 days.

The plan worked, the rebel fleet was trapped! :twisted:


The Battle


Now I gave my self 80% chance to win it. It was not that heroic fight. Rather desperate and messy! :) But with 200 A-wings, I was prepared for suprises too.

The rebel fleet dropped out from hyperspace.


I had 200 dreads, but a dread is not a strong ship. It takes only a few shots to destroy it by big things like this.


I've started with the usual move:

Destroying one of those big ships.


I've had 3 Interdictors in the back.

One with Vader and a Dude.

And one Command ship with Thrawn.


Now this is an interesting picture. I've ordere 2 task forces (about 133 dreads) to start. surround engagement. Like small ants, they beginned to merge in one huge flow!


First Conflict


A-wings arrived! My fighters were escorting the first dread ship in the row. We took loses rapidly. That was an extremly heavy battle. Fortunetly, my fighters could cover the dreads!


The battle of the fighters still on event, while the dreads finally getting in to shooting range with the capital ships.

Like a huge Tsunami, we arrive.


Getting chaotic


Dozens of ships in surround formation fighting each other.

An attempt to take out the Death Star by the rebels failed. They really tried it :wink:


One of my favs here: The superlaser is ready again. Time for use it against a Bulwark! The death star never misses. The Bulwarks took out dozens of my Dreadnaughts. I was supprised, how fast my ship got blown up. But I had enough ships to afford any loss :lol:

Most of the fighters blown up, we concentrate the fire on the cap ships.


The battle was extremly heavy now. The Tie Bombers had to launch their torpedoes too.They were a great help in this period of the fights.



The result was now obvious. 200 dreads are too much for the rebs. Just look at this pic. Dreads everywhere! :)


The End is Near


Taking out all remaining ships


In the final stage, Vader and Thrawn arrive with the Interdictors, and enjoying the sight of wrecked reb ships over Firro, the headquarters of the Alliance. The last ships get fire from hunfreds of dreads.............




Silence. Another game won. :? what a joy! :lol:


For hc gamers: this battle was just arranged for fun. I know, that it's tacticaly nonsense :wink:

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A program whose primary function is to take screenshots when the normal Print Screen function isn't good enough. There are many of these around.


Hmm, that 'Dude' seemed vaguely familiar...


He blinks once in a while..

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