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The original Super Mario Bros. is the best. I still have my NES hooked up(and it works, too!!). Every once in a while I just have to turn it on and start playing.


No matter how many other game systems that have come out, I think the NES is still the best. Sure it may not have the best graphics or the most complex of games, but the games were still the best and I think it was good because it was so simple. You didn't have to memorize 4 button combinations just to jump. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but you get my point. :D


My favourite NES game besides the Super Mario Bros. games is Guerilla War. There is no way that you cant complete it, but it's just fun to play.

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Mario is an awesome game, to bad all the ones out recently just arent up to par.


As for the NES, it is the best gaming system ever. the graphics arent all that great, but the games are just plain fun. not to mention that I have beaten every game I have ever gotten my hands on, except for some of the game sin my NES collection. to this day, I cannot beat Tyson, nor can I win at Rad Racer.

I once knew a great man. Nothing got to him, and he always smiled. May he forever rest in peace, knowing fully well that his freinds shall remember him.
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Well, although I liked the originals, I got sick of having to blow into the games, as well as the system, to get it cleared out of dust and what not. Well, that, or stare at a flashing pink and yellow screen....

History is on the move, Captain. Those who cannot keep up with it will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all.

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Sadly I never got a NES my first console was the N64. And my first game a Star Wars one of course :D . I find Nintendo keeps on making good games and consoles.


BTW Well done on your promotion Bad Samaritan.




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Ahh, the memories... "itsa me, Mario !" :lol:


I've played almost every game with the Mario Bros. and I think Super Mario 3 is still the one console game, that I've played more hours with than any other one. I loved that racoon suit :lol:


Besides Mario, TMHT 2 was my absolute favourite for the NES.




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