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New Guy here. Here is how I like to play.


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Hello I’m Tsavong Lah, someone may already has this name too, so sorry about that. But I’ve been using TL as my avatar for years (!! Wow, it has been years…. 0_0. I rarely use another name, its hard not to use TL.) Check my sig, if you see that sig with this name on other boards it’s me.


Anyway, been a while since I played Rebellion but recently picked it up again about 2 or so months ago. This game is still just as fun as the first time I played it. Cool. I usually play Rebels, too much rebel in me I guess. Sneak and Hiding, raging against the machine. Fighting the power!


I still have my copy of RebEd from a while back and some of the old cards. Nice seeing all the new cards here though. I’m eager to play with them. Hmm How do I play….


I usually play on a Medium Galaxy with a few added Sectors (Probably should just play large and take away 4 sectors, same effect lol). I usually rename some of the planets. Adding some EU ones and a Few from my Fanfic.


Sector wise I like to have 1 troop facility planet, 1 Shipyards planet, and one or two Construction Yard planets. TF are 4 to a planet, SY are about 6 min. to 10, 6 for CYs. I like to relate them to the World too. Like Mon Cal, Corellia, Sullust or Kaut will Definitely be ShipYards. (^_^).


Now in terms of the AI. I use RebEd to buff up the Empire and such. I usually add to their Diplomacy scores among other things to help them out. Not sure if it works but I guess it does, when I come back to a neutral sectors after a bout 400+ or so days they are now 50-60% Imperial! Fun. Oh I also Make every system at lest Medium importance to entice the Imps. I usually have 8 High priority Sectors, Fully colonized. I’ll mess with Build and Resource points too, to get the Empire to build more of a certain vessel, and to help them build more ships. I’ll usually up the points on everyone’s fighters by a little bit to speed up battles. I make Sure Coruscant Starts with at least 3 Construction Yards and 4 Ship yards. (Lol, Coruscant will usually have a loooong energy slot bar. Like ***************** Cool. It is Coruscant after all.).


I get some epic battles and such. Around 1200 or so days then I get the huge 30+ vs 30+ fleet battles. I’ll up my Mon Cals stats a bit to help because of all the dang Star Destroyers and SSDs! I like my Interdictors to have like 40,40 turbolasers/ion cannons. So it can flagship small taskforces late in the game. I like to have The ISD I be able to be built by both sides (To simulate the Capture of Star Destroyers, since you cant capture ships). Strange thing about me though, I keep to the low level movie Starships (Mon Cals, Rebel Escorts, etc.) for a long time. Only when I get ready to move on Coruscant do I start building the newer ships. Too simulate the Rebels changing into the New Republic. So I generally take Coruscant with about 40% of the Galaxy conquered, so the Empire is still a major threat post Invasion. My longer games go to about 5000 (10+ years or so after ANH, just like the books. lol.).


Now though, to increase the difficulty I have started a game where all Systems are Colonized, and Med to High importance. Too many Neutral Systems at first so I took rebel fleets to these Sectors and Bombarded my own Planets! Now 70% of the Galaxy is Imperial. I have like maybe 10 planets, max 500 resources. Not sure how this will effect the game’s AI or the difficulty I will face post 300 days. Hopefully I haven’t created a monstrously difficult shot. But I’m up for the challenge! Man are the Imps gonna crackdown hard on me. (~_^)


I want to try a few other things. I once though of making every character in the game Force-active to simulate Stat growing and Experience. But it may have adverse effects on the gameplay. I want to try one suggestion I read by making the fighter squadrons half and increasing carrying capacity by 2x. Also I want to halve the Power on all ships and half construction/rescource costs. Hopefully promoting Larger Space battles. But I’m afraid of the effect it will have on the AI. Anyone tried these settings before?


Anyway that’s how I like to play. Oh and Cool Message Boards.

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Now though, to increase the difficulty I have started a game where all Systems are Colonized, and Med to High importance. Too many Neutral Systems at first so I took rebel fleets to these Sectors and Bombarded my own Planets! .


retail out of the box, I did this one time after I essentially won and apparently pissed off one of my players (snunb I think) that he betrayed me and I retired him.

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Yes there are ways to make it easier. Just use Rebed to adjust whatever you want to change. One thing I do to relate the Empire having better resources and technology is give all Imperial ships Class 1 hyperdrives.-GM Conway
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Well one thing I tend to do now is swap the rebels starting ships around.


The Nebulon replaces the bulk Cruiser, the dreadnaught replaces the medium transport, and the Assault Frigate replaces the original Nebulon.


As such you get to see loads of them during game play, and actually have to do stuff like 'think' a little as the Empire.

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I normally use RebEd to make it so both sides can buold any ship they want to. Makes the game a lot more entertaining.


Especially when its SSD vs. SSD.

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not easier?


just for one game??


If you ask me its already too easy, if I play my best game i can win with rebs in under 1000 days easy. and imps does not take much longer....most of the time when i play it ends up being a game af hide'n'seek. with the AI never posing a serious threat. I think the best thing to do is find real ppl to play...more of a challange that way.

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